Roy Oswalt Rumors: Tuesday

 The latest on free agent righty Roy Oswalt

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  1. BoSoxSam 3 years ago

    Yeah, kinda hard for a player to be interested in a team that offers you half what you expected to get and never up their offer. Come on, Boston.

  2. CreativeMace 3 years ago

    Anyone else roll their eyes when they see Oswalt’s name, knowing that each mention will be a non-story?

  3. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    It’s beginning to look more and more like the Red Sox are going to spring training with just 3 confirmed starters (Lester, Beckett and Buchholz) and hope and prayer that 2 of the 5 (Bard, Aceves, Cook, Padilla or Silva) will take the “bull by the horns” and be their 4th and 5th starters.  It’s good to know they have options, not good ones but options nevertheless.

    • Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

      meh it kinda worked for the Yankees last year with Colon and Garcia, could be a diamonds in the rough

    • BoSoXaddict 3 years ago

      In addition to the 5 guys you mentioned I would add Felix Doubront, Andrew Miller and, to a lesser extent, Clayton Mortensen and Junichi Tazawa as possible back-of-the-rotation candidates. Also, a rotation with BOTH Bard and Aceves in it would be untenable given their predicted innings limits and also their value as relievers. Hopefully Bard transitions well in to an effective #4, one of Cook/Padilla/Silva pitches well enough to be a reliable #5, and Aceves returns to his valuable role in the pen. That’s probably the best scenario Sox fans can hope for at this point. We’re not getting Oswalt.

      • MaineSox 3 years ago

        I disagree.  While I wouldn’t say it’s likely, I would say there is a very real chance Oswalt ends up signing with Boston.

        He turned down Detroit and Pittsburgh, and basically told Toronto and Cleveland not to bother; he has said he would prefer Texas or St Louis and would also be okay with going back to Philly or pitching in Cincinnati, but all of those places have full rotations and (other than Texas) have said they don’t want to add payroll, and (again other than possibly Texas) have backed off or were never really interested to begin with and have said they wont likely sign him.  Boston is reportedly the only team with an offer currently on the table, and the only team that is even rumored to be interested that doesn’t fit into either of those two categories.

        His strong desire to be in Texas or St Louis is makes things difficult for Boston, but – unless one of them decides to move a pitcher (either to the ‘pen or in a trade) and add payroll – it’s just not going to happen.

        • BoSoXaddict 3 years ago

          haha me and you have been over this before..I sure hope you’re right man, I just don’t see it happening.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            I know, and don’t think that I’m expecting it to happen.  I just think there is still a real possibility.

  4. MarcusV70 3 years ago

    Apparently Ibanez would take a pay cut to play for the Yankees. Maybe Oswalt should follow suit and lower his salary demands. I think a two-year deal is plausible for Oswalt, but at what price? It is surprising that this close to spring reporting date that he is still unsigned. 

    • jondogg2010 3 years ago

      In all reality, based on what he made last year he will be taking a pay cut anyways, but yeah, he should take lesser to be with a winner or just hang ’em up.

  5. Its looking more and more like teams are moving on because Oswalt is over-valuing his worth and may still be unemployed on Opening Day.

  6. The Red Sox should offer Lars Anderson to Reds for Homer Bailey if the Reds looking to move him to sign Oswalt.  Anderson would give the Reds an insurance policy if they can’t resign Votto and Sox don’t have much use for him with Agone locked up long term.

    • jondogg2010 3 years ago

      It would take more than Lars alone, but I like where your brain is at.

      • Nv 3 years ago

        Lars/cash? For bailey. Dice k comin back in june will be better than he was before. Cant be worse. Resign wake for insurance and put bard back in pen

    • Soto is probably better than Lars and should be ready late 2012.  But, it could happen you never know.  Soto looks like he could be moved to the OF at some point possibly.

  7. jondogg2010 3 years ago

    Good, just retire. We did a good job of setting the market, Everyone knows that we offered 6MM no one will offer more, it’ll just come down to Oswalt WANTING to play, and where.

  8. Walter Partlo 3 years ago

    I wonder if the Detroit offer is still on the table?

    • dskirsa 3 years ago

      I’m wondering the same thing.  Why sign with the Twins or Boston or less if the Tigers are willing to pay more. 

  9. brian310 3 years ago

    White Sox should swoop in and get him. He’s friends with Peavy and they could use another starter

  10. bigpat 3 years ago

    I’m getting VERY sick of Oswalt already. Just sign a contract and pitch or shut up. He’s not the best pitcher in the league and teams don’t have to bend over backwards to appeal to him. 

  11. This Roy Oswalt has a lot of “CRUST”!
    Is he really like this in person? Because PR wise he’s coming off like a “CLOWN”.

  12. Picky, picky, Roy. It’s okay, you can travel more than a hundred miles from home. You’ll make new friends. Here, take your blankie with you till you adjust…

  13. Roy Oswalt how does he get through a locker room door with a head that big?? Get over yourself Roy your not really that damn good.

  14. myname_989 3 years ago

    Given what they were willing to pay for Edwin Jackson (and other subsequent starters), I wonder if the Pirates would be interested in Joe Blanton if the Phillies were willing to eat close to half of his contract.

    I know he’s not the same caliber of pitcher, but he’s not a bad guy to have in the rotating at right around $4.5 MM on a one-year deal.

    I just get the sense that the Phillies are waiting on the periphery to see if Roy Oswalt’s price drops far enough for them to make a move.

  15. im tired of hearing about roy oswalt already. the guy dont want to play for anyone other then Texas and St.louis.

    Texas dont need him and are already crowded with SP’s
    St.Louis supposebly dont have the money to sign him

    so oswalt call a team and take their offer already before you give your self a heart attack. obviously not everyone wants you. only the desperate teams

  16. cano24 3 years ago

    Poor pirates. :/

  17. Jennifer Campbell 3 years ago

    I think he is looking at it from a geographic point of view too. Boston is a lot further from Mississippi and the Rangers and Cardinals don’t have the room or the desire to deal with him at the price he is asking. The Reds have shown they are willing to pull out all the stops this year and go big. Since they look like the only team negotiating seriously, odds are they will find a way to work it out. They may package Bailey in a deal for a second basemen that is big league ready to step in if they can’t sign Phillips beyond this year, until Billy Hamilton is ready to take the reigns. Who knows? Bailey may be dealt to Boston, because he is a younger controllable starter and the Red Sox don’t have the money for a $10 to $12 million pitcher this year.

    • lefty177 3 years ago

      Hmm, Bailey gets the win & the save in the same game? I like it!

    • Smrtbusnisman04 3 years ago

      That leaves the Rays, Astros, Royals, Braves, and maybe the Marlins as suitors for Oswalt.

      Better yet he should just retire and stop causing these stupid stories.

  18. So the question is who is lying?  Either Jocketty or everyone else is. 
    I’m going with Jocketty.  He even said last week that if Oswalt didn’t go to the Rangers the Reds would get back in it.  Why would that just be made up?  Moral of the story is don’t believe anyone until they have signed the dotted line.

    • Dude get a grip. Jocketty is the most honest man in baseball. If he says something then it is true, FACT . The Reds are NOT, I repeat NOT trading Homer Bailey. The roster is set, FACT

      • I agree Topher.  It isn’t like everyone else just made all of this up.  I still see it happening.  Honestly, where else is going to go that he would accept and at the same time would re build his value?

      • TophersReds 3 years ago

        If anybody needs to get a grip, it’s you. Anybody is expandable in the right package. I personally would rather keep Bailey too, so I’m on your side. But, there is a reason Jocketty is the GM and we are not. Walt is not as honest when it comes to the media as you are portraying. If what Walt told the media was always true, we would basically have only signed Ludwick this offseason… Walt doesn’t let the media in, and as you would say…”FACT”

        • Reds4Life 3 years ago

          Ludwick signing was terrible. I wish he was lying about that.

    • TophersReds 3 years ago

      This is typical Jocketty. He plays his cards very close to his chest, and downplays everything. He even downplayed Madson the night before Madson was signed.

      • Jennifer Campbell 3 years ago

        He also kept the Latos deal pretty quiet and admitted that it had been cooking for two weeks when it finally got done. I think he just said that to keep anyone from getting any ideas about outbidding the Reds because he is getting close to a deal with Oswalt. I remember how that deal for McGwire came out of left field, because it wasn’t even on the radar that St. Louis was involved, until it got done. I think he is aggravated with the press that it got reported like that. It just isn’t his style to discuss things until after the fact. Someone had to be the source for Rosenthal and Fay to get their info and they are rarely wrong about their rumors when they tweet it. Like you said about Madson, Rosenthal and Fay knew they were talking to him and yet Walt denied it, even the night before it happened.

  19. Bob George 3 years ago

    Oswalt hurt his own value not only by being injured last year but by announcing mid-season he would consider retiring after the year. His rejecting of offers this off-season makes me wonder how committed he is to playing in 2012. I wouldn’t offer him anywhere near what he’s demanding. He’s an injury risk and possibly not going to be fully committed.

    • lefty177 3 years ago

      I completely agree, I was trying to think about it from the Red Sox standpoint…Do you really want to overpay a pitcher who only plays for you because you’re the only team that gave him close to the money he wanted (& he’d rather either be in St. Louis, Texas, or Mississippi) & have him half-@$$ it on the mound every 5th day or would you rather have 5 people fighting for 2 spots out of spring training? I think it’d be better for the team morale to take the latter

      • MaineSox 3 years ago

        It’s kinda hard to believe that Oswalt would go out every fifth day and not give it everything he had.  Boston may not be his first choice, but if he ends up there he’ll give it just as much as he would in Texas or St Louis, especially since he’s supposedly trying to prove he’s still worthy of a multi-year deal next year.

        I really don’t understand assuming this about any professional baseball player, in any situation; professional athletes in general are too proud to slack like that (with obvious-well known-exceptions, which Oswalt has never been one of).

        • Mike1L 3 years ago

          I agree with that.  Oswalt will give full effort to whichever team he pitches with, and I think he still has a decent amount left.  If his health holds up, he’s going to help the team that signs him.

          • Agree. But is choosing to pitch in the AL East the best decision when you’re trying to earn another contract? Tough sledding in that division, as we all know.
            The flip side being there’s an opening in the rotation and none of Oswalt’s other choices have that.  And it is the Red Sox with, presumably, a shot at winning it all.

          • Mike1L 3 years ago

            If he’s serious about retiring after this year, then focusing on a winning team makes sense.  Might as well make a run at a championship. 

          • If he goes to the AL East and does well, he increases his value next offseason over what it would be if he went to Texas and pitched against Seattle’s and Oakland’s offenses.

            It’s greater risk for him, but the reward is also likely greater if he succeeds in the hitter’s parks in the AL East.  Plus, he wouldn’t have to pitch against Boston’s offense, not as worried about TB or Baltimore.  There is not much better visibility than pitching well in a Sox-Yankees game given how much attention the rivalry gets for national media & tv coverage.

  20. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    Poor pirates man….with oswalt or jackson they would be better and they were ok till a collapse last year..someone should sign with them and take charge i feel bad seeing everyone say “woah pitt?…f tht ” 

    • Smrtbusnisman04 3 years ago

      I know man. they don’t even give a crap about the ballpark.

      Though Oswalt probably thinks he only has 2-3 years left so he wants to win  his world series.

      Jackson, on the other hand, was just…evil.

  21. Reds4Life 3 years ago

    I really don’t see where the Reds desperately NEED Oswalt unless it’s an upgrade over Arroyo. But, in order for that to happen, the Reds would have to pay up a ton of salary upfront with his deferred money. I also think Bailey’s trade value is low right now if you look at the secondary stats and given he should pitch better in ’12, so I would be against a trade including him. Roy doesn’t seem to fit any better with the Reds than any of the other teams mentioned. How about as a 5th starter with say the Angels? Seems like a decent enough fit.

  22. Redbirds16 3 years ago

    Why wouldn’t Oswalt consider Atlanta? Not that they have any more need for him than the Cards or Rangers (less, in fact), but you’d still figure they’d be on his list of teams.

    • Casey Hansum 3 years ago

      Why not place Westbrook, who struggled last year, in the BP and move Oswalt to the fourth or fifth spot?  Then you improved your BP and have insurance in case one of the starters goes to the DL during the year.  Offer an incentives based deal paying Roy based upon reaching the post-season.  If the Cards make the post-season and win the WS in 2012 pay 10MM, if not let’s say 6MM.  There would be plenty of room to wiggle in between. 

  23. For crying out loud, finish shopping Blanton and pick Oswalt back up, RAJ.

  24. Zach Ripple 3 years ago

    Oswalt has always had this elitist attitude about him that I’ve never been a big fan of. He was one of the better pitchers in the NL at one point in his career, but that was a long time ago. That’d be like Jake Peavy being on the FA market and being picky about a team. Just sign with someone, you aren’t an ace. You’re a #3 on a good team. He’d still be a #3 on the Mets if Santana was healthy, how sad is that?

  25. Notin J. Notin 3 years ago

    Has any 35yo pitcher on the downside of his career ever gotten this much media coverage ever?

  26. Justin 3 years ago

    Everybody stop hating on Roy Oswalt. He is a classy guy and a great locker room guy. And the Cards can sign him and put Westbrook in the Bullpen. Wherever he signs he will do good.

  27. soxfan28 3 years ago

    red sox need him i say one yr 8 mil

  28. If Detroit was to approach him again, now “after” signing Fielder, I wonder if he’d still say no?  Tigers are already the team to beat in the AL Central.. adding Oswalt would almost hand them the AL Central and a good shot at the 2012 AL Championship.

  29. Billy McCreight 3 years ago

    Seems kinda strange for Oswalt to operate this way.  The Reds, Red Sox and Phillies are all targets of his, and they either lowball him badly or don’t have room for him.  Cardinals? bullpen. Rangers? no room.  But then he gets serious interest from the Orioles, Pirates and Blue Jays and turns them down flat.  Roy, are you seriously interested in pitching in 2012? Because it’s starting to seem like you might not be.

  30. chee1rs 3 years ago

    where’s OIL Can when you need him ????

  31. MB923 3 years ago

    I have to disagree with you when you say the Red Sox don’t need him. The back end of their rotation has a lot of question marks. Yes Oswalt himself is a question mark but he’s better than any pitcher the Red Sox have in the back end. Bard and Aceves are not going to give you 150-200 innings. And there’s a good chance Cook and Padillia will get lit up. They have a strong front line, but Beckett and Buchholz have had injury problems themselves. The only one you can make a sure bet on getting 30-35 starts is Lester.

    Secondly, why would he go to the Twins?

  32. Of course they need him.  Right now they are hoping Padilla, Cook, or Silva pan out and give them 150+ innings.  Silva at least has opt out clauses as early as May 1st if he isn’t on the MLB roster so if they don’t use him in the beginning he is gone.  I imagine Cook does as well.

  33. GoinCoastal 3 years ago

    Completely agree.  Oswalt wants to make it seem he has leverage, but really has little to none, especially when you make it public that you want to play in ‘such and such’ a team-scenario.  If I’m the Rangers and Cards, I hold out for an even bigger price drop because he wants to play for us so bad.  The Sox really could use him, but waiting to see if they could get him at say $6.5-7mil on a one year is really a good idea by Cherington.  It’s a game of chicken now and if someone pulls the trigger at his current asking price, they will have missed out on what could be a big-win deal…  i.e. see Ryan Madson

  34. BoSoxSam 3 years ago

    I’m just waiting for this to be an E-Jax situation. I’m nervous about them holding firm because it feels really clear that they’re just holding firm because of the budgetary issues, not because they think he’s only worth that much. And if Oswalt agent realizes this, there’s no reason they’d go to Boston if Oswalt didn’t want to, unless they’re the last possible option. And I just feel that someone like the Reds will likely up their offer before us, either that or Oswalt will tell the Cards/Rangers he’ll go basically for free.

    Then again, I’ve got my glass half-full for this next season, so I could see surviving without another pitcher until at least the trade deadline, then bringing in someone to help out after Bard/Aceves run out of gas.

  35. jb226 3 years ago

    That depends on whether you believe he will retire if he does not get an offer to his liking.  If you don’t, then all the leverage goes to the teams making offers since he’s obviously being picky and he’s going to play either way.  If you believe he will, then teams have no leverage — you make the offer he wants to hear or he doesn’t sign with you.  If that means he doesn’t sign at all, so be it.

  36. TophersReds 3 years ago

    Because he wants to go to a contendor, i.e. Twins.


  37. MB923 3 years ago

    Division re-alignment very soon – Twins, Orioles, Mariners, A’s, and Royals in the AL Worst

  38.  Then mark off the Reds 

  39. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    ” They absolutely could offer him the remarkably specific $12.5M you offer, as they do have an open spot in the rotation for the first half of 2012, as Parker/Milone/Peacock need a little more time to avoid super two status.”

    I’m not saying the A’s can’t afford Oswalt, but that reasoning is a little silly.  They’re going to spend $12.5MM to be able to save a couple million down the road by avoiding Super Two status with a pitcher?

  40. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Which has nothing to do with avoiding Super Two………  Back to my original point, you don’t go out and spend $12.5MM to avoid Super 2.

    Anyway, Oswalt probably isn’t going to sign in Oakland knowing that he is going to be flipped at the deadline.  Obviously it’s not all about the money with him.

  41. lefty177 3 years ago

    I don’t agree with the Twins & Royals, Twins-1 tough year, Royals-all their big prospects are coming up soon (#1 ranked farm in all of baseball), I’m thinking the Royals & the Indians are going to fight for 2nd place in the AL Central this year

  42. MB923 3 years ago

    I do expect the Royals to be a better team too, but I don’t see them being a .500+ team yet. I do agree with them fighting for 2nd place eventually and hopefully this year. 2nd place in the AL Central could very well be under .500 again just like the Indians were this past year.

  43. MB923 3 years ago

    I had to pick a 5th team in the AL. Although if you want, since they are moving to the AL West next year, I suppose I could have said Astros

  44. Right.  Letting it leak that he outright turned down Detroit really wasn’t a great move for his leverage.  At least he was being honest with them, but it definitely hurt his negotiating leverage with a team like Boston that has the room and wants him. He probably wasn’t the one who let it leak, but he obviously told Detroit he wasn’t interested.

  45. dont mention the word chicken you will have the sox pitching staff at your front door. but as you stated he only wants to play for two teams so why should the sox even try?

  46. Chillin_in_California 3 years ago

    The Royals have zero pitching. Even Oakland and Minnesota are better then them

  47. Also, not that they can’t be replaced but they did trade Bailey and Breslow out of their bullpen as well.  Again, they can be replaced but just two more guys they need to replace.  To be honest if Balfour does well I wouldn’t be surprised to see them move him as well mid-season.

    Losing their only power bat probably hurt as well. 

  48. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    What about Bailey?

  49. Thomas 3 years ago

    The Royals have a solid bullpen and potentially scary lineup. Who are you again?

  50. JohnOrpheus 3 years ago

    I don’t have any problem with an athlete only wanting to play close to home and for a contender. He’s putting all the right things – family and winning – first. My problem with Oswalt is that if he wants to limited his choices to two teams, he needs to realize there’s a trade off and take the $5 – $6 mil being offered.

  51. Cam Hodgson-Dwyer 3 years ago

    Some people complain when a player takes the money, regardless of the team. Others complain when they don’t take the money, based on the team. I respect Oswalt for this, why should he play for someone he doesn’t want to play for? Everyone has the right to choose.

  52. Ben_Cherington 3 years ago

    Better hope Carter hits 35 bombs!

  53. GoinCoastal 3 years ago

    Mmmm chicken…

  54. GoinCoastal 3 years ago

    That being said, I think the Sox keep that iron in the fire because there’s still a chance Rangers and Cards both have an inability to really make it happen.  I mean, sure, could both teams come up with some kind of re-arrangement to get him there?  At what cost?  You gonna dump Westbrook in the ‘pen at $8mil and then add $7-$10 for Oswalt? Probably not. The Rangers would basically have to give Harrison away to make room and teams willing to deal would know it. Harrison is no Oswalt, but he’s solid and under team control.  4 WAR pitcher last year, under $500,000 and won 14 games.  Does it make sense?  Oswalt’s agent is trying to imply leverage that simply isn’t there.  If those two teams decide, “Hey, we are all good” it’s either sign with the Sox, Reds or (gasp) even the Pirates or take his ball and go home.  This is a stand pat situation.  If it happens for the Sox…  awesome and Cherington looks like a genius for waiting him out.  If it doesn’t, then I don’t think it’s a big deal that they didn’t cave and throw $10-11 at him when it’s a year in which his goal is to re-establish value.

  55. GoinCoastal 3 years ago

     Better idea… the Rangers can ship Harrison up to Boston and he becomes the new 4/5 at a fraction of the cost.  Rangers get to welcome Oswalt to Arlington.  Problem solved.

  56. With how much has come out with the media about Oswalt only wanting to play for St. Louis or Texas (or possibly Cincy) I think Cherington looks ok on this one either way.
    If they sign him, like you said it’ll be for less money than he wants.  If they don’t, all Cherington has to say is “He didn’t want to play here.  Period.”  And the smart fans won’t fault him for not caving to $10 million because they don’t even know if it would’ve worked.

  57. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Avoiding Super 2 doesn’t keep the player longer, just saves a little cash. So in the same post you said the A’s have plenty of cash to sign Oswalt you talk about how it would save them money by avoiding Super 2.

  58. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    I was about to say is bailey not A:solid himself B:not old and iffy? Seems liek your just trying to get the name brand when you already have someone worth playing

  59. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    IT would make sense for the A’s Let Oswalt fill a spot and then trade him at the deadline to a contender like he wants and you get a prospect. pretty solid and u protect the super two status of your youngins.

  60. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    I think he screwed around too long. He wont get a no trade clause 

  61. CC 3 years ago

    I think he is

  62. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    “If I’m a contending team, I would rather pay $10MM now than $5MM and a prospect.”

    This is true but at July which contending team is going “This dude is not cutting it and oswalts doing pretty good, or our ace is hurt” someone might NEED a starting pitcher that is solid we have seen over payed trades before hence st louis trading chris perez and more for mark derosa. A need might be created.

  63. The minute he gets his head out of his …!

  64. jb226 3 years ago

    Could be.  We don’t know what’s being said in private, of course; if they said “nope, not here Roy” that would be different than “I would love to sign you, I would just have to unload payroll first.” No reason not to keep trying until they actually say no, I suppose.

    He might be open to a midseason Roger Clemens-esque deal too, so actually retiring might not be something he plans on doing yet.

  65. TophersReds 3 years ago

    If you don’t think the Reds are contenders, then I want to see some proof. They have a pretty good shot to get at least the Wild Card, if not the NL Central. The Twins had 63 wins last year was my point.

  66. I don’t know what the comment in response to mine was, but I think you are correct.  I’m a Sox fan as a disclaimer and I liked Reddick but overall I saw him as a 15-20 HR guy, maybe 25 in Fenway down the road.   Which is fine considering he plays decent defense.  If he worked on his discipline he’ll be a good player for Oakland.  But I would expect to see his doubles to HR ratio go up in favor of doubles.

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