Amateur Signing Bonuses Series

Over the last month or so we've looked at the five largest signing bonuses each team has given to amateur prospects. The vast majority of those bonuses were given to drafted players, but there were certainly plenty of international free agents from Latin America and Asia as well. The bonuses included in the series total just under $500.4MM, ranging from the Braves ($9.67MM) to the Rays ($30.75MM) at the extremes. Here's a link back to all 30 clubs…

AL East

Blue Jays ($13.2MM)
Orioles ($20.072MM)
Rays ($30.75MM)
Red Sox ($15.75MM)
Yankees ($13.44MM)

AL Central
Indians ($14.875MM)
Tigers ($18.78MM)
Twins ($15.5MM)
White Sox ($15.306MM)

AL West

Angels ($16.63MM)
Rangers ($14.195MM)

NL East

Braves ($9.67MM)
Marlins ($13.425MM)
Mets ($13.3MM)
Nationals ($22.325MM)
Phillies ($13.18MM)

NL Central

Astros ($10.345MM-$10.545MM)
Brewers ($13.1MM)
Cardinals ($12.625MM)

NL West

Diamondbacks ($29.1MM)
Dodgers ($13.7375MM)
Giants ($16.175MM)
Padres ($15.7MM)
Rockies ($14.4MM)

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