Cafardo’s Latest: Fielder, Orioles, Wilson, Capuano

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe discusses player conditioning and expanded rosters in his latest column, before sharing a few notes and rumors from around the league. Here are a few highlights from the piece:

  • While the Brewers have been all but ruled out of the Prince Fielder sweepstakes in some corners, Cafardo hears from big league sources that the Brew Crew may make a bid to retain their first baseman after all.
  • It appears Buck Showalter will have a significant infuence on Orioles' moves and decisions going forward. If Andy MacPhail leaves the team this winter, the O's may hire someone to hold the general manager title, but have Showalter acting as the de facto GM.
  • Cafardo speculates that the Orioles, Red Sox, Yankees, Twins, Tigers, and Cardinals could all be in on C.J. Wilson this offseason.
  • "Nobody has any real answer" about why the Red Sox and Mets couldn't reach an agreement on a Chris Capuano trade. We heard earlier this week that the Sox tried to acquire Capuano to help them clinch a playoff spot, but that talks were dead.
  • Although Manny Ramirez has mentioned the possibility of playing in Japan, Cafardo doesn't think a Japanese team would be willing to take on a two-time PED user.
  • Cafardo has heard Bobby Valentine mentioned as a potential replacement if the Red Sox and Terry Francona part ways. Earlier today, FOX's Ken Rosenthal looked into whether or not Francona's job is in jeopardy.

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  1. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    why would the Cardinals be in on CJ?  they already have next year’s rotation set with Wainwright who will be ready by beginning of the season, re-signed Carpenter, Garcia, and Lohse+Westbrook.  They’d have to move Westbrook and eat salary before they can open up a spot,  and if that does happen, its probably for Buerhle. 

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      introducing nick cafardo

      • MaineSox 4 years ago

        After “Nick Cafardo” all I get is “wah wah wah wah”

    • stl_cards16 4 years ago

      Not to mention that McClellan proved that he can be a fine back of the rotation option, Lynn looks prepared to be able to handle a spot, and Miller should be ready soon.  The rotation is definately not the place the Cardinals need to be spending money.  Very uninformed opinion there.

  2. PieceOfKnese 4 years ago

    Cardinals in on Wilson? Not unless they can get Westbrook to waive his ntc AND find someone willing to take him. Sounds like a long shot to me.

  3. Cards rotation is filled and we don’t have the payroll to sign Cj.

  4. How in the world can the Brewers keep Fielder? They owe a ton of money to Bruan/Weeks..

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      Braun’s contract is very team-friendly / below-market.  I can’t imagine his deal would keep them from trying to retain Prince Fielder. Same with Weeks really. The Brewers really have one more year (2012) before their window closes, as that’s when both Greinke and Marcum become free agents. I imagine they’ll try and do what they can to retain him.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        braun’s original contract was very team-friendly. the 5/$105M extension beginning 5 freakin years from now is not

        as you said, the brewers have one more good shot next season. signing a 1B to 7 big money years doesn’t make a lot of sense for a club in that position

        • I agree with your statement notsureifsrs. They could sign Fielder but intern they wouldn’t be able to sign Marcum or Greinke. I will take pitching over a bat everyday of the week.

      • SunsetStripper 4 years ago

        They need to extend Greinke and Marcum, not Fielder. 

    • tycobb 4 years ago

      By winning the World Series or doing deep into the playoffs. The playoffs generate alot of cash. Players aren`t being paid, then ticket prices are doubled in the first round, then tripled in the championship series. God knows how much for the World Series.

  5. Get hired as the GM of a Major League team and not actually have to Generally Manage anything? Sign me up, Baltimore!

    • MikhelB 4 years ago

      It is basically what he did with the Yankees paired with Gene Michaels, both knew the organization so well that they complemented each other as it should be (he even had a saying on who the team could draft and who to call to the majors because he had been their minor league manager… a succesful AAA manager in the Yankees organization).

  6. mauerfan 4 years ago

    The Twins in on CJ? I wish…

    • The Twins desperately need pitching, and CJ Wilson can give them that top SP. A rotation of Wilson, Baker, Pavano, Blackburn, and Swarzak wouldn’t be too bad. The Twins pitching wouldn’t seem so bad if they actually had run support. But, as it has shown, the Twins don’t usually spend a lot on free agents.

      • That’d be fun for anybody whose avatar is a Twins’ logo so I do hope you’ll enjoy visualizing it while Brian Cashman finishes lining up the money.

        • Not every team can spend $100MM every off-season on a big free agent, and the Twins are one of those teams. They will have some money coming off the books after this season, along with their TV deal, so they have some money to spend. 

      • John DiRienzo 4 years ago

        “wouldn’t be too bad” doesn’t bode well when your offense is near the bottom of the league and your staff allows a .750 OPS from the 7th inning and on. i know, it’d be nice to root for an ace every 5 days, but the twins have more important priorities than dumping $80+ mil to CJ Wilson


  8. baybombers 4 years ago

    fielder is gonna have to take a huge discount with the brew crew right?

  9. johnsilver 4 years ago

    I always liked Bobby V. Tough as nails and -0- nonsense type of guy. After he tore up his leg ith the Angels, he made more of an attempt to get back than a lot of guys ever would and he was one of those super type prospects way back then. A Bill Buckner type effort that left him with a limp also it was so horrific.

    Whether or not the Fenway faithful will call for Francona’s scalp is one thing, but if they do and make a change with this guy, it is one that honestly would not break my heart, but would put many of the players on notice: Bobby V is a no nonsense kind of guy and a lot of the garbage currently going on, favoritism that francona employs with his “pets” would certainly cease and desist.

    I would imagine Bobby V would also want to have a lot of control over roster decisions as long as he was manager also, to make sure a few veterans currently on the roster are “short timers” and not around at the start of spring training as well.

    This guy would certainly be my favorite manger since “Walpoe Joe” and before that, Dick Williams.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      francona definitely should have pitched better

      • johnsilver 4 years ago

        Oh I gotcha. Not out there and calling for his head. Francona had no part in the pitching quandary at all, it ain’t no fault of his, but you and I both know that if this team don’t make the playoffs the NE media is going to be calling for his head, as well as the fly by night crowd.

        The only thing I fault him with is his insistence on sticking with his vets when better options were available, but he has done that even when the team won WC,DC, etc.. My point was that would have no problem with Bobby V as the manager if they made a switch and thought made that clear.

        no intention there to upset one of the more level headed Sox fans :-)

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          you did make it clear. i just couldn’t resist

    • Vmmercan 4 years ago

      I wonder if there’s something to “player managers” flaming out in big markets? Torre was not the same manager his last few years and then they brought in “no nonsense” Girardi….And Torre only followed Showalter. Just seems like eventually the ship loosens too much.

  10. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    Unless the Orioles massively overpay there is no way CJ comes here.

  11. I don’t think anyone ever thought the Brewers wouldn’t make an offer.  It just won’t be agreed to.  I’m guessing they will offer 7-$140 and will get turned down. 

    • SunsetStripper 4 years ago

      I hope the Brewers don’t offer 7/140.  He’ll probably take it.  That would not be good for the Brewers.  Prince making 20 per at the age of 34 and 35 is a scary thought.  He will have eaten himself out of the league by then.  Sign Marcum and Greinke to extensions.  Both could be signed for less than what Prince wants, and they would still have money to go get a servicable first baseman.

  12. How much do you want to bet as payback for Crawford, the Red Sox will pretend to woo Wilson to drive up tthe Yankees bid?

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      How much do you want to be that they would’ve done it anyway? They did it with Sabathia as well. Every good GM who aren’t the obvious “small spenders” SHOULD do it.

      PS- Is your name in honor of Jellybean Benitez

  13. Madraider 4 years ago

    Personally, I’d like the Sox to really attempt to sign Wilson, drive up the years and dollars on Sabbathia.

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      And if for some reason he fails like Lackey has so far? That would be fantastic for the team.

      • Madraider 4 years ago

        Lackey was at the very least serviceable the second half of last year, nobody could really expect the craptastic season he’s had this year.  

    • Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

      Why would the Red Sox try to drive up the years/$$$ on Sabathia? If he opts out, they should make their best effort to sign him given how their rotation has played out this year.

      • Madraider 4 years ago

        There’s a lot less mileage on Wilson’s arm than Sabathia’s and the last half of his contract will look really bad for whatever team does sign him, better the Yankees than anybody else.

      • NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

        I don’t think Sabathia is leaving. He:

        -He love splaying in New York
        -They always field a championship caliber team
        -He can get all the money he wants

        • The only reason he’s in new york is because of the money and that’s why he’ll probably remain there.  Keep telling yourself that though because what all the brain dead NY writers write is true and not 100% false speculation.

        • John DiRienzo 4 years ago

          he only “loves playing in NY” because they paid him the most out of everyone else. as for the other two points, Boston can give him just the same (especially if he’s pitching for them and not NYY, who would officially have no one who could be considered an ace)

          and if Boston gave him those bottom two points, i’m sure he’d “love playing” in Boston as well

          edit: i don’t think he’s leaving either. i think he’s sticking with NYY for a while, but i also think they’re going to blow everyone out of the water in terms of a new deal so it won’t even be debatable

  14. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    They meant the Arizona Cardinals… in cause Kolb doesnt work out.

  15. Cyyoung 4 years ago

    Someone is going down in Boston if thy dont make the Play-offs. I like Tito, but he manages scared.

  16. Mitch_Cole173 4 years ago

    As much as I would loe to see the Sox sign CJ Wilson, where would he fit? Beckett, Lester, Bucchholz, Lackey, and Dice-K. As much as I despise that rotation, that’s what it will be barring something drastic (i.e. trade Lackey, trade Dice-K, both)

    • Madraider 4 years ago

      Dice K just had TJ surgery, he won’t even be available til next August, somebody needs to make those starts.

  17. cardsfan1988 4 years ago

     Don’t see the Cards going after Wilson unless they can’t bring back Pujols and they find someone that will take Westbrook and someone that Westbrook will go to. At this point, Wilson does not seem very likely as much as I would like him in a Cards uni.

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