Rosenthal On A’s, Westbrook, Uribe, Soriano

You’ve heard by now that the A’s acquired David DeJesus, but he was far from the only bat they considered trading for. GM Billy Beane was after Josh Willingham and considered making a deal for Dan Uggla, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. The A’s probably aren’t done adding offense. Beane told Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle that he’d still like to make an upgrade or two (Twitter link). Here are the rest of Rosenthal’s rumors.

  • The Red Sox aren’t likely to offer Adrian Beltre a five-year deal.
  • The Cardinals are still in contact with Jake Westbrook, but they would prefer to reach a two-year deal and Westbrook might be able to get three years from another club, so talks appear to be losing momentum.
  • Orlando Cabrera and Juan Uribe are already drawing more interest than they did at this time last year, according to Rosenthal.
  • The White Sox are checking in on Rafael Soriano and, as Rosenthal points out, that’s yet another sign that they’re open to trading or non-tendering Bobby Jenks.

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  1. The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

    If the A’s can add more offense they will be extremley dangerous and will make the NL West a fun division to watch

    • Brandon Woodworth 5 years ago

      I agree. I predict them to land one of Manny, Thome, or Vlad. That would be perfect for their DH spot.

    • RepOak 5 years ago

      In case you didn’t know the A’s are in the AL west. And yes if the can sign 2 soilid bats they will be the favorite in the west. Dejesus might just be bait for a bigger deal if you know beane by now. A matsui or a berkman are more realistic for A’s. And there are also rumors of manny Ramirez

      • LawUSA87 5 years ago

        the favorite in the AL West even without Cliff Lee is the Texas Rangers.

    • LawUSA87 5 years ago

      Another clueless NYY fan go figure?

  2. 55saveslives 5 years ago

    I hope we can keep Uribe but I like him in the 1 yr at a time contracts like we’ve had. If he gets a 2 or 3 yr offer…I wish him best of luck. Thanks for helping us get a ring!!

  3. bignick5849 5 years ago

    So the Sox won’t give Beltre, someone who KNOWS how to hit in Fenway and someone who has proved he can rake there, a 5 year contract because he’ll be 32 at the start of his contract, but they’ll go out and grab Werth, who hasn’t proven he can hit AL Pitching, who has no room in this already crowded outfield, and they’ll give HIM a five year deal or so, because he’s only going to be 31 at the start of his contract? Ridiculous. Just sign Beltre already; we DON’T have a third basemen; we have 6 outfielders.

    • Tko11 5 years ago

      Agreed even if Beltre’s offensive numbers go down a bit, his glove should be good for the next few years. He’s a solid player who would solidify that 3b spot for a few years. The only thing is that what happens next year if they want to go after Adrian Gonzalez in free agency…Youklis doesnt seem like a guy who would be willing to DH. Maybe they split time at first and dh if the Red Sox would be able to sign Agon?

      • bignick5849 5 years ago

        I think if we get Beltre, Agon goes out the window. And I’m ok with that, although Youkilis has entertained the idea of the outfield. He’s a gamer, and he’ll do anything to help this team win, and not gonna lie, Agon, Beltre and Youk playing 1b, 3b, and LF is better than Youk, Beltre and CC/Werth playing those same positions this year.

        • Tko11 5 years ago

          I dont really see Youklis playing in the outfield…maybe LF, I mean if Manny did it, anyone can. Now that I think about it, if they sign Beltre to a good deal without overpaying for him and he has another solid season, it shouldnt be hard to trade him come next offseason.

  4. No way should Westbrook get a 3-yr deal! The Cards offering 2 is pretty generous considering his age and track record the last couple years. If that’s the case I don’t mind letting him go because there are plenty of “project pitchers” for Duncan to work with.

  5. This is a fine example of why the Cards should be thinking trade or stand pat. Westbrook will seek 3 years and most of the infielders they could target might want and get 2-3 years. No thanks.

    • Unfortunately that’s the situation they’re going to run into this offseason. As much as I would like them to sign guys like Uribe and O-Dog, it doesn’t make much sense to overpay for them, especially with Pujols’ extension coming up.

      If they re-sign Pujols they can use Mark Hamilton as trade bait as well as some others to boost their offense.

  6. hombrej 5 years ago

    I think the Cards should trade Motte/Jay to Tampa for Bartlett and make McClellan a starter myself. McClellan did well in ST as a starter last year…but some guy named Garcia was just a little better and went on to put up solid numbers. KMac is ready. Don’t worry about Westbrook…

  7. Lets Go Oakland!

    I am just curious what we are going to do with 6 proven major league OF’s. Maybe package them and a pitcher for some superstar?

  8. hawkny1 5 years ago

    Beltre asks for 5 years…..the Red Sox offer 3 years. They compromise on 4 years (@$60M). Deal complete…. Sox sign Buck, V-tek stays on as BB catcher/coach.. infield for 2011 is set…

  9. SmOkEyE 5 years ago

    The cards need to forget about westbrook and focuse on OFFENSE!!!!!. They have the starting pitching to make it to the playoffs and WS…although they do have gold glove ss, they need clutch hitters up the middle, shumaker is best suited for back up OF and IN.Freeze will be healthy next year, and if anyone remembers there offense diped after freeze landed on the DL, and the lugwick trade. OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE …tejada would be a perfect fit for the cards and he will come on the cheap. PLus a nice lefty would;nt hurt.

    • aaronanderson16 5 years ago

      I guess your ok with what we did last year and throw Lohse and another poor starter like Suppan/Hawksworth every 4th and 5th day. That puts so much pressure on the top 3 pitchers. Garcia is coming off his biggest workload ever after not pitching at hardly in the previous season. Carpenter I would never say has been reliable. Having 2 of your top 3 pitchers being guys you cannot fully rely on means if just one of them gets hurt lets just say carpenter, then this is what you are running out there every 5 games; Wainwright, Garcia, Lohse, Hawksworth, and who else.

      This team no matter how much we improve our offense will make that big of a difference with a possible pitching staff like that. EVEN if they all stay healthy your pretty much throwing away every 4th and 5th day and if one of the top three dont go undefeated then we are in big trouble. We have no answers right away in our system to be an option at starting pitching. We need westbrook way more than you think, we need offense too but pitching is the much easier fix and we can fix it much better with westbrook than with what we can offensively in the open market considering how much money we will have to spend.

      • SmOkEyE 5 years ago

        You make a good point about our rotation but i dont think for the money he is going to want and years, is going to be the right thing to do for the future of this team!!They can work there magic with cheaper options.

        • aaronanderson16 5 years ago

          I definitely understand your point of view. But I really hate to say it but as of right now there might not be a future for the Cardinals after this year. What I am getting at is we have yet to get Pujols on an extension and everyday that passes I am getting so much more worried about it. It might be in the best interest to try to win this year cause the possibility of us losing Pujols grows larger with everyday that passes. So right now I am considerign this as us tyring to have our best chance to win this year not for years to come because if we dont sign pujols we will be looking for other ways to win whether or not westbrokk is on our team.

      • SmOkEyE 5 years ago

        You make a good point about our rotation but i dont think for the money he is going to want and years, is going to be the right thing to do for the future of this team!!They can work there magic with cheaper options.

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