Sabean Talks Offense, Trade Market, Prospects

11:59pm: It's possible Sabean's "something bigger" referred to the Twins' Michael Cuddyer, writes Baggarly.  The Giants recently expressed interest in him with a second base job in mind.  The asking price was steep, so Sabean closed the Keppinger deal with Houston.  Still, Baggarly would not rule out the Twins revisiting Cuddyer.

10:15pm: After the Giants acquired Jeff Keppinger, GM Brian Sabean explained that his work isn't done. The 56-41 Giants are lucky to be 15 games above .500, according to Sabean, who discussed the trade market in detail tonight. Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News has the details on the Giants, who are taking on the division rival Dodgers tonight:

  • Sabean said he's still committed to improving the San Francisco offense. No winning team has scored fewer runs than the Giants (356).
  • Before the Keppinger deal, Sabean was working on “something [he] thought was much bigger.” That deal did not involve Carlos Beltran, according to Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle (on Twitter).
  • Sabean described the market for catchers and shortstops as “almost nonexistent.”
  • General managers eyeing Zack Wheeler and Brandon Belt may want to think twice. Sabean suggested some of the team's top young players are virtually untouchable. “There are guys we definitely won’t trade, and baseball people know that, too,” Sabean said.


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