NL West Notes: Giants, Cain, Dodgers, Padres

Items out of the NL West and surprise surprise, many of them come back to the Dodgers..

  • The Giants and Matt Cain, perhaps newly motivated by the Dodgers’ $2.15 billion sale, have picked up extension talks again, writes Andrew Baggarly of  The negotiations are being watched carefully by the Players’ Association as the pitcher signed what was viewed as a pair of club-friendly extensions earlier in his career.
  • The Giants won't be the biggest spender in the division for long, writes Baggarly.  Giants CEO Larry Baer told Baggarly that while the club will look to "compete their brains out" against the Dodgers, they are glad to see the team in good hands and in a position to prosper.
  • Steve Garvey's group didn't wind up getting the Dodgers but the former first baseman told XX1090 Sports Radio (via Twitter) that his group is interested in buying the Padres.
  • Steve Gilbert of writes that the Diamondbacks face a tough decision when it comes to out-of-options reliever Mike Zagurski.  There doesn't appear to be room for him on the roster but getting a solid left-handed reliever through waivers won't be easy.

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  1. release breslow, call up corvin, release blum, keep zagursky

    • Blum’s been hitting well lately. I think sending Shaw down is more likely. And Corbin needs to start. Collmenter may be on a short leash

      •  Collmenter was named the Diamondbacks #3 starter, that’s on top of Cahill and Saunders in the rotation.

      • TeamCropDusters 3 years ago

        The Rangers could use any one of Wille Bloomquist, Geoff Blum, John McDonald, or Ryan Roberts.

        Right now our utility infielder is Alberto Gonzalez… not confident in him, or who would be next in line for the job in Brian Barden and Matt Kata.

        I’d trade Uehara for Bloomquist, or Roberts, in a heartbeat.  We have a tone of high upside bullpen pieces that could fill Uehara’s spot easily, and we also need room for another lefty out of the pen. Arizona can’t really carry four utility players and a Catcher….

        •  Blum is only on the team until Drew comes back, late May.

          • Amish_willy 3 years ago

            With Towers and his everlasting fondness for Blum, I wouldn’t bet on it.  

          • James Attwood 3 years ago

            That is entirely possible, though I would suspect that McDonald will be traded when Drew comes back. McD’s biggest contributions are a slick glove and giving Bloomquist a day off once a week.

            Blum on the other hand can play 3B, hits switch, and is decent off the bench in a PH situation. Roberts is going to need a day off once in a while and Blum is currently the best on the roster for backing Roberts up.

          • What you say makes a lot of sense, but McDonald has experience at 3rd base and Blum only has this last season on his contract when McDonald has two years remaining.  Time will tell though.

    •  Release Breslow for Zagurski?  Are you insane?

      The Diamondbacks traded FOR Breslow, and is a solid lefty out of the pen that isn’t a LOOGY, comparing their numbers is laughable.  Corbin will start the season in Double-A, assumed, even with his strong spring, and he’s most likely the first in line to take a starting job should anyone go down or get traded (Saunders).  The only reason we’re keeping Blum is because Stephen Drew is still injured and we need him as a backup option.  Plus why would Arizona, with an all ready weak bench, want to be short handed to have Zagurski and Corbin in the bullpen when we’d be down one position player?

      • Andrew Cromack 3 years ago

        I agree releasing Breslow is not a good idea. But id do like the idea of sending shaw down and replacing collmenter with corbin. Or trading saunders is a good idea.

      • We didn´t need breslow anyway, because patterson did a great job on last year´s   Vs LHB… and if they need a backup IF option, anyway they should release blum a Re-sign Burroughs, 

        Blum: Hit just  224/309/408  in 23 games
        Borroughs: Hit 273/289/336 in 76 games les OBS But more average

        Anyway i think, this team will end the season with a lot of diferences

        Pd: Breslow reminds me Shane of The Walking Death XD

        • You don’t understand the way the roster works, Blum is only on the roster because Drew is hurt. So once Drew comes back, he’s gone. It’s going to be pretty tough for Arizona to go out and Re-sign Sean Burroughs anyways, what with playing for Minnesota and all.

    • James Attwood 3 years ago

      Breslow is is a groundball lefty that the Dbacks actually traded for. He isn’t going anywhere. He’s an established MLB commodity.

      Blum isn’t going anywhere. He a switch hitter off the bench that is the only real backup for Roberts.

      Corbin might just make the MLB squad, but I suspect that he won’t. At least not unless Collmenter’s regular season looks like his spring, or Saunders gets traded.

      Zagursky has done everything anyone could have asked in order to make a big league squad. Out of options, the Dbacks almost HAVE. There are a few other creative scenarios for keeping him, but the end-result is a roster that probably no better than one built with him simply traded.

  2. gmenfan 3 years ago

    Giants, get it done !

    • TeamCropDusters 3 years ago

      They really don’t have a choice.  Cain has EARNED every penny he has made in the Big Leagues, at well below market value nonetheless.

      The Giants should be ridiculed if they fail to pony up the money that Cain is due.  He has done everything asked of him, including being the second best player on a World Series winning team.

      If you are one of the ‘merit’ based teams that pay for results, and not potential, then you still don’t have an excuse to not get a deal done with Matt Cain!

      • gmenfan 3 years ago

         Completely agree.

      • I want Cain on the Dodgers, but agree completely. If the Giants don’t lock up Cain, that would be a major blow to them, and Zito would probably get jumped the next time he took the mound.  

  3. Are they really that worried about Zagurski?  I have watched this guy pitch for the Phillies, and while he has some good K/9 numbers, do not let that fool you.  He has always been hit around, and hard.  His splits against LH are nothing to brag about, and vs. RH hitters he is a 100% gascan. 
    His absolute ceiling is LOOGY, and at 29, he might have missed his window for that.  Bottom line, if I were Arizona, I would not worry about losing him.  There are free agents out there who could fill the same role.

  4. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    5 yrs / 110 mill! Get it done! SOO much money coming off the books in the next two years!

    12 Mill Rowand
    10 Mill Huff
      6 Mill  Freddy
      5 Mill Affeldt
      5 Mill Pagan

    Next season:
    20 mill Zito
    4.5 mill Lopez

    • That seems pretty reasonable considering that he is making $15mil this year and would need a raise over the course of the contract. 

      Although predicting contracts nowadays seems rather difficult considering desperation of some parties.  

  5. rainyperez 3 years ago

    I think its going to be 6 and $120-$125 million that ultimately gets it done. Most important thing is being able to secure Bumgarner and Posey’s arbitration years which would allow them to operate in the $130-$140 million range even though they can go a little higher than that if need be.

  6. Gumby65 3 years ago

    Wow all the money coming off books alone can probably fund some teams’ entire payroll….

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