Gabe Gross Retires

Gabe Gross has decided to retire, reports Jon Johnson of The Enterprise Ledger.  Said Gross:

"I just felt like my heart wasn’t into it.  This and quitting football are the two hardest decisions I’ve ever made."     

Gross signed a minor league deal with the Mariners in February, and after a March release he was ready to hang up his cleats.  But then he took the Marlins up on an offer last week.  When his Sunday physical was delayed, he thought about it for an extra day and decided to retire to spend time with his wife and two kids.

The 31-year-old finishes his career having earned approximately $5MM, including his signing bonus as the 15th overall pick out of Auburn by the Blue Jays in 2001.  He posted a .239/.330/.385 line in seven seasons for the Jays, Brewers, Rays, and Athletics.  Gross was involved in the 2005 deal in which the Jays also sent Dave Bush to the Brewers for Lyle Overbay.

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  1. Ted Valaskatzis 4 years ago

    I think he is too young to retire and he can still play.

    • qbass187 4 years ago

      Did you see his stat line?

      I don’t think age had anything to do with it.

    • RepOak 4 years ago

      Yes he was relatively young but no he couldn’t play. It’s hard jumping from team to team. Especially with a wife and kids. Jumping from city to city takes a tole on a family. I wish him luck!

    • Jeff Weissbuch 4 years ago

      oh please he could never play to start with

  2. ARod's Ring 4 years ago

    Farewell to a legend… We will miss you Gross.

  3. Casey McMahon 4 years ago

    Good Riddens!

  4. vtadave 4 years ago

    Hall of fame?

  5. I’d much rather see him on Milwaukee’s bench than Erik Almonte or Mark Kotsay.

  6. Replacement level bat but strong defender in the corners. And he’s a lefty I believe. Maybe a 24th or 25th man but a major leaguer nonetheless. Shame to see him retire.

  7. jctrock 4 years ago

    I remember hearing a call about a big hit he had with a team off of a radio broadcast. Have a happy retirement, Gross.

  8. Every time I hear of Gabe Gross, I immediately think back to 2005, when everyone made a big deal that he led baseball in home runs during Spring Training. Of course, being that he was only 25, had a very good season at AAA Syracuse in ’04, and was a top-100 prospect heading into the ’04 season, it meant he was promptly drafted too high in just every fantasy league in America.

    He probably deserved more than the 100 at bats to prove himself with the Jays that year, but Alex Rios was a bigger prospect in RF, and LF Frank Catalanotto ended up being arguably their best position player that year. So Gross went back to the ‘Cuse, had another good year, and was traded in the Overbay deal the next winter.

  9. rovert22044 4 years ago

    “he thought about it for an extra day and decided to retire to spend time with his wife and two kids.”

    That is why. He has two kids that he wants to spend time with. And plus, he would have to move his family and that is something I’m sure he doesn’t want to do.

  10. TimotheusATL 4 years ago

    If I already had cows in the bank and money out west, I’d probably reconsider a move from Seattle to Miami. That’s about as far across the country as you can get.

  11. lledd 4 years ago


  12. I think it’s time for Craig Counsell to do the same

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