O’Dowd: Tracy Will Return For 2012, Possibly More

Jim Tracy’s Rockies have disappointed in 2011, but the manager will be around next year to attempt a turnaround and could be a fixture in Denver for considerably longer. Colorado GM Dan O’Dowd told Troy Renck of the Denver Post that he hopes to retain his manager after 2012, when his current contract expires.

"We'd love to have him be manager here for much longer than that. But I have gone into the last year of my contract here more than you could imagine," he said.

Tracy signed a three-year deal with the Rockies after a memorable 2009 season. The Rockies were 18-28 when they dismissed Clint Hurdle and went 74-42 under Tracy to reach the postseason for the third time in franchise history. Tracy says he’s not concerned about entering 2012 without a long-term deal in place.

For the first time since O’Dowd took over the Rockies, the GM is asking his manager to make any necessary changes to the coaching staff instead of making those adjustments himself.

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7 Comments on "O’Dowd: Tracy Will Return For 2012, Possibly More"

3 years 11 months ago

How do you reward a team for quitting 2 years in a row? Extend the manager’s contract! Brilliant.

3 years 11 months ago

One of the worst managers in the league might get a contract extension?  Sigh.

3 years 11 months ago

You have half of it correct. He is a terrible manager, but unless he turns it around the coming season, he’s toast. What O’Dowd has done is to allow him to write his own ticket, by letting him keep his coaches and giving him the dreaded vote of confidence. With just one year left on the contract, there was no need to undermine Tracy’s authority in front of his players. If the team doesn’t rebound next year, he’s gone and it can be said that he was given a legitimate opportunity to succeed.

3 years 11 months ago

People blaming Jim Tracy might neglect to notice how many holes there are on this team and how many players failed to differing degrees to produce. One other critical point. Lately, the Rockies have been drafting and developing talent but there were some pitiful drafts before that that has had an effect on the field too.

Tracy needs a better team to determine if he’s the best man to lead or not. His 74-42 mark in 2009 was no accident.

Colorado Rockies Analyst (google)
Colorado Rockies Prospects Report (google)

3 years 11 months ago

He batted Eliezer Alfonzo cleanup once. That alone should be immediate grounds for dismissal. 

3 years 11 months ago

I don’t think any Rockies fan blames Jim Tracy entirely, but he’s certainly not part of the solution. His lineups have been a joke all year. His failure to call for sacrifice bunts in key situations was glaring. His inability to rally the coaching staff to help the players improve (Apodaca’s starters collapsing, Lansford’s hitters flailing, Dauer and Hill’s baserunners gaffing, etc). Tracy has no positive impact on the current team from top to bottom. None.

3 years 11 months ago

Couldn’t agree more. Its as though he’s living in ’09 where everything the guy touched (or did) turned into gold. “No reason to bunt here with man on 1st, no outs and down one in the 9th….Giambi will come up and hit one into the second deck!”

Like you stated it’s not just Tracy to blame, many other issues that need to be adressed. But some of his calls all year have been flat out unreal. No inconsistency in lineup. The last 2 weeks lineups have been a joke (injuries have hurt I know) but still it’s embarrassing to watch. Tracy didn’t you see what happened last year?? Get these kids fired up and wanting to play. I walk out if Coors these days trying to figure it how it can get any worse and sure enough it does.