Reds Sign Willie Harris

3:22pm: The sides agreed to a minor league deal, according to Fay on Twitter. Harris can earn an $800K salary if he makes the Reds out of Spring Training and the deal includes another $200K in incentives, according to's Mark Sheldon.

1:48pm: Reds manager Dusty Baker says the team signed Willie Harris, John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer tweets. Paragon Sports International represents the versatile 33-year-old.

Harris spent the 2011 campaign with the Mets after a three-year stint in Washington. He posted a .246/.351/.317 line in 283 plate appearances last year, when he earned a base salary of $800K. He can play all three outfield positions plus second and third and owns a .330 on-base percentage in 11 seasons. The Nationals and Mets were also linked to Harris this offseason.

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  1. Leachpunk 4 years ago

    For what purpose exactly?

    • Utility player?

      • Leachpunk 4 years ago

        Cairo, Fraisier, Janish, Heisey and Francisco?

      • Robert A. 4 years ago

        Veteran depth in Louisville, a la Hermida last season. Really, the only other outfielder on the 40 man who isn’t on the 25 man is Phipps, who only has one good season under his belt where he happened to have a .425+ BABIP all season.

    • Snoochies8 4 years ago

      because he’s dusty baker’s favorite type of player, except he can get on base


      but really, he reminds me of guys like willy taveras (tavares?), corey patterson, and ryan freel….

  2. TophersReds 4 years ago

    World Series here we come!

    On a side note, what was the point? I don’t exactly get this one. I’d rather give Denis Phipps a chance as the 5th outfielder, but obviously Walt cares to differ.

    • Leachpunk 4 years ago

      Unless Walt doesnt want Frazier to play or he thinks Francisco won’t be playing, I really don’t see a reason for this.

    • I am beginning to wonder if you put this in every post you make..
      “World Series here we come!” 

      I have seen it so much it sickens me.  Everyone who reads this page knows this is not a major move and honestly if you don’t have anything useful to post why bother.

      I personally don’t mind the signing.  It makes for more competition in the outfield. And maybe this will push Stubbs a little to work on cleaning up his plate appearances.  That and he can play from what it sounds just about anywhere.   He does after all have a decent on base percentage.

      • nsideindy 4 years ago

        What sickens me is people complaining about other peoples comments.  Why bother…other than to be a jerk??? 

      • nsideindy 4 years ago

        What sickens me is people complaining about other peoples comments.  Why bother…other than to be a jerk??? 

  3. schellis 4 years ago

    I think this is bad news for Cairo and Frazier

  4. Leachpunk 4 years ago

    Nevermind I see… He’s a LH batter.

  5. Robert A. 4 years ago

    Depth in the minors. Our 40 man is pretty thin at outfield now, actually. And the only time Phipps ever had a good season (though he hasn’t played long) was when he had a .425+ BABIP all season. Had Hermida in AAA last year, this is probably similar.

    • Leachpunk 4 years ago

      Yeah, but he won’t be going to the minors, they’re probably going to sign him to a major league contract.

  6. Robert A. 4 years ago

    Look beyond the 25 man, my friend.

  7. Robert A. 4 years ago

    Look beyond the 25 man, my friend.

  8. Reds4Life 4 years ago

    Not much to see here. Surprised MLBTR even gave this a real heading. Probably belongs in the “other news” category.

  9. Jennifer Campbell 4 years ago

    I am wondering if there isn’t another trade coming, because of the number of infielders they have on the roster. They have been talking to Jeff Francis and supposedly talking to two other clubs about trades. I would like to see them sign the outfielder , Kyle Hudson, that was just released by Baltimore to a Minor league deal and have him as a backup in Louisville.

  10. Was Neifi Perez unavailable?

  11. TophersReds 4 years ago

    Minor League Deal. This makes much more sense now.

    • ctownboy 4 years ago

      In 2008, Corey (two pitch At Bat) Patterson was signed on March 9 off of the scrap heap and given a split contract.  He had a hot week the last week of Spring Training and made the team.  Because of that, he was paid $2 million dollars and Baker stuck with him for most of the year (even though he was horrible after the first week of the regular season).

      My guess is, Toothpick will do everything in his power to get the “vet” Harris his big paycheck and will send Frzaier to the Minors to start the season.

  12. bigpat 4 years ago

    He looks like a guy Dusty Baker can fall in love with.

  13. TophersReds 4 years ago

    Tim Lincecum relates to this post how exactly…?

  14. Leachpunk 4 years ago


  15. Benny 4 years ago

    Tim has a brother?

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