Contract Details: Saito, Beltre, Capuano, Hudson

Here are some recent updates on contracts from around the majors:

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  1. Im_Batman 5 years ago

    Man, whatever happened to Garret Atkins? He looked like the next elite player at third.

    • SmackSaw 5 years ago

      I bet he goes to spring training with the Angels.

  2. SmackSaw 5 years ago

    $14MM in 2011, $15MM in 2012, $16MM in 2013, $17MM in 2014, and $18MM in 2015…Wow!

  3. I like the way the Rangers set up Beltre’s contract. The Rangers payroll will steadily increase, so it should not affect anything as his annual salary increase. Thank you, Nolan, Greenberg, and the other guys for having money, and building this team up right!

  4. Hardball52 5 years ago

    People need to understand that the Beltre deal is 5/80 not 6/96. The 6th year is voidable by not getting 600 PAs in the 5th year, or not getting 1200 PAs in the 4th and 5th year combined.

    It would be incredibly easy to keep him under either of those numbers if hes going south and you don’t want to pick up the last year, which is what will likely happen. Or it could happen naturally via just one injury.

  5. love the capuano deal

  6. jpkinney7 5 years ago

    Betlre Contract is going to hurt from 2013 thru 2016 – Ouch!

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