Ramirez Demands Multiyear Deal From Cubs

The Cubs' most productive hitter has put the ball directly in new GM Theo Epstein's court. Three weeks after saying he'd probably played his last game in Chicago, Aramis Ramirez left open the possibility of a return in an interview with the Dominican newspaper El Caribe yesterday (link in Spanish). Nevertheless, the 33-year-old third baseman gave an ultiumatum that left no doubt of his willingness to test the open market.

"I'll head to free agency if they don't give me a contract of several years," Ramirez said. "I'm going to wait and see what the team does. Otherwise, I'm going to leave Chicago."

Despite a slow start in 2010, Ramirez finished the season leading the Cubs in OPS, on-base percentage, and most offensive counting statistics, and he was behind only Carlos Pena in HR and Starlin Castro in hits. Not known as a defensive force, Ramirez's UZR of -10.5 was toward the bottom of the National League, but he dominated nearly every offensive category among senior circuit third basemen and looks even better among those in the 2012 free agent class. Ramirez has previously expressed a desire to finish his career with the Cubs, and keeping him on-board looks like the first test facing Epstein's nascent front office.

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  1. baseball52 4 years ago

    Hah, have fun with that A-Ram.

  2. Do it. The Cubs need a power third baseman and he’s the best on the market. The players in the minors aren’t ready and the other free agents don’t have his pop. Give him the years.

  3. jfish1219 4 years ago

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  4. That’s an interesting way to say goodbye…

  5. MaineSox 4 years ago

    I know you said “I’ll head to free agency if they don’t give me a contract of several years,” but I swear it sounded just like “don’t offer me a contract.”

  6. Can you at least let the man unpack his bags, Aramis?

  7. notsureifsrs 4 years ago


  8. Frank Tangorra 4 years ago

    I’m sure if Ramirez walks Theo is going to be calling the Mets about D Wright. I don’t think the Cubs have anything for the Mets. But knowing that the Rockies want Wright also Alderson can really cash in on Wright. If the Mets can manage to get Pomeranz and that stud catcher the Rockies have in the minors it has to be done. Imagine a future rotation for the Mets.


    • I dont consider “cashing in” on Wright trading him coming off of a dreadful year while he is owed 15 MM dollars. Brett Jackson and Trey McNutt?

      • vtadave 4 years ago

        Hard to imagine McNutt having much value right now.

        • True, but other than him and Cashner do the Cubs have any other arms of value in the minors? Obviously Cashner was promoted already. I just think Wrights value is at an all time low right now. Better to wait.

          • WrigleyTerror37 4 years ago

            Jay Jackson,  Jeff Beliveau, Dois and McNuggit, but they dont really have mlb experience yet.

          • The Cubs have lots of arms with upside, just none that are close to major league ready beyond Jackson, McNutt, Dolis & Beliveau.  Dae-Eun Rhee finally came back strong after
            2 years of arm woes; Brian Smith is a 19 year old hard thrower in rookie ball; Yao-Lin Wang is an intriguing arm from Taiwan who looked great at low-A Boise; Aaron Kurcz, a hard throwing 2010 draftee; Robinson Lopez, who came over in the Derrek Lee trade; Dillon Maples, 2011 14th rounder and one of many “overslot” picks the Cubs made in that draft; Rob Whitenack, who was poised to have a breakout year but had Tommy John surgery after just 11 starts at Daytona & Tennesse; and Kevin Rhoderick, who never gets much press as a top prospect but is quickly progressing and could at least be a big league bullpen arm in the near future.

        • alphakira 4 years ago

          I love Wright and don’t want them to trade him one bit…but if it means I’d be able to buy a jersey that says “McNutt” one day, count me in.

      • Frank Tangorra 4 years ago

        Yes but even after a bad season he is still going to be in demand. There could be more teams in on him that haven’t surfaced yet. I like D Wright but I think him and the team needs a change. We all know Reyes is gone so they should look to deal David as well. Do you know the numbers he would put up in Colorado with Tulo and Cargo protecting him.

    • slider32 4 years ago

      The Mets look like a last place team for years to come!

  9. WrigleyTerror37 4 years ago

    He said “Several” which means 2 or 3. 
    Now id rather have theo get settled in before he starts making moves. I want theo to look at everyone in the organization and see who can help the ball club. See who he can trade and what not.

    Now i’d like to see the cubs kick the Tires on Wright. If they lose the bidding war with the Rockies then i would sign ARam to a 2 year deal with incentive’s, maybe a player option. 

    Cubs 3rd base Depth is weak, the best guy in the system in my opinion, is that SS we drafted this year who Scouts have Projected a change to 3b. Cubs need a 3rd Baseman to hold the fort for a few years, and id prefer it to be Wright or Aram.

  10. godzillacub 4 years ago

    Thank you for making that explicit, Rammy. Now we will offer your option, which you will decline (so we save the 2 million buy-out). Then offer you arbitration, which you will decline and net the Type B compensation. Have fun with whatever team is foolish enough to give you 3 year (looking at you Colletti).

  11. i wouldnt give this a guy multiyear deal at all he is in it for himself and he’s only good at contract years. 

    • jb226 4 years ago

      Uhm — what?  Ramirez has been one of the more consistent offensive performers for his entire career with the Cubs.  Really his only bad year was 2010.

      I’m torn on whether or not he should be brought back, but “only good at contract years” is simply false.

  12. studio179 4 years ago

    No Epstein announcement as of yet (maybe tomorrow or the day after) and Ramirez is already chirping multi years. Nice. Why not ask for another NTC, too. Geez! 

  13. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Does he want to DH and play some first? Would be nice for the jays to scoop him

  14. geauxbraves2000 4 years ago

    I expect changes to be made to this team, with the first being Theo hopefully balking at Aramis’ demands.  I believe Theo can make this franchise a winner, but I just don’t think it’s going to be an overnight fix.  He has to build up the minor league system, and has to deal with a major league team that has some almost untradeable contracts.

    • One of the great resources Epstein will have is high revenue and the ability to spend his way out of trouble. The Cubs have the 3rd highest revenue in baseball and can increase payroll into the $140-150 million range.

      Eat all of Z’s contract for a couple of prospects from the Marlins. Pay Soriano a chunk to waive his NTC and then pay most of his salry to get a couple of mid level prospects in return.

      Play some of the kids. Jackson, LaHair, and a few others can fill currently expensive slots with reasonable performance in 2012. Maybe not long term, but certainly replace Soriano and Pena.

      Make a trade for or sign a FA 3rd baseman. Ramirez is not a long term solution at 34 and $16 million per year. Encarnacion or Polanco would be good short term fits and wouldnt cost much in salary or prospects.

      Go after a REAL closer. Heath Bell would be a perfect fit. Andrew Cashner could also close if needed. Marmol is a head case and not a true closer. Put him 8th inning where he belongs.

  15. Joe Del Negro 4 years ago

    The interview was from yesterday, so this was before the Theo news.  What other teams are going to be actively looking for a 3B?  I know the Phillies are, but I doubt they want to sign another aging slugger.  I WAS thinking the Angels since Tony Reagins seems to have a crush on ARAM, but since he was fired I am not so sure where he would wind up.

  16. stewie75 4 years ago

    ummm peace bro. i don’t know who aramis ramirez thinks he is to pull this before the new GM has even been introduced. all he’s doing is making it crazy obvious he’s a shiRty clubhouse guy and what exactly did theo just leave behind?? expect a “jail blazers”-esque purge to happen over the next 3 months. 

  17. Buh bye…you were holding this team back anyway…

  18. PRKnight 4 years ago

    Im happy Cubs got Theo, i just hope they don’t expect anything great over night.  This team has a lot of bad contracts and personalities (BigZ).  Let Aramis leave and get that pick because paying this guy big bucks for a team like this would be a waste of recourses unless they go hard at some of the big 1b

  19. Hendry would sign him for another 8 years

  20. DebaserTN 4 years ago

    If A-Ram would start to play around December he might be geared up to his full production by opening day and be a benefit in the early season rather than helping the Cubs end up 5-10 games out by June.

    • Shu13 4 years ago

      that would just cause him to collapse during the stretch run….haha

      STAY AWAY from Anaheim….note to NEW GM no multi year deals to 30yo+ players

  21. Let the A-RAM Bashing begin…if U look at his stat’s and injuries these past few years & declining stats from year 2 year….I would Trade A-RAM…Risks are all part of the Game & so are making the perfect deal in trading players is 2 if the Marlins really want A-ram get  a Starting Pitcher or 2 they are stocked with good young pitching…this has been a big problem with the Cubs they are near the bottom in pitching in the league…I don’t think trading for a David Wright is the answer…the Mets would want the world 4 Wright in return and the Cubs don’t have the farm system prospects to do such a trade…the Cubs must eat a few contracts
    Soriano must GO…he has done nothing in the last few years..and free up salary cap room 2 go get what they can..it will be another long year….but look 2 the future ahead..remember free agency/Winter meeting are coming..Theo is a master at pulling off a big deal or two…use Baker/cash/prospect for Theo…and get in return a lackey/a minor league third baseman..in return..for compension for Theo’s SERVICES…    

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