Orioles Release Clay Rapada

The Orioles released left-hander Clay Rapada, according to the transactions page on CBSSports.com. Rapada, who was designated for assignment nine days ago, confirms the news on his Twitter account.

Rapada, who turns 31 next month, posted a 6.06 ERA with 9.9 K/9 and 3.9 BB/9 in 16 1/3 innings for the Orioles last year. He had pitched 52 2/3 MLB innings over the course of five seasons for the Tigers, Rangers, Cubs and Orioles and is not yet arbitration eligible.

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  1. redsx968 3 years ago

    Is this the man with the moustache?

  2. not_brooks 3 years ago


    First Britton’s injury, then Kim’s voided contract, now this!?!?

    Oh, the humanity!

  3. Noooooo! Not the ostrich!

    Clay Rapada once led the league in percentage of inherited runners stranded. Fu Te Ni did the same in back to back seasons with the Tigers. I loved the pose that Rapada had after the wind up, before the delivery, standing on one leg with his long arm a couple inches off the ground, holding the ball in his claw in a momentary pause.  the Tigers traded Craig Monroe for him.  Good trade!

    • j6takish 3 years ago

      I somehow forgot about Craig Monroe, another not so great player inexplicably adored by Detroit fans and front office alike. He’s like Delmon Young, but with actual power

      •  I don’t get the DY love, either. Better shot at his bro making a comeback.  No glove, no stick, but 2 HR’s in the LDS vs NYY was nice!

      • InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago

        Hey…Monroe was the man.

  4. KINGMOJO 3 years ago

    Angels been looking for a left hander so I think they should take a chance with minor league contract

  5. Clearly they are taking there anger over the Kim deal fallout on the wrong guy.

  6. snowbladerp14 3 years ago

     enough is enough i am no longer an oriole fan……..

  7. sfgiantsforeternity 3 years ago

    Fear the Stache

    • redsx968 3 years ago

      Apparently this is not him. But fear it anyway I guess…

  8. Goriax 3 years ago

    With the way this guy pitches to lefties he will have no problem finding a job somewhere in MLB. Not sure why a team with so little pitching depth let him go completely though.

    • I agree, his slash line vs. LH hitters is .153/.252/.220 for his career.  Used the right way, I could see this guy having some value.

  9. Rabbitov 3 years ago

    What are your sources? 

  10. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    a friend of a friend of a cousin of a friend who knows somone

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