Quick Hits: Red Sox, Iannetta, Santana, Willis

Joey Votto celebrated his 28th birthday with a 3-for-4 performance today against the Rockies, including his 27th homer of the year.  It wasn't enough, however, as Cincinnati dropped a 12-7 result to Colorado.

Some notes from around the majors….

  • The Red Sox could use another solid starting pitcher but "for the moment don't feel there's anyone out there available who's better than what they have," a team official tells Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.
  • The Rockies will give catcher Wilin Rosario a lot of playing time this month as they decide what to do with Chris Iannetta this winter, reports Troy Renck of the Denver Post.  If Rosario plays well, Colorado may decide to deal Iannetta, who's due to make $3.55MM in 2012.  Iannetta's name was mentioned in trade rumors involving the Blue Jays, Red Sox, Pirates and Padres at the July deadline.
  • Johan Santana will probably not pitch in the Major Leagues for the Mets this season, reports Anthony DiComo for MLB.com.
  • Dontrelle Willis probably won't be back with the Reds next season, writes John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Willis has re-established himself as a big league starter this year but Fay figures that this progress has likely priced the southpaw out of the Reds' range.
  • Another Red who likely won't be back in Cincinnati next year is Paul Janish, opines Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News.  Despite some excellent glovework (a +11.6 UZR/150 at shortstop this year), Janish will be eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter and is probably a non-tender candidate with Zack Cozart taking over at short.
  • Bill Center of the San Diego Union-Tribune says several American League scouts have asked him about Jesus Guzman's fielding ability in recent weeks, a sign that AL teams could have an interest in Guzman as a DH candidate.  Center discusses Guzman, Bud Black's status, a possible extension for Cameron Maybin and other Padres-related topics in an online chat with fans.
  • Andruw Jones has been playing all season with a small tear in his left knee, reports Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger.  The Yankees discovered the injury during Jones' physical but signed the veteran outfielder anyway  (both Twitter links).

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  1. timmytwoshoezzz 4 years ago

    Janish is looking at what, 1M for his first time arb award?  That’s what Brendan Ryan got with his settlement. I mean, with his abject failure to hit at all this year, he can’t be getting much.  And the difference between making 1M and the league minimum is only 600k, which is next to nothing when your payroll is $75M+.  Cozart played something like 11 games before getting hurt, and now you want to non-tender his backup because he’s gonna get a slight bump in pay?

    • I was a bit shocked by this report too… I don’t think that will happen.. Janish is going to stay most likely. I do also think Cozart will be given a chance to establish himself at this position unless the Reds go out and get someone. But Really there is not much out there that isn’t going to cost a lot.

    • Gunner65 4 years ago

      I think he comes back also as a backup IF. Only way they let him go is if they view Valaika as an acceptable, more offensive minded backup to Cozart. Chris already is a better bat for the bench than Paul will ever be and like him can play 3 IF positions, although at a lesser level … it’ll just come down to how much they value the defensive difference between the two. With all of the young talent they’ve had piled up at AAA … something has got to give. Alonso, Frazier, Cozart, Mesoraco & Sappelt … the Reds almost have to move some prospects this offseason for a legit starting pitcher. Cueto is now the Ace, not sure Volquez comes back, Bailey is such a mystery … great one start, bad the next. Arroyo regressed this season. Leake had a nice season after an early rough patch and off the field issues. I’d like to see Willis come back but not sure what he’ll want with the success he’s had this season … will likely get a better offers from teams with more payroll flexibility. So another reliable starter could do this staff a world of good. Meso is off limits, Cozart as well I’d think … its what they decide to do with Alonso I think will be the key. If they feel that he is ready, you’d have to think the Reds could be open to trading Votto. Not what I want … but the economics suggest he’d be the better trade piece.

  2. CAD_Monkey 4 years ago

    “for the moment don’t feel there’s anyone out there available who’s better than what they have”

    If I was a free agent pitcher and I saw John Lackey’s 6.30 ERA, I’d be really insulted.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      and most position players are better pitchers than tim wakefield right now. i don’t believe nick cafardo actually talked to anyone about it, though

  3. Steve_in_MA 4 years ago

    The BoSox would be wise to call up Alex Wilson and give him a start or two.  The guy has been fantastic at AA and AAA this season.  We really have nothing to lose in giving him a shot.

    Let’s face it, Wake and Miller are dead meat.  Lackey is highly inconsistent, his only good starts come when he pitches with “tilt,” but that’s only every 3rd or 4th start.  Bedard is on the shelf for at least one more week, if not more.  Clay may become an option in a week or so to go maybe 3 or 4 innings.  We have to either move Aceves to the starting rotation or add a young live arm for 2 weeks.  I vote to add Wilson.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      much more concerned about beckett’s ankle than wake & miller’s arms or lackey’s big stupid brain

      barring a total meltdown, they’re a playoff team. but without a healthy beckett and bedard, they’re in a world of trouble once they get there

      • Steve_in_MA 4 years ago

        We are in full meltdown mode.  May not get there without another good young live arm, NOW!

    • hawkny1 4 years ago

      We need a new pitching coach in Beantown!

  4. 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

    seriously if the rox gave rosario a shot his offense would be no better than rod barajas’. they should just stick him in AAA and once he is ready to hit MLB pitching the rox should trade iannetta either at the 2012 deadline or later in that offseason. rosario’s defense should be superb, though.

  5. The Rockies want to see what they have in Wilin Rosario, who has big talent, yet they could be making a mistake. Rosario, like other September call-ups, could play reasonably well or even very well and yet struggle as early as spring training or if not then, then April – June and if Iannetta was moved, the Rockies could be worse off.

    Iannetta has not developed as the Rockies had hoped and the club has been patient yet Rosario is not ready to be much better. His batting average, his average against righthanded pitching, his ability to command the strike zone, ability to hit with two strikes, all major problems and possible MLB fatal flaws. He’s just not ready to be a solid to outstanding everyday player. If the Rockies give him another year or two in the minors he might become what his talent suggest he might – a big, big power hitter with plus defense and acceptable contact.

    What’s interesting to think about is this – maybe GM Dan O’Dowd is showcasing Rosario with hopes of trading him, not Iannetta, with a belief Rosario’s value would be at max value with a successful September.

    Colorado Rockies Prospects Report (google)
    Colorado Rockies Analyst

  6. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Nothing is certain, but death, taxes, and Johan Santana will probably not pitch in the Major Leagues for the Mets this season.”

  7. $6101468 4 years ago

    Aceves should have been in the rotation 2 months ago until he proved he could or could not do it.  Lackey, Miller and Wake start you think loss before you think win and hope the offense is in gear. They got themselves in this mess.  Where is Millwood when you need him?

    • hawkny1 4 years ago

      How many years left on Lackey’s contract? OMG, that many!  Hmmmm that sucks.

      Keeping Wakfield in the rotation for so long when, clearly, he cannot not throw more than 40 pitches with any effectiveness, should cost Tito Francona his job. 

      I am so reminded of the days, long ago, when Pinky Higgins, etc. ran the zoo at Fenway.  In those days 60 wins was a successful season.  BTW, bleacher seats, for mid-week days games back then (1960’s) cost $2… 

      We’ve come a long way, eh?  Or have we?

    • tdw815 4 years ago

      Colorodo, I agree they should have kept him. 

  8. BooJays33 4 years ago

    the jays should target johan santana if he’s healthy…huge price tag there the mets would have to eat a portion of it obviously but everyone thought they had claimed wandy a few weeks back.    he’s a guy they should go after.

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      With all the young pitchers they have it doesn’t make much sense to go after a guy who has been injured often the last few years. Sure, when he’s healthy he’s great but it’s a big burden. At this point, he seems too deep into that contract to be traded with his age and injury issues.

  9. soxin10 4 years ago

    0-5 record, 4.21 ERA prices Dontrelle Willis out of the Reds plans?  So what is wrong with the baseball salary structure when you can go winless and expect a huge pay bump.

    Ya I know it is not all about wins/ losses, but just saying, Who is his comparable, John Lackey and his 6 ERA at 15Mil, so Dontrelle gets 18 mil for keeping it under 5?

    • AHAHAHA Spot on man, I was wondering that also. I mean I have watch Dontrelle hit well since coming to the Reds. But that is hitting and not pitching, He hasn’t had much run support, nor has he pitched well enough to really let you think of the early 2000’s Dontrelle.

  10. Isaac 4 years ago

    And that makes me happy GO Yankees

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