Arbitration Tracker

More than 20 arbitration eligible players have already agreed to 2011 contracts, but over 100 are still preparing to file next week.  MLBTR now has the best tool for keeping on top of it: our arbitration tracker.

The arbitration tracker shows all eligible players with fields for the player and team's salary submissions, the midpoint, and the amount they settled upon.  You'll be able to filter by team, signing status, and whether a hearing took place.  Also, links to MLBTR stories are provided if you'd like more information on agreements or extensions.

January 5-15th marks the arbitration filing period, and figures will be exchanged on the 18th for those who have yet to reach an agreement.  Hearings will take place in February.

Click here to access our arbitration tracker, which has been added to the Tools menu at the top of the website as well.

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