Reds Notes: Baker, Left Fielders, Smith, Larkin

Some news items out of the Queen City…

  • Dusty Baker is only signed through 2012 and John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer isn't sure Baker will be back even if the Reds reach the postseason, noting that the club is high on Triple-A manager David Bell.  Fay also addresses several other Reds-related questions from his Twitter followers in this mailbag piece.
  • "We'd like a guy that can play more than just left field," GM Walt Jocketty tells's Mark Sheldon. "We'd like to have a guy that will fit well with the club, have a veteran influence, a veteran leadership type of guy and be a character guy."  Sheldon outlines several outfielders still on the market as looking for left field depth has suddenly become the Reds' top remaining offseason priority.
  • Rockies outfielder Seth Smith would be a perfect platoon partner with Chris Heisey in left field, argues Fangraphs' Dave Cameron.
  • Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News talks to long-time Reds scout Gene Bennett, who was the driving force behind the Reds drafting newly-inducted Hall-of-Famer Barry Larkin.
  • In case you missed the news from earlier today, the Reds signed Ron Mahay and Clay Zavada to minor league contracts.

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  1. rootman1010 4 years ago

    anybody else think it’s basically a lock for the reds to sign ankiel? essentially, he fits the entire description above. he’s obviously not as good as smith but he doesn’t cost much money nor any players in a trade…

    • Lastings 4 years ago

      And they have Dusty Baker as manager…

    • I thought it described Ludwick more than Ankiel. He’s known as a great clubhouse guy and he could probably do pretty solid off a bench.

  2. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    I thought Heisey was one of those backwards players who hit righties better than lefties? Why go after Smith then?

    • camisadelgolf 4 years ago

      His splits would indicate that, but it’s a small sample size.  In the minors, he showed quite the opposite.

  3. brewersfan729 4 years ago

    Did Jocketty mention if the guy has to be gritty as well?

  4. Franl Edwardo 4 years ago

    i would think Johnny Damon would be a good fit, unless he is looking for a full time gig.  He could get 250-300 at bats with the Reds and certainly be great in the clubhouse.

    • Jacob Phillips 4 years ago

      Isn’t Damon a Boras guy? I could be wrong, but if so I don’t think I’d wanna play with fire twice in one offseason. I think they put one over on him (at least a little bit) with the Madson deal, I don’t think Jocketty can pull that off again. 

    • Thizzie 4 years ago

      IMO-Damon knows he is a DH and will more than likely been looking in the AL to continue trying to extend his career.  Rather than be a role player, pinch hitter I bet he waits for a call from an AL team

  5. Runtime 4 years ago

    Left Fielders?
    Travis Sniders a good left fie-…. bahahahaha I couldn’t do it.

  6. Anybody read Fay’s Mailbag from the link? When asked if the Reds would sign Dimitri Young Fay responds, “There was mild interest at the winter meetings. I’d love to see them do it because he’s such a delightful guy.” This guy is the Enquirers MLB reporter. He believes signings should be based on “Delightfulness”! Ugh!

    • Beavis De Beppo 4 years ago

      Faye’s a freak.  Ever read the chats he does?  I’ve never read a chat transcript with so much dry sarcasm and short, unexplicable answers.  It’s bascially pointless to read after the fact, and God forbid you take time out of the day to actually take part…

  7. Beavis De Beppo 4 years ago

    Ankiel vs. Ludwick is a wash for me.  I’d rather have the younger guy in Smith.  Give Heisey an every day chance to sink or swim and have Smith on the bench if that snitch bound ta drizzown.  More importantly…what if, what if, what if this is the year it all comes together and the Redlegs win a world championship?  Are you obligated to bring ‘ol toothpick back?  If so, I’d almost rather fall just short, ditch Dusty, and win it all in 2013.  Almost.

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