Rockies Rumors: Martinez, Jackson, Wigginton

Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd told Jim Armstrong of the Denver Post that he’s looking for the "right player" this offseason, not the "best player." As Armstrong explains, that could be bad news for the Rockies fans hoping to see Victor Martinez in Denver:

  • The Rockies aren’t likely to make the winning bid on Martinez, though he caught the team’s attention as a potential free agent target.
  • Colorado would pursue an innings eater if Jorge de la Rosa proves too expensive to re-sign. The lefty is drawing interest from multiple teams, including the Yankees and Nationals.
  • Joe Beimel could return to Colorado, but the Rockies have other left-handed relievers including Matt Reynolds and Franklin Morales, so their need for Beimel isn’t pressing.
  • Adding a right-handed hitter is a priority for the Rockies. Their list of candidates includes Conor JacksonTy Wigginton and Jermaine Dye. Jackson is a non-tender candidate and may join Wigginton and Dye on the free agent market within a few weeks. The Rockies have already contacted Dye about a potential deal.

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7 Comments on "Rockies Rumors: Martinez, Jackson, Wigginton"

4 years 9 months ago

Watching Dye patrol the vast expanses of Coors (either LF or RF) would be … interesting.

4 years 9 months ago

Nothing against Dye or Jackson, but outfield is not a pressing need for the Rockies unless they trade Spilborghs or Smith…

Regarding Franklin Morales, I just don’t understand why the Rox hold onto him for so long. He’s horrible. His potential keeps flaring up and then they put him in a pressure situation and he pisses all over himself.

An infielder that can play 2 or even 3 positions like Ty Wigginton or Dan Uggla (obviously) would help this club the most.

4 years 9 months ago

I agree with progmatinee — FrankMo is a huge waste of money.

BTW, so is Iannetta.

4 years 9 months ago

shocking…stick to the status quo…stick w/ the players that made us a mediocre team last year. wouldn’t wanna get any better. one bat and one pitcher (JDLR) would go a long ways in making this team more competitive especially against the defending world series champions. the monforts need to nut up and pay for an impact bat that will help make this team a contender. we only have 3 more years of tulo, ubaldo, and cargo. this is our chance

4 years 9 months ago

I agree that 1 big bat will go a long ways, but thats because the team is much better than mediocre (despite the end of season record) and 90% of the offensive and defensive side of the ball is as good as any team.

From the pitching staff the “status quo” is kinda all we have right now. Even your proposal of resigning DLR is keeping the “status quo”. What the Rockies need to pray on is that Cook and Francis and to some extent Hammell all had poor years and they’ll bounce back. They can’t afford to house clean 3/5 of the starting rotation.

4 years 9 months ago

The Rox have alot of talent, but underwhelm me. There are a lot of holes, though the offense isn’t as pressing. The rotation is a mess after Jimenez. I like Chacin and Hammel in their current roles as back of the rotation arms. Chacin can develop to be more, but I wouldn’t count on him to be that this year. The Rox need to pick up a solid #2 in the rotation, someone with upside (who is probably not available in free agency). Someone like Garza would be ideal, but he’s just an example. While I like De La Rosa, I think his health is too precarious to put a bunch on money in him. I like the idea of signing Westbrook though. I’d like to see the Rox add 2 late inning pitchers to take some strain off of the rotation. I’d like to see Fuentes come in and be part of the 8th inning set up crew. Offensively, they need a bat in the outfield. I don’t think Spilbourghs and Smith should be counted on as everyday players. Sign a good platoon bat in the outfield and play matchups with the 3. I think Wigginton is perfect for the infield, backing up 3 positions. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the Rox pick up Napoli and have him split time with Helton and Iannetta.

4 years 9 months ago

The Rockies need an impact right handed, middle of the line up bat. Ty Wigginton, Conner Jackson and Jermaine Dye aren’t it. Yes Victor Martinez will be expensive, and someone will pay a high amount. It’s time the Rockies get in that one and compete off the field as well as on it.

JDLR is going to go for FAR more than he’s worth. He’s only had one really good year in his career. He has Oliver Perez written all over him. JDLR has potential, but this is one whose track record isn’t going to match his contract.