Bengie Molina Retires

Bengie Molina has retired, according to Andrew Baggarly of Molina, a catcher, played in parts of 13 seasons with the Angels, Blue Jays, Giants and Rangers, and though he did not play in 2011, he had remained open to the possibility of returning until now.

Molina, 37, was regarded as a defense-first backstop, posting a .274/.307/.411 line with 144 homers for his career. His full-season high in long balls was 20, which came in 2009. All told, Molina accumulated 15.2 wins above replacement, according to Fangraphs' version of that metric. He earned World Series rings with the Angels in 2002 and the Giants in 2010, though he actually finished that season with the Rangers, the team that lost the World Series, after a midseason trade.

Originally signed by the (then) California Angels as an amateur free agent in 1993, Molina earned $33.48MM in his career, per Baseball-Reference.

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  1. Michael Yu 3 years ago

    Oh yeah. Him.

  2. Jake White 3 years ago

    Guess I can stop holding my breath now.

  3. Ryan Graywacz 3 years ago

    Slowest person to ever hit for the cycle. I will never forget that game.

    • fitz 3 years ago

      That was awesome even at the expense of my favorite team.

    • I was at that game. Funny as hell. I thought he had actually hit a homerun at first but then I realized he was running for a triple. Who knew his sprint was like a homerun trot…

  4. vinniemiller 3 years ago

    AJ Burnett rejoices

  5. Down to just two….

  6. Good run SloMo.

  7. srpwrd 3 years ago

    Bengie Molina, cleanup hitter.

  8. Beatofficer 3 years ago

    Thanks for keeping Buster Posey’s seat warm and being the slowest player I’ve ever seen run the bases.

  9. Willjhull 3 years ago

    Never really heard bad things about this guy…had a pretty solid hitting career for a “defensive” catcher.  Hope he saved some of that cash. 

  10. thebigbangdito 3 years ago

    didnt sportscenter get in trouble for showing a clip of him running bases and they played that  “slow motion song” but the clip was normal speed

  11. He had a good career. Misplaced as a cleanup hitter, yes, but a good defensive catcher with a solid bat. Hope you enjoy life after Baseball, Bengie.

  12. $7562574 3 years ago

    great career, bengie! enjoy retirement for one year and come back to the angels to teach youngsters.

  13. Awesome defense and great clutch hitter, Angels should of never let you go.

  14. redsx968 3 years ago

    Over/Under 40 pounds gained within 3 years of retirement… I’ll take the over

    • You’re just mad that Benjie hit the only cycle of his career against the Red Sox. 😛

  15. Andrew Wurth 3 years ago

    He was never spectacular, but anybody who can catch 1,285 games and be as solid of a hitter over his entire career deserves respect. Bengie was a true gamer. 

  16. Thanks for the memories, Bengie! Yes,  my grandmother could outrun you, even after she had an arterial graft in both legs…yes, you are the only player in MLB history to literally be pinch run for on a home run…yes, I know there were extenuating circumstances there, but it’s still amazingly funny that it happened to HIM, of all people…. 

    All that said, I always thought that Bengie was a rock-solid catcher with the Angels, a great teammate, and obviously a very good mentor and clubhouse presence wherever he went. The fact that there’s been so much uncertainty at that position since he left the Halos speaks volumes.  He was also incredibly gracious; I actually have a ticket stub somewhere that he autographed for me… Even though he finished his career with the Rangers, it was hard not to wish him the best.  Good luck, Bengie, and I think you might make a fantastic coach someday.

    • Rusty_Arcadia 3 years ago

      Interesting that you mention him as a possible coach. I heard he was in Tempe at the Angels ST complex acting as a guest “coach” along with Tim Salmon, Troy Percival and Darin Erstad. Clearly he still has ties with the organization.
      Cards better lock up Yadi or he too might find the Angels and complete the Molina trifecta.

  17. Adam R 3 years ago

    Man what a fun season when you know that whatever team wins you’re getting a ring

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