Bobby Abreu Would Welcome Trade

The Angels added Albert Pujols to their stable of first base/corner outfield/designated hitter-type bats during the Winter Meetings, leading to speculation about players they might move in a trade. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports hears that Bobby Abreu would welcome a trade out of Anaheim, though he is not the type to demand one.

“Right now, [Abreu] is a valuable asset,” said GM Jerry DiPoto to Rosenthal. “I have a world of respect for Bobby. I want to make sure he’s in a position to be productive. Right now, we have that ability.”

Abreu, 38 in March, will earn $9MM in 2012 before becoming a free agent after the season. His power numbers have slipped in recent years (just eight homers in 2011), but he still manages to rank among the league leaders in walks and hasn't stolen fewer than 20 bases in a season since 1998. Abreu is also a defensive liability, but the Angels could use him to balance out their right-handed heavy lineup. The only problem is that he's become increasingly susceptible to southpaws in recent years (.238/.319/.279 vs. LHP in 2011).

Rosenthal says a trade is unlikely to happen anytime soon, just because the team wants to see as much of Kendrys Morales as they can before determining if they have offense to spare. He also lists the Mariners, Rays, Orioles, and Blue Jays as clubs that need help at DH, though none have been connected to Abreu yet.

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  1. El_Bobo 4 years ago

    How the hell does he fit in Boston? They already have a left handed heavy lineup. There’s no way they’d put him anywhere near the outfield. They have way better options than him. He’s not a shoo-in for the Hall either. He’s more of a borderline guy. Does a lot of things above average, but not great at one thing. He’s not gonna finish with 3,000 hits, 500 HRs, 1500 RBIs. I think if he would get in, it’d be a few years after he’s on the ballot already.

  2. kbrown2225 4 years ago

    Abreu hit 20 home runs in 2009 that his how he is a year away from 20 homer runs.  In 2008 he had a line of .293/.390/825 hardly what you would call a decline.  His batting average suffered in 2009 but he still hit 20 home runs, 41 doubles, and 24 stolen bases.  Last year was his only real decline year with a .253/.353/.718 line and only 8 home runs.  He still managed 30 doubles, 21 stolen bases, 78 walks, and was the most clutch hitter on the team.  I say that next year is a comeback year for Abreu and I would not count him out yet!

  3. kbrown2225 4 years ago

    You realize we are talking about Bobby Abreu because I don’t know what imaginary player you are talking about.

  4. kbrown2225 4 years ago

    I agree with you, I love Bobby and he would be great batting with Pujols.  The guy is a consumate professional, the most clutch hitter on the team and I am thinking he has a comeback year in 2012.

  5. mickblue66 4 years ago

    Good luck getting Albert to teach anyone anything

  6. mickblue66 4 years ago

    Not sure why you included Minute Maid in a list of pitcher friendly parks, that place is a band box.

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