Beltway Notes: Strasburg, Livan, MacPhail, Roberts

The Nationals took a 63-73 record into today's action, putting them on pace to finish with a better record than the Orioles (55-81) for the sixth time since the Nats moved to Washington after the 2004 season.  Of course, since neither team has topped the .500 mark in that stretch, the Battle of the Beltways isn't exactly recognized as a top-tier baseball rivalry.

Here are the latest items about the Nats and the O's….

  • Stephen Strasburg talks to The Washington Post's Adam Kilgore about his year-long rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery.  Strasburg is scheduled to make his 2011 debut on Tuesday against the Dodgers, and is penciled in for three more starts in September if things proceed as planned.  Strasburg is on a 60-pitch limit for Tuesday and will be on an innings cap for the 2012 season.
  • Livan Hernandez will be shut down after his start on Sunday so the Nationals can take look at some younger pitchers, reports's Bill Ladson.  Hernandez agreed to the move and will be "a mentor/coach" for the club's young pitchers, perhaps with an eye towards a coaching job after his retires.  Hernandez wants to return to Washington next season and has even offered to pitch middle relief, noting he will not go to the bullpen for any other team. 
  • If Hernandez doesn't re-sign, Adam Kilgore hears from a source that the Marlins are the top candidates to sign the veteran hurler. 
  • With Andy MacPhail rumored to be leaving at the end of the season,'s Amber Theoharis looks back at MacPhail's three best moves as the Orioles' president of baseball operations. 
  • This is probably no surprise given MacPhail's possible departure, but Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun expects "a significant front office overhaul" in Baltimore.  In that same piece, Zrebiec also discusses how Kevin Gregg is a popular clubhouse figure and a valuable mentor to the Orioles' young pitchers, but the right-hander is having a difficult time closing games.  Gregg is under contract for $5.8MM in 2012, with a $6MM club option for 2013.
  • Also from Zrebiec, Brian Roberts has been told by doctors that his concussion problems shouldn't be career-ending.  The second baseman hasn't played since May 16 after suffering his second concussion in as many seasons.

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8 Comments on "Beltway Notes: Strasburg, Livan, MacPhail, Roberts"

4 years 23 hours ago

I love the idea of Livan Hernandez as a pitching coach.  He had to reinvent himself so many times and he couldn’t have done that without a deep understanding what has to be done to get a hitter out.

I have long felt he’d be a terrific pitching coach.

4 years 22 hours ago

Hopefully the Stockstill’s will finally leave the O’s organization.  They are just awful. 

4 years 21 hours ago

Jeff likes this.  (hitting the button alone was not satisfying enough in this case)

Leonard Washington
4 years 22 hours ago

Kevin Gregg is a mediocre closing option period. He isn’t having trouble closing games he never did it smoothly on a consistent basis ever. 

4 years 20 hours ago


4 years 19 hours ago

Oriole’s shouldn’t let Gregg anywhere near the young pitchers.  His bi-weekly meltdowns, his ego, and his views on how to be a successful pitcher — most notably “not giving in” — are destructive.  He is a terrible pitcher and needs to be quarantined immediately.

4 years 17 hours ago

The Nationals are on pace to finish with a better record than the Orioles again. #unimpressiveaccomplishments

4 years 6 hours ago

I’m not buying the whole Strasburg is better than ever hype. Tommy John doesn’t usually turn studs into super studs.