Yankees Notes: Colon, Garcia, Molina, Pitching

A few items from the Bronx Bombers' camp…

  • Bartolo Colon has looked very good this spring, but lingering doubts about his conditioning and his durability are the only reason the Yankees haven't officially given him a rotation job, writes Wallace Matthews of ESPNNewYork.com.
  • The other veteran contender for that open rotation spot, Freddy Garcia, has offered to be a long reliever if it will get him on the Yankees' roster, reports Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger.
  • Also from Carig, he thinks Gustavo Molina could be a legitimate contender to start the season as New York's backup catcher while Francisco Cervelli is on the DL.  Molina, signed to a minor league deal in December may get the nod given that the Yankees' more vaunted catching prospects (Jesus Montero and Austin Romine) haven't stood out this spring.
  • Brian Cashman tells Chad Jennings of the LoHud blog that he's received a few calls from other general managers in regards to the extra pitchers in New York's camp.  "It’s been very quiet for the most part….Everybody’s just picking the phone up and checking in with each other, myself included," Cashman said.

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  1. MB923 4 years ago

    I know you probably can’t expect much out of him, and I know spring doesn’t tell the whole story, but I would see no problem, Currently, of starting Bartolo. If he struggles, and if Garcia in long relief does well, then put Garcia in.

  2. Nova and Colon should start the season in the rotation. Garcia can come in if either are ineffective.

    And why not Bengie for a small 1 year deal?

  3. johnsilver 4 years ago

    I don’t see them getting more than 4-5 starts at 5 innings tops out of him either, BUT..Just thinking what he did for Boston back in 2008. If he can give them quality starts like he did for his 1st 3-4 back then..Then take advantage..Dump him and move onto Garcia when Colon winds up on the DL like will probably happen.

  4. Colon sucks. He’s going to be horrible in his first 5 starts and then he will vanish.

    • ltdibo020 4 years ago

      Tell the Rays that…he blew them away the other night…6 inn and 2 hits..and they were shaking their heads walking back to the dugout…he had real good stuff..

  5. MaineluvstheSox 4 years ago

    Colon is a tub of lard with a great pitching arm attached. What a waste of great talent.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      32.3 career WAR, Cy young, 2 all star appearances.. wouldn’t say its a total waste. .

      why does everyone on these boards hate fat people so much? are you all fit or something?

      • are you a fat sympathizer?

        • ltdibo020 4 years ago

          Colon ain’t fat…you just want him to be fat…

        • TapDancingTeddy 4 years ago

          I am both fat and a sympathizer. So fat sympathizer fits me perfectly.

      • CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

        I think they’re all fat and just jealous that they couldn’t get to the Majors like certain other fat people

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        he was never a truly dominant ace. but during his peak from 1998-2005, he was an absolute rock solid reliable #1 starter, which has always been a very rare commodity

        over those 8 consecutive seasons, he averaged 215 innings per year (under 200 only once), 32 starts, and 4.2 WAR per year

        here is the list of most valuable pitchers in all of baseball over that time

        randy johnson
        pedro martinez
        curt schilling
        roger clemens
        mike mussina
        greg maddux
        brad radke
        bartolo colon

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          …and he lead all of those bums in rolls above replacement player. woo!

  6. gocrazy 4 years ago

    They found another Molina!

    • chaifetz10 4 years ago

      Too bad he’s not related to the other three….or nearly as talented.

  7. ltdibo020 4 years ago

    Colon out pitched Mitre and Garcia so he gets the spot (5th)…if he gets hurt put Garcia in…Put Mitre at AAA or release him…its only the 5th starter spot, so Colon will be in the bullpen anyway thru the first month…I like Colon and Garcia in long relief until we get into the season. Solid

  8. Howard Megdal has Gustavo Molina’s B-R page sponsored. Pretty funny one-liner.

  9. Im STILL shaking my head in disbelief that we are reading that the Yankees are having to decide between Colon, Garcia and Millwood as one of their starting pitchers.

  10. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    What’s with the dislike for Boonie? He go to your HS or something?

    26 yo, lefty, throws 93, had a 3.73 FIP lastyear, 84 LOB%, 8.6 K/9. Aside from a 4.5 BB/9 he was pretty good last year. He sucked against righties (6.08 FIP) but he was lights out vs lefties (1.87 FIP).

  11. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    this new image feature is really working out

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