Cubs Sign Braden Looper, Augie Ojeda

MONDAY: Looper's deal pays him $1MM if he makes the team and includes about $2MM more in incentives, according to's Jerry Crasnick (on Twitter).

THURSDAY: The Cubs signed righty Braden Looper and infielder Augie Ojeda to minor league deals today, the team announced in a press release.

Looper, 36, last pitched for the Brewers in 2009.  He threw for the Cubs before the 2010 season, but ultimately decided to sit out.  Looper converted to starting in 2007, making 97 starts over a three-year span.  He limits walks and keeps the ball on the ground fairly well, and could find innings with the Cubs if one of their starting five gets injured. 

Ojeda, 36, broke into the Majors in 2000 with the Cubs.  He's also served as a middle infield backup for the Twins and Diamondbacks.  Ojeda was non-tendered by Arizona at the December deadline after earning $825K in 2010.

In total the Cubs invited 21 non-roster players to Spring Training, including Reed Johnson, Todd Wellemeyer, and Scott Moore.  The team decided to bring in multiple veterans they knew from previous stints.

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  1. HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

    I didn’t even realize Braden Looper was still around.

  2. jb226 5 years ago

    Not bad depth signings. I don’t know that we really needed Ojeda since we have a handful of middle infield prospects who could come up in a pinch, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt.

  3. Hmmm considering Looper just had a retirement party…maybe him looking like Brett Favre isn’t the only thing they have in common lol

  4. dc21892 5 years ago

    Looper is a nice guy to have. Very versatile. His ERA may be up there, but he eats innings however you need him to.

    • firealyellon 4 years ago

      yep, tough to find guys like that in the minors…

      • crunchy1 4 years ago

        Most teams prefer that their young arms don’t fill the role of innings eater.

  5. goredsgo 5 years ago

    It’s about TIME Looper got a job. He was still a decent back of the end guy in 2009

  6. Meh. They’re obviously pretty cheap and have MLB experience but other than that it’s tough to get excited about either one. I like the signings in general, why not take a flier on them, but neither of these guys are going to be the difference between making the playoffs or not.

  7. MKEcrew 5 years ago

    lol @ looper “keeps the ball on the ground fairly well” 39 HR allowed in 2009, Yes that is in Miller Park a hitters park, but still by far the most out of that rotation.

    • disgustedcubfan 5 years ago

      The ball is eventually on the ground, it’s just in the air about 420 feet first.

    • firealyellon 4 years ago

      Wrigley is much more of a hitters park than Miller…

      • jayrig5 4 years ago

        Actually, Miller Park (10th in the majors) gave up more home runs on average than Wrigley (15th) in 2009, when Looper pitched there. (he was talking HR’s, not runs overall.) And last year, though Wrigley was 9th in home runs given up, Miller Park was 6th. So over the last two years, even though Wrigley may be more of a hitter’s park than Miller, it’s not as much of a home run park.

        Also, in 2009, the Cubs had Kevin Gregg, which may have tilted the scales a bit. (Mostly joking.)

        • firealyellon 4 years ago

          agreed. either way, Looper at Wrigley should be an ugly proposition.

          • jayrig5 4 years ago

            True. I’d imagine he’s injury insurance, and nothing else.

  8. More like Braden Pooper

  9. Doesn’t it seem like Looper could have been had for a lot less than $1 million, not to mention another $2 million in incentives?

  10. derekbellstutu 4 years ago

    Looper? That’s a pro jock, right?

  11. Guest 4 years ago

    Most of the time, when you see a minor league pitcher being signed… you say “Yea, not a bad deal… whatever, just depth”
    But no… this isn’t a very good signing at all — money wise that is.

  12. cachhubguy 4 years ago

    No gamble here. If he sucks in the spring, just cut him.

  13. Cubbie 4 years ago

    Hes got a good potential

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