Brad Bergesen Had Arbitration Hearing Today

Orioles right-hander Brad Bergesen had his arbitration hearing today, the Associated Press reports (via Bergesen asked for $1.2MM, while the Orioles countered with $800K. Arbitrators Robert Herzog, Mark Burstein and Elizabeth Neumeier heard the case and are expected to reach a decision by tomorrow. 

The 26-year-old Bergesen is arbitration eligible for the first time as a super two player this offseason and will remain under team control through 2015. Bergesen will get credit for completing 100 innings in each of the past three seasons and contributing as a starter in the AL East. However, his 2-7 record and 5.70 platform season ERA work against him. He is a client of Paragon Sports International. As MLBTR's Arbitration Tracker shows, Bergesen and Adam Jones are the Orioles’ remaining unsigned arbitration eligible players.

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  1. alan104 3 years ago

    My guess is that they split this one down the middle. Even though he has a high era, they have to bear mind that he plays in the AL East. Only won two games will keep him from getting the total raise.

    • mike melusky 3 years ago

      They can’t split.  The panel either sides with the player or they side with the team.  My guess is that they’ll side with the player (1.2MM.)  Bergesen eats innings, albeit not very well, but if you throw over 150 innings you should make $1.2M in today’s day and age, regardless of service time. Had the O’s made a more aggressive offer (like $1M instead of 800K), I could see them siding with the team.

  2. Does anyone know what organization hears the cases for MLB?

  3. AlKelz 3 years ago

    Bergeson is lucky to even have a job. The O’s considered non-tendering him after last year , that’s why they are fighting so hard to keep him at 800,000.

    He was truly horrible last year except for his complete game against the Rays . He got knocked around as a starter and a reliever . Got demoted to the minor leagues after being a big part of the teams collapse . Let the team and it’s fans down big time .

    So naturally , I expect him to win his 1.2 Million case.

    Sad :(

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