Mets Notes: Qualls, Pelfrey, Pagan, Wright

The latest on the Mets, as they prepare for the post-Jose Reyes era…

  • Chad Qualls is one of many relievers the Mets have inquired on, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post.
  • GM Sandy Alderson told reporters, including ESPN New York's Adam Rubin, that he expects the team's 2012 payroll to be about $100MM. If the team tenders contracts to Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagan, that would leave about $10-15MM to spend.
  • Alderson on Pelfrey and Pagan: "I've said over the last few weeks they may be very good investments for us given the other options and the fact they're players with upside going into the season and players who would probably be on one-year contracts."
  • David Wright's status was never linked to Reyes' status, according to the GM, meaning that even though Reyes is signing elsewhere, the team doesn't intend to trade Wright and launch an all-out rebuild.

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  1. diehardmets 4 years ago

    At this point, trading Wright is the correct thing to do. The team is pretty terrible, and though there are some nice pieces to build around (Ike, Murphy, Duda, Niese) and some promising younger arms and bats, it’s time to admit defeat and deal Wright for a nice prospect haul. 

    • mwagner26 4 years ago

      If everyone on the internet can see that trading Wright is the correct move, why can’t they?  I mean, he’s only got two more years.  You can get some serious rebuilding pieces by trading him.

      • BlondnEvil 4 years ago

        “If everyone on the internet can see that trading Wright is the correct move” – reason #1 NOT to trade David Wright

        • mwagner26 4 years ago

          They see you trollin’…

        • Joe Valenti 4 years ago

          I agree with this but Wilpon was right about everything. Reyes couldn’t stay healthy, they overpaid Beltran, and Wright isn’t a superstar. The last time they were good (2006) Wright was the 3rd best hitter on the team behind Beltran and Delgado (and an argument could be made about Alou and Reyes). Wright is a great player and a great human but if he’s the best player on the team it just isn’t a good team no matter where he goes. So unless they plan on signing Pujols or Fielder (which I am not suggesting will happen) among other things then it is time to part ways with him and hope for a good core of young players in return that can fill in over the years with Ike, Duda, Murphy, Harvey, and Wheeler

      • guydavis 4 years ago

        He could still get traded but you can’t very well have Alderson call up all the beat reporters and tell them that now Reyes is off the table it’s open season on Wright, can you?

        Edit: Also, if he is traded I believe he can opt out of his final year and become a free agent.

      • Joveoak 4 years ago

        Wright has two years if he stays with the Mets but only one year if he plays for another team.

        It would be best if he stays for at least next season’s trade deadline in the improved Citi Field and get better prospects for said rebuilding project.

  2. MetsEventually 4 years ago

    Trade Wright to the Tigers for Jacob Turner 

  3. rwdavis22461 4 years ago

    Well why bother with Pelfrey go lower as the great Ralph Kiner would state we can come in last place with or without you.

  4. oh that sucks the mets as is they are pity team… eventually theyll become a triple A team…  Could it get any worse…

  5. What is anybody going to give for David Wright? He hasn’t been the same since 2008. It makes sense to wait and see what he can do at the revised Citi Field and then re-evaluate trading him by the deadline. Not that I think they will trade him anyway…

  6. gursk1989 4 years ago

    Why not rebuild?  As a Mets fan, I have finally come to terms that the rebuilding needs to take place.  With some solid prospects (finally) in the farm system, throw these next few years out and actually build, not buy, a team that could do some damage.

    • guydavis 4 years ago

      Not like they have money to buy a championship anyway.

      • gursk1989 4 years ago

        exactly.  They did in the past… Beltran, Pedro, Wagner, K-Rod, even Bay… They need to do nothing but minor league deals this offseason while their money issues heal.  Trade Wright, thats a lot of salary off of your plate, but it would net some solid prospects.  It isn’t like Met fans will care about this year anyway now that Jose is gone.

  7. if they’re going to trade wright, it needs to be done as close to the deadline as possible. his value, should, skyrocket with the new dimensions. contenders will pay a lot for him. i’d also shop santana at the break, as long as he’s healthy and pitching well. we’re headed for a dark age, but we’re also stockpiling a lot of young talent. LGM! i trust alderson, and i think there’s a five year plan, we just need to understand that this is a total rebuilding period.

  8. No reason to trade Wright, Santana, Bay, or even Pelfrey before the trade deadline. Let them all come back and play their asses off, re-establishing their value. Then trade them. 

    • Joe Valenti 4 years ago

      i agree with that but i also think theres no reason not to shop them around. i wouldn’t hesitate to make a deal in hopes of making a better deal later

    • Good point, the value of those guys are low right now.

    • guydavis 4 years ago

      The question is, is Wright more valuable (in terms of return) now (with his value down but the other team will have him for a whole year) or in July (probable higher value but controlled for half a year)?

  9. The mets are way better off without that show boating always injured short stop

  10. WesBowman 4 years ago

    Wright for Big Z. swap em and get on with life.Wright has a opt out for 13′ anyways. I know of a certain Chicago team that is looking for someone with a bat to man the hot corner. Theo and company should make a run at it. Just sayin.

    • why on earth would the mets make that deal?  not only is Z worth far less than wright, but they are also rebuilding and looking for strong prospects.

    • jimboslice9 4 years ago

      You are aware Omar Minaya is no longer the Mets GM right?

    • gursk1989 4 years ago

      was this a joke?

  11. meetthemets26 4 years ago

    for the mets to start winning they need to trade in the owners,  they have no idea of what they are doing,  it’s all about the money with them,  and by the way,  when was the last time the mets got a good prospect in a trade…..NEVER ??

    • gursk1989 4 years ago

      ummm… I don’t know… Zach Wheeler seems pretty good for a middle aged, injury prone, past his prime rental outfielder…

  12. I like reading this crap about Reyes and how the Mets have no hope now that he’s a Marlin – what crap.

    The fact of the matter is that they didn’t win with Reyes. Regardless of the kind of season he had this year they finished fourth WITH HIM. As a matter of fact after 2006 the teams he was on were known for underperforming or outright choking.

    Every sportswriter loves to be a pundit now and tell us the Marlins have it all wrapped up in January but pennants aren’t won in January are they? If they were the Phillies would be celebrating about now.

    As a Mets fan I wish Jose Reyes well – he’s been fun to watch and when he’s healthy the joy exhibited as he plays the game is infectious. The truth though is he is not only dealing with leg problems but he has a thyroid issue as well that I haven’t seen one writer mention in any of the articles I’ve read over the last day. Locking up a big chunk of your payroll in him means taking a sizable risk and it simply isn’t worth it.

    As much as I love him, he’s made Ricky Henderson and his repeated hammy issues appear to be the picture of health in comparison.

    Ruben Tejada isn’t Jose Reyes but he’s only 21 and in 328 at bats he hit .284 and for that amount of production the Mets pay less than $1,000,000.

    Let the Chicken Little sportwriters of the world stoke the fires if they will but if Santana can pitch the way he’s capable of pitching and with Niese, Gee, Dickey and Pelfrey (although I would really like to see them trade Pelfrey)  a rebuilt bullpen, Wright and Davis on the corners and a full season of Duda it might not be that bad a year in 2012.

    You never know what’s going to happen or who is going to get injured. The big thing right now is to fix the bullpen and find a bat for average for the outfield.

    • NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

      They are just attempting to be realistic. If you look at the Marlins roster you can’t help but think they’ve got talent not only now but well into the future as well. The Mets do not have a very strong farm system and for a big-market team they have under achieved way too often while handing out big contracts too seemingly anyone. (Not more than the Cubs)

      • stemog 4 years ago

        Who wants to bet the Marlins don’t make the playoffs in 2012?

  13. NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

    As stated earlier today in the Hot Stove I expect to see the Mets enter a full-rebuild stage and trade anyone who could garner some young talent. I would rather be the team that is patient (Royals) then the middling team that never admits they are in need of a full rebuild. (Cubs)

  14. They can’t trade Wright now. He has his lowest value of all time. And there are reports that all of the offers have been bad. Let him get his value up and trade him at the deadline. Hopefully Santana can be useful and we can trade him too and get as many pieces as we can for 2013-14 when our better prospects should be settling into full time roles on the big league club. 

  15. vtadave 4 years ago

    FYI, Reagins is no longer the GM.

  16. MetsEventually 4 years ago

    That’s too much. If anything it would be JUST for Trout 

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