Rangers Could Explore Alternate Trades For Young

The Rangers discussed a number of potential trades last week as they looked to ship Michael Young and as much of the $48MM they owe him as possible out of Texas for something valuable. GM Jon Daniels hasn't worked out a deal yet, but that doesn't mean he's short on options. ESPN.com's Buster Olney reports that the Rangers still have some “potential threads to pull on to make a deal.” It remains possible that the Rangers won’t deal the infielder, however.

Olney suggested over the weekend that the Brewers could acquire Young and make him their starting shortstop. That's one possible alternate destination for Young, who can block trades to 21 clubs. Young drew little or no interest from the Yankees, Phillies, Cardinals, Twins, Mariners, Tigers, Astros and Angels and while the Rockies and Dodgers have had serious discussions about Young, they aren't close to acquiring him.