Chone Figgins: “I’m A Seattle Mariner”

7:06pm: Regardless of whether or not Figgins would allow a trade to the A's, talks appear to be dead. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (Twitter link) hears from a source that "nothing is going to happen," and's Buster Olney says (via Twitter) that the Mariners, who talked to Oakland three weeks ago, aren't motivated to move Figgins.

3:47pm: We heard yesterday about a proposed trade that would've sent Chone Figgins from Seattle to Oakland, but the rumored deal would have hinged on Figgins accepting the move, given that the A's are one of the teams on his no-trade list.  Speaking to fans and media — including Larry Stone of the Seattle Times — at the Mariners' FanFest event on Saturday, Figgins said he didn't want to be traded anywhere.

"I always said, it's a great thing to be wanted,'' Figgins said. "But I want to win here. I've said all along, this has been one of the best places I've ever played — the city, the fans. I'll always love playing here. This is where I want to be, and until they force me out of here, this is where I'm going to be.''

"I've been on the trade block for years, even with the Angels. Like I said, it's always a great thing to be wanted, but I'm a Seattle Mariner. I'm going to play third base unless they rip the jersey off me.''

Figgins briefly spoke to Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik at the event, and Zduriencik told reporters that their chat was the first time the two had spoken since the trade rumors broke yesterday.

"I just let Chone know how things get started," Zduriencik said.  "In this game, it's interesting how things get started. It happens all the time. You have general managers talk, agents talk about players – I'm not referring to this particular situation, but the next thing you know, someone is putting two and two together and coming up with five."

This would seem to put an end to this trade speculation for the time being, unless the rumors about the Blue Jays as a third team involved in the deal develop into a seperate Toronto-Oakland swap involving Kevin Kouzmanoff.  The Jays are in the market for a third baseman, though it's hard to see why the Athletics would create their own hole at third by moving Kouzmanoff without getting another third baseman (like Figgins) in return.

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  1. I’m a Mariners fan and I was really looking forward to this trade.

  2. zonis 4 years ago

    Could be a Kouzmanoff for Buatista kind of trade, if the A’s believe that Buatista can play 3B.

    Or else, bring in another team with a 3B to trade.

    • Why not throw in Drabek and Lawrie while we’re at it?

      Seriously? Kouzmanoff for Bautista? Really??

      • zonis 4 years ago

        I did not say it was a 1 for 1 trade, did I?

        • grownice 4 years ago

          it wouldnt matter lol bautista isnt going anywhere untill the trade deadline at the earliest lets not get start speculating randomly.

        • No, you didn’t say it was 1 for 1…. but if you’re going to suggest that there’s some “kind of trade”, perhaps you should put forward a few high-end Oakland prospects that AA might be interested in. Otherwise, your post just seems pointless.

          • Guest 4 years ago

            high end prospects? really? he has one good season in an almost decade long career and you want high end prospects? kouzmenoff and a low end guy would got the job done. people think bautista has way more trade value than he does in reality. he hit homeruns and thats it. no average, no speed, just homeruns. he is no better than carlos pena.

        • Gyro_Zeppeli 4 years ago

          Yes, anyone who reads your post will think that it’s bautista for Kouzmanoff.

    • JaysinSD 4 years ago

      Really? Jays won’t give up Bautista for a guy like Kouzmanoff. The speculation I’m hearing is possibly something like Rivera and Frasor for Kouz.

    • Thats the funniest thing I’ve read all year, seriously

  3. I wish to goodness the Chicago Cubs would get this guy. I think he is a National League player and has the ability to turn us into serious contenders this year if we could swing a deal.

    • The Cubs finished 16 games behind the Reds this past season. Chone Figgins isn’t a 16 win player. The Cards are going to be as good as they always are (and maybe even better if Rasmus fulfills his potential this year), the Brewers made significant improvements, and the Reds should only get better. So this division has only gotten tougher. I’d eat my hat if the Cubs trading for Figgins made them serious contenders.

      • My bad that should be 8 win player. Having a bad day with math it’s still 16 win player, not 8.

        • Guest 4 years ago

          “my bad that should be 8 win player. having a bad day with math it’s still 16 win player, not 8″

          what? which one is it

  4. $1545094 4 years ago

    Oakland would have to give up A LOT more than Kouzmanoff to get Bautista. Kouzmanoff would be a throw in, not something to build the trade around.

    • Pete 4 years ago

      Its only 1 year of Bautista though. Why are you and so many posters on here overvaluing him? Sure he’s got value, but its only 1 season of him. Kouzmanoff plus a couple mid-level prospects is a fine package for him.

      • $1545094 4 years ago

        right now Bautista’s value is high and Kouzmanoff’s value is low.
        I’m actually one of the few who are not high on Bautista. I think he is closer to what he did before 2010 than what he did in 2010, but it’s all about what have you done for me lately. if the Jays wanted to trade Bautista and made him available, I think they could get more.
        I’m also one who does like Kouzmanoff. I liked him when he was with the Padres, his stats away from PETCO were always productive. I do think he bounces back, but based on numbers from 2010 his value right now is low.

  5. grownice 4 years ago

    The Jays are not searching for a 3rd baseman , this is getting retarded , AA has said for a while its likely going to be Bautista, and it should be, end of discussion, and the end of preposturous trade proposals.

    • Do you really hang on everything AA has said this winter? He is very clever and very crafty. He knows that Bautista’s value is in RF and he is better suited there. If the Jays can get a 3B then they definitely will.

      • grownice 4 years ago

        No, your wrong. Bautista is better suited in 3b THIS year, Lawrie is the 3b of the future why block him with someone else who will be gone in a year or two anyways? Then Bautista can go back to RF , Versatility my freind, is very valuable.

        • I agree with Lawrie being the 3B of the future but for Bautista’s value and for him to have a better chance at putting up decent numbers again he is better at 3b. People under estimate how important a players comfortability at a position is for them to put up offensive numbers too. Jose proved that he is more comfortable in RF and that is where he should stay. His arm strength is amazing but he doesn’t have the range or quickness to be a 3b and it could hurt his value down the road for both him and the Jays.

          • grownice 4 years ago

            How would it hurt his value to play 3rd for a year??? hes played 3rd alot in his career, how does that have an affect on his offensive numbers? he played 3rd quite a bit last season, i dont understand your logic. If you get stop gap 3rd baseman all it does is create line up problems, who do you take out rivera or davis? if davis who plays center? Do you really want to take 50 sb out of the lineup and plus defence in center? or riveras 20 hr out of left? unless your getting back someone to replace rivera’s power it doesnt make a whole lot of sense. You’d then have to trade rivera or have him be the 4th outfielder which is a waste and doesnt help much considering your 4th of should be able to play center,and have respectable D which rivera doesnt have.

          • You would definitely take Rivera out of the line up. Snider in left Davis in centre and Jose in right. I don’t see the big line up problems you are trying to point out. I actually see more problems if we don’t sign a 3b, do you really want EE or Johnny Mac being the back up 3b? Bautista, if he stays with the Jays after next year, is their RF for years so why not keep him out there to get more accustomed to it? Yes he has played 3b a lot in his career but his value isn’t there it is in RF.

          • grownice 4 years ago

            lol… and do tell who you think we should get for 3b… and if you say Michael Young(retarded speculation, as well as retarded contract), chone figgins( retarded speculation) or kouzmanoff(retarded speculation ), you have not replaced rivera’s production and have only spoken on horrendous rumours that have no legs.

          • Rivera’s production isn’t a big deal. If I told you a year ago Bautista would hit 54 hrs you would laugh in my face so I don’t think 20 hr’s is out of the question for Kouzmanoff and it would benefit more in the long run to get an average 3b for this year and for Bautista to play RF where he is going to play in the long run for the Jays. You have to remember the Jays aren’t playing for this year they are playing for years to come so taking a little hit in replacing Rivera in the line up and moving Bautista to the OF will help them more in the upcoming years which is more helpful for the team.

          • grownice 4 years ago

            thats your solution lol kouzmanoff? now what do you give up for a stop gap 3b….

          • Do you really think Kouzmanoff is that much worse then Rivera? Kouzmanoff or any other 3b makes more sense for the Jays this year.

          • grownice 4 years ago

            what do you give up for him? ive asked already with no reply yet

          • What about someone like Shawn Camp. Jays have loads of relievers and the A’s could use one. Camp would be the 4th or 5th guy out in the bullpen this year.

          • ikelikeike 4 years ago

            Woa what? A’s have a stacked bullpen as is…

  6. damnitsderek 4 years ago

    I feel like I’m in the minority of Seattle fans when I say I want Figgins on the team next year.

    People seem to completely overlook the fact that he rebounded nicely in the second half, and much of his drop-off in production can be attributed to playing a position where his range isn’t good, adjusting to a different park, and batting in a new slot.

    His contract is a bit expensive, yes, but there is a ton of potential for Figgins to revert back into a 3 WAR type of player for 2011. Before completely writing him off after one bad half of a season, let him take over the hot corner and see what he can do.

    • I just don’t see us being anywhere close to contending during his contract. I don’t see him being worth it even if he rebounds and has a good 2011. I’d rather trade him now while he has some value, cause if he doesn’t have a good 2011, no one will take his contract.

    • drwheelock 4 years ago

      I totally agree with you on Figgins! He also suffered from hitting behind Ichiro that took leadoff stats away from him, including additional steals. He batted 300 in Aug/Sept, and still hit 42 stolen bases.

      I personally wanted Beltre longterm, instead of Figgins, but Figgins $9M versus a Beltre $18M+ is a pretty decent compromise.

      The BIGGEST thing that I’m looking at in the future is in 2 years after Ichiro’s contract is finished…we’d still have Figgins for another 2 guaranteed years with an additional club option year “after” Ichiro’s contract expires. So, we would be setup to have Figgins leadoff after Ichiro. I personally liked the Figgins move, NOW if we can only get some middle of the order hitters to drive them in. Looking forward to 2012 when $30M comes off the books of Bradley/Silva/Aardsma/Wilson/Yuni!!!

      The ONLY way Z should trade Figgins would be come June, when he rebounds to his ‘normal’ numbers, and when we can really decent prospects out of him. If he rebounds early in the year, his $9M/year will look pretty decent to any team needing 3B and a top Leadoff hitter!

      • mattevilspawn 4 years ago

        Agree w/you on Figgins suffering from not batting lead-off. (See my other post above.)

        And completely agree that SEA needs at least, if not big power bats, at least a couple formidable RBI bats in the middle of the lineup. If players with plus-power shy away from Safeco due to its pitcher-friendly confines, maybe the answer is to at least lure hitters who hit for high AVG and can drive in runs(?) I’m thinking line-drive hitters like Matt Holliday. (I know he’s not going anywhere, just using him as an example of the type of hitter I’m talking about.) Thoughts?

        • drwheelock 4 years ago

          Matt Holliday would have been awesome for the type of LFer we needed, but Bavasi hindered this franchise through 2011 with all of his pathetic contracts and we just have to be patient like Jack Z said today at FanFest. Adam Dunn would have been awesome for a longterm DH for us, and several other boppers this offseason would have been exciting to see in a M’s uniform, but ain’t gonna happen until the $30M+ come off the books after 2011. We let the kids play and see what we have by mid-june/july and for 2012 and beyond before investing in next years offseason targets.

          I can see the following things happening by July:

          If Jack Wilson can stay healthy in the 1st half, after Ackley comes up in early June to avoid super-two status, Ryan will move over to SS once Jack Wilson is trade to a contender that has a SS go on the DL. This will free up salary for Seattle, and Ryan is another Wilson without the ‘continuous’ DL issues every month of the year.

          There is a number of pretty decent LFers coming up as FAs next offseason. I personally would love to Seattle land Carlos Beltran on an incentive laden deal to man LF for us. Cust also could have a 30-32 HR year this year with Seattle, but there will always be CHEAP DH’s available as we’ve seen over the past several years.

    • mattevilspawn 4 years ago

      I was never on board with the idea of Figgy in the 2-hole. Always thought he and Ichiro should have flipped in the order. Figgins is more patient than Ichiro and Ichiro is arguably the best contact hitter in baseball. A fast guy w/good OBP and a good (in Ichiro’s case, “great”) hitter w/superb bat control and contact rate is a classic formula for the 1-2 spots in a lineup.

      I also think Figgins is one of those guys that gets a real thrill about being that guy at the top of the lineup responsible for creating excitement. Hopefully, his down season last year was the result of his lineup spot and adjustment and not the result of declining skills. I was a big Figgy fan when he was the Halos’ catalyst. Would love to see him “get Figgy wit it” again!

  7. RyanHall 4 years ago

    What am I missing? Isn’t Kouzmanoff not very good?

    • A’s interest in Chone pretty much says it all.

    • He’s not good he is average but the Jays interest in him would just be for a stop gap until Lawrie is ready to take the next step.

    • languid1 4 years ago

      Kouzmanoff is pretty good on defense. Excellent to one side, average to the other, average arm. His bat appears to be aging poorly, at least at the colosseum.

    • RyanHall 4 years ago

      .283 OBP last year IIRC *shudder*. Stay away, AA!

    • mattevilspawn 4 years ago

      Not as good as he was initially hyped to be. That’s certain. But he’s not alone in that sense. 😉

  8. why would figgy wanna be a mariner?? oakland is a better team clearly

    • m4r1n3r 4 years ago

      Believe it or not a LOT of people like the Seattle area. I wanted the trade to happen but I’m not heart broken. We got plenty of money coming off the books at the end of the season. I think the M’s will contend again a lot sooner than people think. Figgins was expensive but the contract isn’t in the epic failure range of say a Wells or Werth contract.

    • Because Figgins doesn’t want to spend half of his games playing at that horrendous, outdated stadium the Athletics call home. And Figgins is sick of all the drama going back and forth between San Jose and Oakland and Wolfe, and he doesn’t want to wait another 4 years for the Athletics to get their sh!t together regarding a new stadium!

  9. drwheelock 4 years ago

    NOOOO Kouzmanoff for Seattle PLEASE!!! A’s can keep this pile of crap.

    • Pete 4 years ago

      Kouzmanoff has the 12th highest WAR for 3B from 07-10. He’s hardly a “pile of crap”. He’s better than Mark Reynolds, Brandon Inge, Ty Wigginton and even Jose Bautista over that time.

      • drwheelock 4 years ago

        Great so then why are you A’s fans wanting to dump him and land Figgins?! Kouz ain’t worth $5-6M, and I’ll keep Figgins for a few extra million more thank you.

        • corey23 4 years ago

          because he’s fast… he’s like a shiny new toy. I personally think that kouz will benefit greatly from having dejesus, willington, matsui, added to the lineup as protection. The guy hasn’t had protection the last several years in san diego then oakland… they pressured him to be “the guy” but now he can just sit down in the bottom of the order and we’ll see how it goes

  10. Pete 4 years ago

    Hey MLBTR, kind of a pathetic headline….I mean he was at FanFest what’s he supposed to say? “Hey yeah maybe I’ll get traded and beat you guys all year!”.

  11. O971 4 years ago

    “this has been one of the best places I’ve ever played — the city, the fans.”

    Maybe even top 2!

    • RepOak 4 years ago

      Sure as hell isn’t the team, I guess he would rather be there than a winning team. Which is fine with me and most A’s fans. We rather keep kouz

      • corey23 4 years ago

        he’ll be depressed soon enough…. leaving orange county for rainy seattle? Seattle is beautiful but its hard to move from CA to WA… trust me, i only made it a year then moved back. It was nice but the rain gets to you when you’re used to sun.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      one of my favorite comments ever

  12. rxbrgr 4 years ago

    I was hoping for a three-way deal to go down. Something like Kouz going to TOR, Figgs to OAK, and then Janssen, Litsch/Roenicke/Ray/Richmond, and plus Tolleson to OAK

    • grownice 4 years ago

      would would jays give up anything for a 1 year stop gap 3b????

  13. That’s really too bad. I was really wanting the Mariners to trade him. Showing up the manager last year was not cool.

  14. Chuck Norris 4 years ago

    Chone! hang in there mate!

  15. grownice 4 years ago

    ok… and who do you get to replace rivera’s production id love to hear it.

  16. grownice 4 years ago

    Funny… now try actually naming someone for the stop gap 3rd baseman that makes sense… ill wait

  17. grownice 4 years ago

    Lmao thank you for that , you just proved my point.

  18. Eric Chavez. I forgot about him until it was just posted about him again. What would be wrong with him? Would it make too much sense to take a gamble on him? I don’t see what your big crush is on Rivera especially on a team that wants to grow for the future.

  19. grownice 4 years ago

    I dont like Rivera at all lol… but even an critacally insane person would realise rivera will out produce chavez who is garbage now, and who will likely be injured yet again. Both of your arguments are horrid, you have yet to name someone who will replace rivera’s ‘production, and that would make sense for a stop gap 3b for the jays , keep the names coming… not much left is there? loll

  20. Why are you so concerned about next years production? The Jays are playing for 3rd place next year they are more concerned about 2012 and beyond. If you can find someone to give you 3/4 the production of Rivera but lets the rest of the team get comfortable that is better for the team. What if Jose at 3b is 3/4 of Jose in RF then you equal out if you find someone who is 3/4 as good as Rivera to be a stop gap at 3b and you are better in the long run.

  21. grownice 4 years ago

    Uhhh right… loll your digging a hole man , why trade for someone to be a stop gap 3b or sign a garbage player who will likely just get injured and make your line up worse? your logic doesnt make sense.

  22. grownice 4 years ago

    No the fact that you havent make a valid point at all, at why signing chavez makes the team better? he wont out produce rivera, and is much more likely to get injured and cause even more lineup problems. You dont make sense, and the fact that chavez is your go to guy shows how little you have left for your argument, you gunna name michael young next? lmao

  23. What are you talking about? All you have proved in this argument is that you have a man crush on Rivera and you don’t know baseball logic.

  24. How would signing him and him getting hurt make more lineup problems? You wouldn’t give up anyone on the 25 man roster to get him. If he gets hurt you easily replace him. He is a low risk medium reward guy. You are the one on here not making any sense.

  25. grownice 4 years ago

    Lmao when ppl lose arguments they resort to insults, i have already told you i dont even like rivera lol at all , but even i know all the ppl youve named wont out hit him, dont be so nieve… youve yet to name a better replacement, youve said kouzmanoff for shawn camp? why would the jays trade a reliable cheap bullpen arm for a stop gap 3b? WTF so then youve basically just traded a reliever who could still be with the team next year doign well, for1 year of a 3b that your going to let walk… wtf is the sense in that?? this is my point, you have made no argument that makes any sense for the jays to better the team.

  26. Every argument that blackcourt and I have made have been more reasonable then anything you have came up with. You have been on the defensive since this started and haven’t come up with anything respectable to come back with. Simply put it makes more sense for the Jays to get someone at 3rd for one year then put Jose there for one year then back into right field. They aren’t playing for this year so “replacing Rivera’s production” doesn’t concern them for one year. It is about the next 5 years and it is more productive to let players settle into positions that they are going to be in for a long time then juggle them back and forth.

  27. grownice 4 years ago

    Omg as is aid even if he was playing uninjured which is highly unlikely he still doesnt out produce rivera , chavez is garbage man lol and i was talking about if he makes the mlb team and gets hurt obviously(i assumed you could have figured that out for yourself)… clearly you understand if one of your starts gets hurt you must replace him, and then were back to YOUR argument that encarnacion or j mac isnt acceptable, and that problem happend becuase you wanted to sign a injury prone stop gap 3b to play on turf no less and who wont even out hit the person your taking out of the line up lmao seriously why am i still trying to get through to you, its pointless.

  28. grownice 4 years ago

    hahahah yes lets just make our selves worse just because were not competing, for a player who may test free agency after next season lol oh man i gotta give it up to you , i dunno how you keep finding ways to keep backing your insane logic.

  29. You haven’t put forward a reasonable argument once through this. You obviously don’t understand basic baseball logic and your arguments aren’t showing an improvement for the team in the long run. You are like talking to a wall and a very stupid wall at that so I am going to leave it at this; Bautista’s value is in RF and it hurts him and the team in the long run to have him at 3b then flip him back to RF next year. Acquiring a mediocre 3b for 1 year helps the team out in years to come.

  30. Guest 4 years ago

    everytime I see Chone, I think of IM JOHN LACKEY!

  31. grownice 4 years ago

    Ive put forward the only reasonable argument, i mean you wanted to trade a reliable reliver for a guy who will walk after next year lmao and you say i have no logic… but thanks for the insult its good to know you cant debate without personal attacks = Win for me. No need to respond.

  32. For you to think that that’s a win for you shows your real logic. I also said someone like Camp so that would be Camp or a comparable reliever. After looking at it, Camp would be a 6th or 7th reliever option in the Bullpen so even though he is decent he doesn’t have a place in the pen this year.

  33. grownice 4 years ago

    Camp would be 3rd after rouch and francisco! you think frasor ,dotel are better? SERIOUSLY? The fact that you think camp is 6th or 7th… ugh why bother lol seriously stop responding your making your self look bad.

  34. grownice 4 years ago

    oh and when was his last healthy season… lmao, and again why would trade sumthing for kouzmanoff just for him to play for 1 year , !?!? how does that help at all?

  35. grownice 4 years ago

    Seriously just stop commenting… There is no use, this whole forum just became less intelligent after yours and andrew’s posts and its not fair to them, so ill be the bigger man and drop it since i fear it will just stir more drivel from you that others may read, which just isnt fair to them. Good day sir.

  36. Snoochies8 4 years ago

    holy crap these messages are getting thinnnnnnnn

  37. While that’s true, this entire site is founded upon MLB trade rumors. Why bother since it’s something for the GM’s to do?

  38. That’s what you girls get for going on and on about nonsense. Take it to Facebook, Twitter, or AOL IM.

  39. Guest 4 years ago

    this really got out of hand guys

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