Rosenthal On Wood, White Sox, Reyes, Rays, Dodgers

Let's check out the latest edition of Full Count from FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal..

  • Cubs reliever Kerry Wood is likely to be in high demand at the deadline, in part because his salary this year is just $1.5MM.  The Cubs gave him a full no-trade clause and Wood told Rosenthal that he hasn't thought about what he would do if the team asked him to waive it.  After all, Wood came back to Chicago to be with his family and to lay the groundwork for a job with the organization after his career is through.
  • The White Sox expect teams to inquire about their surplus of starting pitching, with Edwin Jackson as their most obvious trade candidate as he is a potential free agent.  However, GM Ken Williams wouldn't necessarily seek offense in return.  Instead, they'd prefer a right-handed reliever or even prospects.  If the White Sox were to add a bat, they wouldn't know where to put it in the lineup.
  • The Rays have been sliding as of late but are still in contention in the AL East so we can expect them to be buyers.  With offense as their biggest need, it wouldn't be surprising to see them inquire on Jose Reyes, but they likely won't land him.  Tampa Bay would have to part with top-notch prospects to pull off such a deal, and prospects are more valuable for the Rays than they are for most teams.
  • The Dodgers were hoping to bounce back in the NL West once they got healthy, but a second rash of injuries has left them depleted again.  If the Dodgers ever do get healthy, Rosenthal expects them to go after a power bat to put in left field or at third base.

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