Braves Release Julio Lugo

The Braves released Julio Lugo, according to's Mark Bowman (on Twitter). Atlanta activated the recently-acquired Jack Wilson from the disabled list in a corresponding move.

Lugo, 35, appeared in 22 games for the Braves, backing up at short, second and third without contributing anything on offense (.136/.208/.136 line in 48 plate appearances). The 12-year veteran has a career .269/.333/.384 line, but he hasn't produced at the plate since 2009.

The Braves have now released two infielders in two days; they cut Wes Helms loose yesterday.

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  1. Thanks Julio, I’ll never forget that time you were out at the plate and the umpire called you safe and the Braves beat the Brewers in extra innings!

    Yep, that’s the only contribution I can remember…

  2. RonWashingtonISinsane 4 years ago

    – Braves fans to throw a huge city wide party the second he leaves town lol

    • Tomahawk237 4 years ago

      Wow, if we are throwing a huge city wide party for Julio Lugo, I can only imagine the excitement once Kenshin Kawakami leaves.

  3. johnsilver 4 years ago

    So Julio “2 step range” Lugo is out of a job again huh?

    Hard to see a guy who cannot hit, has no range, yet still cannot even field the balls he has the range for still manages to sucker teams into a job.

    With that.. Who is next? Marlins???

    • Sabean smells another ‘upgrade’

      • I love making fun of Sabean’s veteran fetish, too. But the same week that he cut loose Tejada and Rowand? I’ll probably give the guy a pass.

  4. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Lugo, you’ll always have a place in Boston. Selling hot dogs… from a cart… no where near Fenway… in fact it won’t be in MA.

  5. Maybe the yankees should sign lugo and have him bat cleanup. I don’t like the idea, but Jerry Meals says it’s safe….

  6. Thanks for trying Lugo, but see ya.

  7. Guest 4 years ago

    Good to see some common sense prevail.  Should never have even been used over guys like Diory, but whatever.  I’m pumped about Diaz and Wilson.  Small pieces that fit our needs really well.

  8. $6101468 4 years ago

    Julio “The Yugo” Lugo. The curse of the Lugo has hit Fenway ever since Lugo was tossed from the Fenway bus. As bad as he was he still managed to drive in more RBI than fellow dismal darling JD Drew one year. 

  9. Seth 4 years ago

    Add Lugo to a long list of acquisitions that never panned out for the Braves, then again did anybody really expect him to?

  10. camerondatzker 4 years ago

    The Giants should give a shot to Julio Lugo. Lugo can play shortstop and 2nd base and can be a good bench player. that’s if they are not eliminated by The D’backs

    • Seth 4 years ago

      I don’t think thats a good idea. He can barely hit .100

  11. Indeed, apparently I don’t. I blame Lugo.

  12. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    Well played Mauer.

  13. Isn’t sending a $7 million pitcher to AA essentially the definition of owning up to the fact that someone mis-evaluated his talent and gave him too big of a contract?

  14. bbydon 4 years ago

    Don’t teams do that with draft picks that never make it as well. 

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