Mets Will Get Marlins’ Second-Round Pick For Reyes

WEDNESDAY: The Mets have been told they'll receive the Marlins' second-round pick for Reyes, tweets Ken Davidoff of Newsday.  For losing Bell, the Padres will get an extra pick right before the Mets' second-round compensation pick (plus a supplemental round pick).  I presume the Mets' pick from the Marlins can still be downgraded if the Marlins sign Pujols or Wilson.

MONDAY: The Mets will receive the Marlins' third-round pick as compensation for Jose Reyes, based on an article three days ago from ESPNNewYork's Adam Rubin.  The Mets will also receive an earlier, supplemental round pick in the 2012 draft.  Reyes agreed to a six-year, $106MM contract with the Marlins last night.

One might think that since the Marlins did not have to surrender a pick to the Padres to sign Heath Bell, the Mets would get the Marlins' second-rounder.  However, an MLB official told Rubin that Bell's higher Elias ranking still pushes the Mets' Reyes pick to the Marlins' third-rounder.  We'll have to see if Mets GM Sandy Alderson confirms, or even if MLB will make an exception given this strange situation.

At 77.249, Reyes was a lower Type A free agent, and the Mets' pick from the Marlins could be pushed back an additional round if the Marlins also add a higher-ranked Type A such as C.J. Wilson, Prince Fielder, or Albert Pujols.

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  1. hardcoreforhardcore 4 years ago

    As if not trading him at the deadline didn’t look bad enough before…

    • adropofvenom 4 years ago

      It’s still unlikely a rental player who was only days removed from the Disabled List and hadn’t yet fully proven his health (as evidenced by him ending up back there) is worth significantly more then those 2 draft picks. It was still worth holding onto him in the longshot hope that they could re-sign him.

      • FS54 4 years ago

        Are you kidding me? Jake Peavy was on DL when White Sox traded for him and they had to give up four players. I know none of those were top prospects and all but I am sure Reyes would have gotten them a good return.

      • Thomas W 4 years ago

        You have to be kidding right? you think the Brewers/Reds/Cards/Giants/AZ wouldn’t have offered something decent?

        • Joveoak 4 years ago

          If by decent you mean their best talent, I would agree with you.  I’m sure that’s not the Brewers/Reds/Cards/Giants/Diamondbacks had to offer to the Mets for Reyes at that moment of time.

  2. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    Wow.  A little salt in the wound there.

  3. suffern 4 years ago

    This has to be the Mets’ nightmare coming to fruition, right? And it has the potential to get worse if the Marlins sign a higher ranked “A”?

    *edit* I use the phrase “nightmare” loosely…

  4. diehardmets 4 years ago

    I don’t see why the Mets can’t just get the second rounder. He should have been traded at the deadline regardless. If Beltran brought in Wheeler, Reyes could have brought in twice that at least IMO. 

  5. I am Sandy Alderson, I would be screaming at someone in the MLB office!
    I am now wondering if the Marlins intentionally signed Heath Bell first?
    Bell is worth a third rounder a bit more because of his age.
    Doesn’t seem fair to me.

    • Adil 4 years ago

      it doesnt matter when bell was signed, since bell was rated higher on the Elias ranking.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      They intentionally signed a player that improves their team strictly to give up a lesser pick to the Mets? I love a good conspiracy theory but that’s just for lack of a nicer word, strange.

    • rsanchez1 4 years ago

      They did. They love screwing the Mutts over again and again. Two seasons in a row your Mutts lost a postseason spot at the last game of the season because of the Marlins, and now you’re missing out on higher-up draft picks.

      • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

        I’m fairly certain he’s an O’s fan.

  6. I don’t think the order of the signings matters.

    • You’re right, it doesn’t.

      Article XX(B)(4)(d) of the old CBA (top pg 74) for the super nerds like me out there.

  7. YaGottaBelieve11 4 years ago

    You know draft pick compensation is flawed when..

  8. Made a correction: Oswalt doesn’t affect this and won’t cost a pick since he wasn’t offered arb.

  9. it is ridiculous now the mets have absolutely nothing they shouldve just tossed the extra money and years at him, it would be much better than a third possibly fourth round pick. awful awful awful job by Alderson not signing or trading him

  10. Today is a very sad day for us Mets fan.We only get bad news so this was expected

  11. secretsignal 4 years ago

    so losing Jose Molina will net a higher pick than losing Reyes? wonderful

    • No it won’t. Mets get 2 picks for Reyes, Jays get 1 for Molina. Mets first pick for Reyes will be several spots ahead of the Jays lone pick for Molina.

      More generally, no one is defending the Elias Rankings as a good system. They were eliminated in the new CBA, so this is the last time they will mess with the draft. Lousy timing for Mets fans (like myself) sure, but no sense in griping about a problem that was universally acknowledged has been fixed going forward.

      • that’s not entirely right is it? I thought they were keeping a revised and restricted version of ranking.

        • After this draft, qualifying for FA compensation will be based on whether or not teams offered a one-year contract for the average of the highest 125 salaries. Compensation order, will then, I believe, be based on reverse standings. Won’t know until the full version of the CBA is released, but I’m pretty sure the CBA summary on MLB’s site expressly states that Elias rankings will be going away entirely.

        • 0bsessions 4 years ago

          Nope, the Elias rankings are going out the window, finally.

  12. rsanchez1 4 years ago

    Sign Wilson, Marlins! Do it! Kick some sand in the Mutts’ faces.

  13. will be even better when the fish sign cj wilson it will turn into a 4th rounder

  14. Zuidvogels 4 years ago

    Mets absolutely getting the shaft here, they can’y get a break. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

    Alderson really dropped the ball by not trading him at the deadline(assuming he had decent offers). A 3rd round pick for your star SS? About the worst case scenario nightmare for the Mets. I wonder if this will make Alderson consider moving Wright when he’s got a decent offer? Of course the FA compensation has changed, so he probably doesn’t have to worry about getting robbed if Wright leaves via free agency.

    If they weren’t already, the Mets are quickly becomming the laughing stock of baseball. I can’t see how MLB can step in and take over LA and force the a sale, but they won’t do the same for the Mets…

    • Eh, hindsight’s 20/20. Can’t blame Alderson for not knowing in July that Reyes would sign with the Marlins (3rd round pick) and not, say, the Nationals (16th overall pick). Plus, Reyes spent the first 2 weeks of July on the DL with a hamstring injury. Unfortunate timing for a leg injury if you’re looking to get market value or above for a 3-month rental of free agent-to-be whose game relies heavily on his speed and who has had a less-than-stellar injury history.

  15. Mets get a third rounder (should be a 2nd rounder) and a supplemental 1st rounder.

    Marlins get an overpaid, oft-injured SS who just got a fruit basket from Jimmy Rollins and possibly Robinson Cano. Now Cano can possibly ask for 120-160 million over 6 to 8 years if he has a good year.

    • Zuidvogels 4 years ago

      Cano doesn’t have to play, just has to show up in uniform and he will top that deal.

  16. MetsEventually 4 years ago

    Absolutely nothing goes right for the franchise and fans anymore. Thank god they at least got Zach Wheeler this season.

    I also hate when other teams complain about how bad they are, even though they’re in the playoffs and making a run for free agents, while this garbage goes on. 

  17. Crowned_59 4 years ago

    More salt in the wound for Mets fans

  18. Crowned_59 4 years ago

    More salt in the wound for Mets fans

  19. For interested Mets fans, the sandwich round pick the Mets will get for Reyes will be in the 33-35 range, and the pick from the Marlins (barring another more highly ranked Type A signing) will be in the 83-113 range, depending on what happens with the remaining unsigned compensation-eligible free agents.

    (I originally posted this with a link to my site, where I go through the details, but it appears that that got caught up in moderation, so I figured I’d re-comment with just the info.)

  20. I don’t understand why the Mets aren’t getting the 2nd round pick as well as the compensation pick.  The reason Reyes “would” be a 3rd rounder is if the Marlins already gave up their 2nd rounder for Bell (who has the higher Elias ranking).  But since they changed the rules so that Bell no longer costs that extra pick, why does it not move Reyes up?

    I mean, I get what’s happening and why, I just don’t get why they let the “why” be messed up like that.

  21. lefty177 4 years ago

    “the Mets’ pick from the Marlins could be pushed back an additional round if the Marlins also add a higher-ranked Type A such as CJ Wilson, Prince Fielder, or Albert Pujos”or as they want to, all 3

  22. xhausted_grad 4 years ago

    i can’t read anymore…

    haven’t felt this bad since strawberry went to LA

  23. Good.  It just makes more sense this way.

  24. Adil 4 years ago

    MLB is just making stuff up as we go along this offseason.

  25. Beersy 4 years ago

    So the Red Sox get the Phillies 1st round pick for signing Papelbon a type A free agent.  The Padres get a pick before the Marlins 2nd rounder for signing Bell a type A free agent and now the Mets 3rd rounder is upgraded to a 2nd rounder for signing Reyes a type A free agent, just to add a excitement.  Why did they even bother with a new CBA?  They should have just made it a free for all, that way anything would go.  As it stands now, if you complain a little about the new rules they will switch them for you.  Don’t get me wrong, the Mets were getting a raw deal only getting a 3rd rounder plus a comp pick for Reyes, but rules are rules.  This CBA is quickly becoming a joke.

    • icedrake523 4 years ago

      They should have just had the new CBA rules regarding FA compensation take effect next year since teams made moves (or none) based on the old rules. If anything is to blame, its the Elias rankings. 34 year old closer who pitches 60 innings over a 28 year old shortstop who plays everyday? Yeah, that makes tons of sense…

      Even if Reyes misses half of the season, he’d still play in more games than Bell.

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