Trade Candidate: David Wright

It seems a foregone conclusion that the Mets will trade at least one of their high-priced stars this summer.  Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes and Francisco Rodriguez have been the most-rumored candidates to leave Queens, but all three players carry risk for any trade partner. 

Beltran is under contract just through this year, he has a full no-trade clause and is coming off of two injury-plagued seasons.  Reyes can also be a free agent this winter, so an interested team might not be willing to trade much of value for the shortstop unless it is given a negotiating window beforehand.  Rodriguez has little value as a closer due to the vesting option that would guarantee him $17.5MM in 2012 if he finishes at least 55 games this year, and no team is desperate enough for a stopper at that price.

The Mets do have one asset that carries no baggage — David Wright.  The third baseman is just 28 and signed to a contract that would pay him roughly $27MM between now and the end of the 2012 season, plus a $16MM club option for 2013 (with a $1MM buyout).  Wright has indicated he wants to stay in New York and wouldn't ask for a trade

Losing a homegrown star like Wright would be an unpopular move amongst Mets fans, but if Sandy Alderson is committed to a complete rebuild, moving Wright would be the last step, but also the most lucrative in terms of what the Mets could demand in return.  Here are a few of the teams that would likely get in on the bidding if Wright became available…

  • AngelsAlberto Callaspo has been the bulk of playing time at third for the Halos, with the hot-hitting Maicer Izturis seeing a few starts at third and at shortstop.  Wright would certainly be an upgrade, the Angels could afford him, and they probably have the prospect depth to get the New York's attention.  (Though Mike Trout is untouchable.) 
  • Athletics.  It isn't Billy Beane's style to make a big deadline move, but with the AL West as tight as it is and Kevin Kouzmanoff having seemingly lost his starting job at third, the A's could decide their time is now and make an offer for Wright.  If the quest for the playoffs came up short, Oakland might also try to flip Wright this winter.
  • CardinalsDavid Freese got off to a great start but he will be out for at least the next two months with a fractured hand.  With the Albert Pujols negotiations looming this winter, St. Louis is pretty unlikely to pick up another big contract, though the argument could be made that Pujols would be more eager to stay if Wright was also in the lineup.
  • Marlins.  Florida is right behind the Phillies in the NL East despite a revolving door at third base.  The Fish aren't known for adding big contracts, but with their new ballpark opening next season and a real shot at the playoffs, an exception could be made.  That said, it's hard enough to imagine the Mets trading Wright at all, and almost impossible to see them moving their franchise player to a divisional rival.
  • RockiesIan Stewart was sent to Triple-A after a 2-for-26 (.077) start to the season and was recalled on Tuesday after hitting well in the minors.  It's possible Colorado could look for outside help if Stewart continues to struggle, since their veteran infield depth (Jose Lopez and Ty Wigginton) has also been ineffective.
  • TigersBrandon Inge has started 29 of Detroit's 32 games this season and while his defense at the hot corner remains above average according to UZR/150, he has managed just a .551 OPS at the plate.  Inge has been an underrated source of power for the last few seasons but he has just one home run in 2011.  He signed a two-year extension last October so the Tigers would have to eat some money if they acquired another third baseman, but if Detroit gets back into the pennant race and still needs hitting help, Wright could look awfully tempting.

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  1. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    Not gonna happen.

    • tacko 4 years ago

      Agreed. Wright is the Cal Ripken/Derek Jeter/Chipper Jones of the Mets.

      • dc21892 4 years ago

        I wouldn’t go that far.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          in fairness he said.. ‘of the mets’

        • tacko 4 years ago

          Why isn’t it a fair statement?

          They all put up comparable stats up to David’s current age, are fan favorites, and are likely to spend their entire careers with the same team.

          Going too far would have been comparing Wright to Musial, Yastrzemski, Bench, or Gehrig in the same category.

      • tiduss 4 years ago

        Keep dreaming.

  2. Why even bother writing about this?

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      Why NOT bother?

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      you do know what mlbtr stands for right?

      • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

        Yo @Lunchbox45:disqus this has nothing to do with baseball, but I’m leaving for Peru tomorrow for a week! Just thought I’d let you know. I’ll be gone for a week, so everyone be good!

        • Infield Fly 4 years ago

          Buen viaje (and hey, maybe you’ll come back as “South American Bias”)!

          • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

            lol, you never know. Thanks ‘Fly!

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          @EastCoastBias:disqus Have a great trip. Peru is awesome, the girls are incredible! take lots of pics but don’t smoke the cigars!

        • rbeezy 4 years ago

          who cares

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            if you don’t why did you reply? mind your own business

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      Why even bother writing THIS.

  3. I agree. Why talk about this? Unless we are talking Snider, Stewart and Gose for him 😉

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      at this point I don’t even think the mets would go for that .

    • ARodinyourPujols 4 years ago

      Are you a Mets fan or Jays fan? Cause if you are a Mets fan you are delusional and if you are a Jays fan then you are off your rocker

      • Joe Valenti 4 years ago

        there used to be a joke. jeter shoved his arod in giambi’s posada…idk if that has anything to do with your name

  4. steven118 4 years ago

    i dont know i like the idea of a complete fire sale with wright reyes beltran krod and whoever else they can trade they need to start over it has to start somewhere but i dont think the mets will trade wright the fans would combust

  5. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

    How could you not mention the Reds? Rolen, as wonderful as he’s been is once again bothered by his shoulder. He’s 36 now his body is having a hard time healing. Reds have got to consider Wright if he’s available. They have plenty on the farm, and would probably give you someone off their major league roster to make a deal for him. Since he’s under contract, albeit a large one, for a few more years, he’s a potential solution worth giving up something good for.

    Wright to the Cardinals? No, please, no. He’s one of my favorite players; DON’T send him there.

  6. vtadave 4 years ago

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for the article. I’d be willing to deal for him if Bud would just approve the Fox deal.


    F. McCourt

  7. dc21892 4 years ago

    Well we can definately count the Cards out. If they want to resign Pujols, adding Wrights salary makes absolutely NO sense at all. I can see the Angels being the front runner if he’s moved at some point.

  8. I really dont see this happening, but he would probably bring in 50% of most teams top 10 prospects.

  9. David Wright is a career New York Met.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      I used to say the same thing about Roy Halladay (being a career Jay)


      • Now you have me scared.

        But I also feel New York is a larger baseball market and losing David Wright would sadden more people. That being said, I like the Blue Jays (and Canada) and wish Halladay stayed there forever. But look, now you have Kyle Drabek.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          I’m more excited about Morrow than Drabek.. Drabek, as good as his stuff is, just doesn’t strike out enough batters for some reason.

          • Sniderlover 4 years ago

            I’ve noticed something, he is not using his curveball as the out pitch. Didn’t use any curveballs today so I’d guess he is just trying to improve the command on his fastball, cutter and change-up (which is looking pretty good now).

            I think the strikeouts will increase over time but yeah, I’m more excited about Morrow. I hope he can stay healthy.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            even in AA last year though his k/9 was 7.3

            With his stuff, he should be striking out more batters. So far in 10 starts in the majors his k/9 is 6.55.. untill he learns to finish off batters, he won’t be anything more than #3 starter..

            Obviously there is reason to expect his k/9 to improve as his command and feel grow, but no minor league numbers suggest that he’ll ever be a 9 k/9 pitcher.

      • Tools_of_Ignorance 4 years ago

        I was just gonna say that. Never say never, Mets fans.

        Lawrie was the first name that came to mind, it’s like my brain is in denial when it comes to Snider. Probably not a healthy mindset.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          Snider’s hitting .500 in so far in AAA. he’s fine

          • rbeezy 4 years ago

            can’t hit major league pitching, at this point he’s upside is a poor mans matt stairs.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago


            23 is a great age to give up on a stud prospect lol

            take a hike

      • Redbirds16 4 years ago

        What about Griffey being a career Mariner? or Berkman? Or Oswalt? or Rolen? or any Marlin? or Piazza with the Dodgers? or Holliday with the Rox? McClouth of the Pirates? AGon?

        Some of these might be a stretch comparison (due to the background of the player, age, team finances, etc…), but with surprising frequency, franchise type players are traded.

    • bravesrule384 4 years ago

      Yeah, that’s what I thought about Tommy Glavine being a career Brave, then whadduya know…he went to the Muts….errrr…Mets (LOL) for 5 years, before returning to the Braves in 08. SO Spaz…I wouldn’t count your chickens before their hatched, my friend…about Wright staying a Met for his whole career.

  10. the cardinals would never make this trade with freese as cheap as he is already, but man what an even scarier offense that would be with wright

    • Redbirds16 4 years ago

      The Cards would have to throw in Freese and Miller plus a few others to land Wright. The whole package required to land Wright would just be too much, or rather, another team would put up a more competitive offer than the Cards would.

  11. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER trading him. EVER

  12. Its so difficult to find a decent left side of the infield and ideally I would love to see the Mets do anything they can to keep both Wright AND Reyes for a long time. Who’s better than these 2 right now? SS-Tulo and Hanley 3B-Arod, Bautista, Zimmerman, Longo…..I don’t mean to start having everyone make their lists, but the point is their isn’t much production from those positions around the league.

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      I can’t think of any better SS/3B combo in the majors right now.

      • Oh come on, you know my Twins have the better combo of Valencia and Casilla/Tolbert.


  13. jordan 4 years ago


  14. angel31 4 years ago

    Actually trading Wright could actually be smart for the Mets, especially being in debt. I do not see them trading him this summer but maybe in the winter. I say this is because if the Mets do have a fire sale and get rid of all the big contracts of Reyes, Beltran, Rodriguez, and maybe Bay. The FO is telling the fans, we are in rebuild mode and don’t expect any winning for 2-3 years. The same time when Wright’s contract is up. So basically your wasting a lot of money to keep an icon around when you could make your team better in the future with the prospects Wright could bring in. Look at what the Padres just did with Gonzalez.

    • Redbirds16 4 years ago

      A very good point. Unlike Reyes, Beltran, and KRod, the Mets don’t have to trade Wright right away. So until they hear a package they really like, there’s no reason to ship him off.

    • TexasReds 4 years ago

      yeah and look at what happened to the Padres offense.

  15. Joe Valenti 4 years ago

    for wright or reyes? i dont see where wright would play unless they are making ortiz the odd man out and putting wright at DH. i could see them possibly trading for reyes?

  16. Smrtbusnisman04 4 years ago

    The Mets are NOT gonna trade Wright. When will you realize that??!!?

    • mookie_and_doc 4 years ago

      honestly, anything is possible at this point.

  17. Wright, Reyes are a match made in HEAVEN, for the Angels.. As a Halo fan, I would jizz my pants and cry if we finally got a great 3B like Wright and Reyes. Tony pulls some crazy trades out of his hat, but it would cost the Angels Bourjos, Trumbo to start

    • Try Trout to start and then add in Segura. And then there will be a few additional prospects traded as well. No way that the Angels get both Wright and Reyes without giving up those two.

      • Trout is untouchable.. You got to look at NYM needs which is pitching 1B, SS, OF
        i.e. Bourjos, Trumbo, Ayabar, Chatwood, Jepsen, Sagura would probably do it? IDK i’m not a GM hahah

        • well add 3B to that list if Wright is traded

        • Trout is not untouchable if you’re talking about both Reyes and Wright. Because Reyes is so close to free agency, you could get him without including Trout, but the Mets would start out asking for Trout for Wright alone. So there’s no way Wright and Reyes would go to the Angels, and Trout would not come back to the Mets.

    • If the Angels were to get BOTH Reyes and Wright, they would have to give up all ten of their top 10 prospects and then some. It’s not going to happen.

    • Tools_of_Ignorance 4 years ago

      They’re worth more if you break up the set. No team likely would have the capacity or be willing to give up the assets that you could receive from two separate buyers.

    • Yeah, there is no way the Angels get both Reyes and Wright without starting with Trout.

  18. dickylarue 4 years ago

    How Trout could be deemed untouchable for Wright by the author really makes the author look silly. Power hitting franchise 3b under 30 signed to reasonable deals don’t get dealt except for the best prospects in baseball. Why would the Mets even consider taking anything less than the Angels best prospect for David Wright? We’re not talking about Kevin Kouzmanoff here. We’re talking about a franchise talent in their prime. If you can’t get the best prospects in baseball for that kind of player then there is zero reason to deal him. The Mets will always make enough money to cover Wright’s salary despite the Madoff nonsense.

    • cubfan4life 4 years ago

      While i agree with you that premium talent combined with affordability requires premium prospects in return i dont see Trout as a guy thats going to get moved for anyone. I think if Anaheim were to get in on any trade for Wright it would have to be some combination of Peter Bourjos, Jean Segura, Tyler Chatwood, Mark Trumbo, Jordan Walden, Kaleb Cowart, and Garrett Richards. It would most likely take at least 4 of those guys and even then it would be tough. My guess is that the biggest piece to move will be Jose Reyes to the Giants and if i had to guess i would guess K-Rod would go to the White Sox, Beltran to whoever will give up something for him. If they remain in the race into late July i could see Cleveland being a fit with him splitting time between LF, CF and DH. Reyes is a great fit with SF with what he can bring to the top of their order and if they can pry Sandoval from SF maybe that makes a Wright deal more of an option. Krod is a huge fit for the White Sox. They need a guy at the back of their bullpen and they have some movable pieces.

      • jakec77 4 years ago

        My guesses:

        Wright goes nowhere.

        Reyes goes to Tampa.

        K-Rod- tough call. The way things are in Chicago, it’s hard to see the White Sox adding. Ideally, K-Rod has to go somewhere as a set up guy, but how many closers are there that he can be slotted behind and expect him to be okay with that? In some ways, the best fit is right across town. K-Rod for Soriano, Yankees either have to include some money to pay for Sororiano’s contract next two years or prospects. Otherwise, would it be feasible for Texas to go with co-closers for a time, then move Feliz into rotation?

        Beltran- how about Philly? Or Giants? Or, if they don’t get Reyes, maybe Tampa (to take Manny’s spot)? Mets may have to eat some money here, depending on what kind of return they want.

        • Beltran would be a lot more valuable to an AL team in the long run

        • cubfan4life 4 years ago

          Tampa doesnt have the resources to bring in a guy like Reyes. The money isnt right and its not the way the Rays do business. I think Beltran is a possibility depending on how much the Mets are willing to kick in monetarily. Reyes going to SF just makes too much sense. I even mentioned it on here back in January. He is a dynamice player at the top of the order who can jump start the Giants offense. He would be a major upgrade defensively. And they have the prospects to get him with a packae centered around Zach Wheeler or Jonathan Sanchez.

          K-Rods best fit is in Chicago or possibly St. Louis. Both teams are playoff caliber but have major question marks in the 9th inning that can keep them from going where they want to go. I dont agree with you that Texas is a fit. You cant move Feliz into the rotation mid season. That is a move that has to be made before spring training. There is too much of a difference in preparation to make that switch mid-season. And the idea of dealing for Rafael Soriano is ludicrous. There is no reason to bring back Soriano for K-Rod. Alderson will get prospects for him. Both CHI and STL have guys who would be perfect fits in trade pieces with CHI sending back Sergio Santos and another mid level prospect or STL giving up Jason Motte along with a prospect for KRod. Both of those guys are young and cheap and can both fill in as the closer for this year and beyond if they are successful and if not then they can become a decent piece out of the pen with all of the closers on the market next year thay can go out and get one if they want to.

          Beltran is a guy who can go just about anywhere. Philly makes sense but idk if they deal him to a team in the same division. SF doesnt make as much sense because they already have an overabundance of oFers and they will eventually recall Brandon Belt. Ithink that an AL team is likely the best spot for Beltran to land cause you can DH him some to keep him healthy. I think that one of the surprise teams that are always hanging around in mid july could be a team that picks him up. I like Cleveland, Tampa, Seattle, and KC in pretty much that order as fits. Cleveland is playing amazing ball right now and in that division where CHI isnt scoring runs and has big 9th inning questions. Detroit is underachieving and is without VMart for a while. and Minnesota is without Mauer and their pitching staff has been poor. Tampa needs offensive help if they want to keep up with NY and Boston. Seattle and KC are longshots but both could used him if they are close in July.

          • Redbirds16 4 years ago

            Even though the Cards really could use a closer…

            StL won’t take a guy like KRod, mostly due to his personality. And then the price is Motte and a prospect? Plus the salary? …

          • cubfan4life 4 years ago

            Like you i think Krod going to STL is questionable given his character however they do need a closer and i think Motte plus a fringe prospect is a resonable price provided the Mets kick in cash which they will almost have to do to move Krod. STL does need closer help. Krod just seems like the one who can help the most right away. 9 saves in 10 opportunities. 19 Ks in 15 and a third innings. his WHIP is a little high but even so he still has only given up 2 runs this year. Given the closers who could possibly be available at some point this year he would be at the top if not for his character issues. other guys who could end up being available are Aardsma from SEA who is injured, Broxton from LA who is injured and may not be available Bell in SD who may or may not get moved if he does he will command a steep return and possibly some second tier guys like Gregg Putz or dotel , none of which can provide as big of an impact as a guy like Krod.

  19. mikeclyne 4 years ago

    I know you said Trout was unavailable…throw in K-Rod and Reyes with Wright and who know Angels might just be desperate enough…shoot they picked up Vernon Wells!

    A’s – nope, he will make too much $$$
    Marlins – not a chance, Mets will not trade star in the same division…
    Cards – not unless you want a riot in STL b/c fans are knowledgable enough to know that means no Pujols, unless Holiday was the one leaving…
    Rockies – could be interesting
    Tigers – not sure if they would have the payroll to go for it, think about all the bloatted contracts there already…

    To me some teams to also think about would be…
    KC – so much upcoming talent there, it could acclerate the growth curve a little. But log jams one of the top prospects, so maybe not
    Reds – Rolen always seems hurt and Wright could stablize inflield a little…
    Texas – Oh wait they already have 2 All-Star thirdbasemen…
    Mil – Have made big splashes and could use Prince to make the wheels get greased…
    Dodgers – Oh wait they can’t pay their current players…
    SF – needs infield and middle of the order help in worst way. They are the most offensensivly inpet them to win a world series…

    Dodgers and Texas were a joke…relax before responding….

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      The only bloated contract for Detroit is Guillen and that’s only 13MM, I’m not sure who else you are reffering to. Robertson, Willis, Bonderman, and Magglio’s bad contracts are all paid off.

      • mikeclyne 4 years ago

        Carrer right below .300 hitter, averaging less then 20 HRs a year paid 12 mil per year? (Victor Martinez)
        Carrer .250 hitter, avging less then 20 HRs per year, never driving in 100 rbis paid 5.5 mil? (Brandon Inge)
        Bullpen guys Valverde and Benoit comibined 12.5 million…Valverde has been good, if not very good this year, Benoit at ERA over 8 paid 5.5 million…

        You are right they have gotten rid of a bunch of the REALLY bad deals, but there are more out there too…Payroll is over 100 mil, 10th highest in baseball…and my guess is in Detriot’s struggling economy they are not generating the tenth most revenues in baseball…

        • JacksTigers 4 years ago

          I’ll agree with Inge and Benoit being bad contracts but V-Mart is way better than you give him credit for. He is a career .300 hitter with some power. Twelve million is not a bad contract at all.

          • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

            And it’s Victor effin Martinez! No one goes wrong with having Victor around.

  20. jeffdg 4 years ago

    I would think Toronto would make a play for him, and then move Lawrie to a corner OF position.

    I know STL cant really take on more salary, and would be loath to give up Shelby Miller — but wow, what a great fit he would be in STL.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      move lawrie to 2B more like it ..

      Trade Hechavarria, Aaron Hill, Thames, Stewart or Deck, D’arnaud

  21. alphakira 4 years ago

    As a Mets fan, I have no problems with articles like this…but can we at least hear what we’re looking at getting? There’s no way in hell they trade Wright, nor do I want them to, but can you at least mention a give or take of what would could get (i.e. 1 major leaguer + prospect, or high quality minor leaguer, nothing, etc.)? Articles like this do nothing for the fans of the team in question. Is team A looking to trade persons A & B so maybe it’d be a matchup? What are we looking at here? I’d think we’d all be able to figure out the teams with no quality third basemen…

    • Redbirds16 4 years ago

      I’ll play.

      If the Cards find a goldmine and think they can pay Pujols and Carp (or another ace) and Wright, they’d trade from their strengths and the Mets would take what quality they could find, regardless of position (i.e. I don’t really know what the Mets needs are, so I’ll just go with a quality return rather than matching up org. depth). The Cards only have a few blue-chip prospects in the minors so they’ll probably be reluctant to trade Miller or Martinez. The Cardinals depth is in power hitting types, outstanding High-ceiling arms in the low minors, and MLB-ready RHRP.

      1. David Freese, 3B, MLB, 28 years old — to cover 3B for the Mets, but he’s out for a couple months with a broken hand. He’s also cheap. Not even Arb1 yet. Would be fair to expect a .310/.360/.430 slash line with plus defense at 3B.
      2. Carlos Martinez, P, A, 19 — You might have heard of this guy on here as Carlos Matias. He had some name changes or whatever and has an electric arm, future ace if he can harness his control. Some scouts are saying he’ll pass Shelby Miller (who needs to work on his secondary pitches to go along with his high 90’s FB) on the Cards org. ranking of prospects this year. I’m assuming that either Miller or Martinez would have to be included in this package. Certainly not both. If the Mets were going with quantity, the Cards have a plethora of pitchers with ceilings around a #3 starter or closer, two of them might sub for one of Martinez/Miller.
      3. Matt Adams, 1B, AA, 23 — is a rising prospect in AA. Has slugged over .500 every year in the minors. Currently hitting ~.320/.350/.570.
      4. Seth Blair, P, A, 22 — Cards 2010 Supplemental round pick. Projected back of the bullpen guy. Supposedly very polished for age, was projected to be a fast riser through the system (although he’s struggled to start the year in A ball).

      If the Mets wanted someone closer to MLB ready, Allen Craig, Adron Chambers, Lance Lynn, Matt Carpenter, Jon Jay, Fernando Salas, Eduardo Sanchez, Jason Motte, and Mark Hamilton are players to look at, but none are really high ceiling players (well, save maybe Sanchez, guy could be a lights out closer). They’ll all likely be serviceable MLB regulars, at the very least role players, but certainly no allstars.

      • Redbirds16 4 years ago

        All that said, another team would easily be able to top the Cards offer.

      • alphakira 4 years ago

        Wow, I didn’t expect such a well thought out response from anyone. Thanks for the info on those players; I honestly don’t follow prospects much for other teams but I’ll have to keep an eye/ear out for these guys if any Mets/Cards rumors float around.

      • Yeah; if you’re reluctant to trade Miller or Martinez, you’re not getting Wright.

  22. Braydon Gervais 4 years ago

    I can see the Mets trading Wright and I don’t think it’s such a crazy thing to think about. If Alex Rodriguez, Roy Halladay, and Johan Santana can be traded, what makes David Wright untouchable? From the Mets perspective it does make sense. What they have right now really isn’t going to do anything for them. They need to get young, fresh talent and rebuild their roster. Wright, Reyes, Beltran, and Bay I can see being traded eventually. I really think that the Blue Jays will be right in on Wright. They need a third basemen because Edwin Encarnacion is beyond brutal. They have a bunch of pitching depth in the minors so they could throw in a good arm. Perhaps something like Gose, Stewart, and another decent prospect. If that isn’t enough, I would even throw in Adeiny Hechavarria. David Wright is a supreme talent and with him the Jays lineup in a year or so would be STACKED. As for Lawrie, he could be moved to the corner OF positions, or he did use to be a catcher, however that is a longshot. Also, I think it’s a very realistic idea for the Jays to be able to sign Prince Fielder during the offseason. That said, the potential line up is beyond ridiculous

    C – J.P. Arencibia

    1B – Adam Lind

    2B – Aaron Hill

    3B – David Wright

    SS – Yunel Escobar

    LF – Brett Lawrie

    CF – Jose Bautista

    RF – Travis Snider

    DH – Prince Fielder

    = World series north of the border.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      lol @ jose bautista playing CF.. he barely plays RF decently…

      If anything, you rid yourself of Aaron Hill, move Lawrie to 2B, Bautista stays in Right, Snider in Left, Davis in CF until Marisnick or Gose is ready.

    • NO CHANCE!! Fielder is going to Washington.

    • jakec77 4 years ago

      Wright is going nowhere- Santana and Halladay were traded because their teams knew they were losing them (like maybe with the Mets and Reyes). ARod had a contract that was destroying the team, he was the best player in baseball and the Rangers had to pay the Yankees to take him.
      Wright (this season) doesn’t remotely fit any of those categories.

    • rbeezy 4 years ago

      keep dreaming, David Wright or Prince Fielder will never play for the Jays.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        who are you to say that ?

        stop being such a hater, you come across ignorant

        • rbeezy 4 years ago

          Not being a hater, but Toronto isn’t the first destination every free agent wants to come too. Fielder is going to have a ton of offers and it isn’t like the jays have treated there big money players well recently. Same goes for Wright, he’ll waive his no trade to come to Toronto from New York? Good Luck.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            Fielder has lived here before toolbox, and said he loved his time here

            Question, can you name the city highest ranked in livability amongst mlb teams?

            ya thats what I thought . Just because your ignorant, doesn’t mean mlb stars will follow suit

        • Yeah; he’s not a hater. It’s the truth. They had to trade Halladay because they couldn’t afford him- you think they’re getting Fielder or Wright, let alone both of them?? You’re crazy. And you’re more ignorant than he is for thinking it’s possible.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            Because they couldn’t afford Halladay??

            after you say something completely away from the truth, you go on and call someone else ignorant? you tool. they traded halladay because he was going to leave. .

            They just gave bautista an extension and spent the second most last year on international signings and top 5 in draft money spent..

            nice try being smart. learn something before you speak

  23. troysz 4 years ago

    As much as I would love to see him in a Tigers uniform, I don’t think they have the prospects to pull of a trade of that magnitude. A trade for Wright would begin with Jacob Turner & Andy Oliver (rightfully so too) and I couldn’t see them involved in a move that would include both in a single deal, and position players in the Tigers system are virtually non-existent.

  24. Henry Sanchez 4 years ago

    Mets ever trade Wright, and thats the day i stop being a mets fan; they could maybe get away with Reyes but even that is going to cause a bad feeling for the fans.

    Mets should deal everyone else and build around Reyes, Wright, and Ike

    • jakec77 4 years ago

      I’m a Met fan too, and I love Jose Reyes, but if he is looking for a Crawford like contract, they absolutely have to trade him. They just cannot invest that kind of money in him.
      If I’m the Mets, I approach Reyes with an extension in June, with say a base of 4 years, 16 mil per, with many reasonably obtainable incentives that could push it all the way up into the 5 years at 90 mil, maybe even 100 mil. If he turns it down, trade him for the best package available (as long as it is significantly better than the 2 picks he’ll be worth if lost as a free agent). Mets can always go after him again after the season, particularly if they trade him somewhere as a rental (Tampa).

  25. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cubs take a shot at him. Move ARam to first as the starter or platoon him with Pena. Better yet put Pena on the bench as a pinch hitter/spot starter when a tough right hander is pitching or when Wright or ARam need a day off. Just a pipe dream I suppose but it would be nice. Vitters and others would go to the Met’s.

  26. jakec77 4 years ago

    This is about as realistic as an article entitled “Trade Candidate” Derek Jeter”. Barring a completely unforseeable financial collapse that requires the Met payroll to get below 20 million, there is absolutely no way they are trading David Wright this season. He is worth far more to the Mets than he is to any other team, the return would have to be completely overwhelming, far more than any team would reasonably give.
    Wright, Davis, and probably Niese… other than those three, anyone else could be traded. Arguably, everyone else SHOULD be traded.

    • reg38 4 years ago

      Niese is a 5th starter…he could get traded for a mustard pouch for Jeff Wilpons hot dog.

      • He’s not an ace, but I think he’ll be better than a 5th starter. His absolute ceiling, if everything goes right, is ace-caliber. I think he’s easily a #3.

    • BrianAJays 4 years ago

      Big difference the Yankees never need to rebuild,just spend more.

      Mets do not have the spending option and if they are rebuilding,Wright is an asset that is not underachieving or grossly overpaid.

      Rebuilds take 3-5 years and Wright would be trapped on a non-contender and his talents will be eroding.

      Mets would get several building blocks.MLB ready pitching would be the first demand and then depending on Mets current prospects high ranked position players.

  27. Joey 4 years ago

    I think Angels r a good fit for David wright

  28. CommissionerBart 4 years ago

    Of course the Mets would never under any circumstances trade David Wright. They never traded the greatest Met of all time, Tom Seaver, did they?

    • baycommuter 4 years ago

      Just like the Yankees and Giants never traded Babe Ruth and Willie Mays. It would be interesting to see how many teams traded their best-ever player. Even the Dodgers traded Jackie Robinson, but he retired instead.

  29. Cardinals have been looking for the heir apparent to Scott Rolen for awhile now.  Even when Scott was on the team everyone could tell the palpable tension between him and LaRussa was driving him out of St. Louis.  Put Wright in a gap park with fair dimensions (Busch III) on a mid market team where he could relax and St. Louis where the fans will welcome him by showering him with love and I think Wright’s production would freakin sky rocket.

  30. Nathan Adams 4 years ago

    Moving Wright might make more sense then moving Reyes. If they keep Wright and his salary, they cannot afford Reyes, but if they move him and all that money, they should be able to re-sign Reyes. If Reyes leaves, they will need not only a SS, but a leadoff man. However if Wright leaves they still have Bay and Ike Davis in the middle. Also, Wright could be easier to replace than Reyes would. 

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