Brewers Seek Shortstop Depth

The Brewers are looking to add a shortstop to the organization to provide depth behind Yuniesky Betancourt and Craig Counsell, assistant GM Gord Ash told Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Ash says the Brewers are “extraordinarily” thin at shortstop in the minors, yet he isn’t optimistic about acquiring depth in a minor trade.

“We’re diligently looking but there’s not a lot available,” he said.

Triple-A shortstop Edwin Maysonet is likely headed to the disabled list and Luis Cruz recently signed with the Rangers despite the Brewers’ insistence that he would be their first choice if they needed a shortstop in the majors.

Zelous Wheeler, a 24-year-old infielder at Triple-A, is likely out for six weeks, and 13-year minor leaguer Anderson Machado is playing in his place. The lower levels of Milwaukee’s system don’t feature legitimate alternatives, so the Brewers are eyeing other organizations’ infielders.

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  1. Redbirds16 4 years ago

    Take Pete Kozma! He’s a former first rounder…

  2. Have Counsell be a player/manager

  3. 13 year old!?!?!

  4. HerbertAnchovy 4 years ago

    13-year minor leaguer Anderson Machado is playing in his place.

    I intially read this as “13 year-old minor leaguer Anderson Machado is playing in his place”.

  5. Slopeboy 4 years ago

    I know this guy in Texas with loads of experience…

  6. please take jack wilson. hes good…

  7. elturtle 4 years ago

    Brandon Wood may be available if they play their cards right.

  8. kevinhua 4 years ago

    tony abreu could work

  9. Marco scutaro may be available because Jed Lowlie is better than him.
    But・・・・・・・REDSOX need back-end starting picther.

  10. Anything is better than Betancourt. Worst player in baseball.

    • Sam_Lee 4 years ago

      Amazingly, he’s playing well. What a shocker that fanbases like the Mariners spout silliness.

    • Actually, Yuni is playing rather well here in Milwaukee.

  11. twenty1thirteen 4 years ago

    You can have Yuniesky Betanc… oh wait. Getting rid of him was the best part of the Greinke trade.

  12. Stephen Drew anyone?

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      and what exactly do the brewers have to get Drew?

      The prospect cupboard is bone dry

  13. Otis26 4 years ago

    Shocking that the Brewers need backup behind Yuni.

    As an aside I’m so glad they took Greinke and emptied their minor league system to do so. Jeffress got his first win today and is pitching lights-out.

    • twenty1thirteen 4 years ago

      Jeffres got the save today, Davies got the win. Completely agree though.

    • daveineg 4 years ago

      Read the article. They are short minor league shortstops. The article doesn’t even talk about the major league roster. Despite the haters, Betancourt has been fine. He’s making all the routine plays and only has committed one error. He’s impressed me with his ability when he’s the middle man on double plays. He has quick hands and transitions the ball in a flash. He hasn’t hit much, about what Escobar has for the Royals, but he’s played just 10 games.

      The Brewers pitching staff is 4th in the NL, leads the league with 3 shutouts, and defensively they have the fewest errors in the league (against all the doomsayers predictions). All this and they will be adding a former Cy Young winner in less than 3 weeks.

      Brewers are on their way.

      BTW, the demise of their minor league system is way premature. They are short in a few spots, but they have quite a few pitchers with plenty of promise that are off to good starts.

  14. j6takish 4 years ago

    Ramon Santiago may be the odd man out in Detroit. He’s not great but he’s better than Yuni, and he can play passable D

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      And who does Detroit get? I think Santiago might be a little more expensive than you think. Esspessially when the Brewers have Yuni as their only other option and Detroit is not desperate to get rid of him. Maybe Worth and a mid level prospect for Randy Wolf. Then we can move Coke back to the bullpen to pitch the seventh. That way we have someone who can take that spot while Joel Zumaya’s arm falls off while doing the windmill on guitar hero and takes Ryan Perry’s eyeball right out while he helps him move.

  15. cookmeister 4 years ago

    take Brandon Wood Ron!

  16. mikehotmop 4 years ago

    They can have Brandon Wood!!!!!!!

  17. mikehotmop 4 years ago

    They can have Brandon Wood for a bucket of baseballs!!!!

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      You can have an edit button.

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      You can have an edit button to the left of the reply button!!!!!!

  18. Hermie13 4 years ago

    Tribe is overflowing with infielders currently at AAA Columbus. A fringe top prospect Cord Phelps is stuck DHing actually because of the logjam there…..and that’s with Jason Donald rehabbing at AA Akron.

    Tribe could be looking to move Valbuena (the current starting SS at AAA). He has ML experience, did hit 10 HRs in 2009 as a rookie. He’s obviously not a starter, especially at SS where his defense is below average….but the article says the Brewers are lookign for “depth” at SS. Valbuena could provide that. Helps the Tribe ease up the logjam too. Could be a match and definitely fits the “minor trade” part.

    Or if the Tribe decides to bring donald right back to Cleaveland (where he would have played had he not got hurt), they could look to move Adam Everett. Doubtful they do it this early, especially with how they’ve played….but never say never.

    • Valbuena isn’t such a bad suggestion here, particularly since it would appear that he doesn’t fit into Cleveland’s plans going forward. Presumably he wouldn’t be difficult (i.e. expensive) to obtain either.

      • Hermie13 4 years ago

        That’s what I’m thinking. Tribe probably won’t just give him away, but his value obviously isn’t high.

        I also think Valbuena’s game would play up a lil bit in the NL. But that could just be me.

  19. $5427573 4 years ago

    Will you take Juan Rivera? I’m sure he can play short, and I bet the Jays will accept a bag of balls in return

  20. PhnxCrew 4 years ago

    it would be nice if we’d just move eric farris to SS. Apparently they just want a good 2b at AAA

  21. Dick Armada 4 years ago

    Brandon Wood can play shortstop

  22. rossdfarian 4 years ago

    Time for the Yankees to sell high on Ramiro Pena or Eduardo Nunez!

  23. Would the Mets consider trading Jose Reyes, since they aren’t expected to contend, and they are trying to free up some money?

  24. Sam_Lee 4 years ago

    Jack Z wanted him and Jack Z is a wizard. Jack Z is never wrong.

  25. I love Jack Z, but he was dead wrong on Chone Figgins.

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