Poll: Which Type A FAs Will Be Offered Arbitration?

You've seen my predictions – I think 17 of the 27 Type A free agents will be offered arbitration at tomorrow night's deadline.  Now it's your turn. 

Click here to make your picks and here to view the results.

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  1. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    There has to be a 0% chance that any team who has an unprotected pick will offer Francisco a deal…Can’t believe he’s Type A but those things happen…I’d like to see him sign with the Orioles on a non-guaranteed deal, and if the Rangers have a feeling of him signing a minor league deal, he wont be offered arbirtration anyway…But I don’t think he’s being offered arb…

  2. The Padres should offer arb to Miggy. They need his bat and his ss glove was surprisingly decent for the Padres this year. They either end up with compensation or they pay him $8 mil.

  3. Seriously, who chose Manny?

  4. lee with whichever team he goes with

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