Rangers Release Brad Hawpe

The Rangers have released veteran outfielder Brad Hawpe, reports Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News (via Twitter).  Hawpe signed a minor league deal with the Rangers in January that would've paid him $1MM had he made the roster.  By releasing Hawpe now, Texas avoids paying him a $100K bonus as a six-year veteran.

Hawpe's chances of making the Texas roster were slim given that the Rangers are in need of a right-handed hitting outfielder and Hawpe is both a lefty bat and hasn't been able to throw from the outfield due to his recovery from Tommy John surgery.  Still, Hawpe hit well in limited action during the spring (a .849 OPS in 23 at-bats) and has a decent chance of catching on with another team if he can prove he's healthy.  MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan reports the Rangers have invited Hawpe to return if he can't find a Major League job elsewhere.

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  1. Havok9120 3 years ago

    Did they need the roster spot or something? I don’t follow the Rangers, but saying to someone “you’re fired, but you’ll be welcomed back for half as much money (or less) if no one else wants you,” seems like an…interesting thing to do.

    • Zach 3 years ago

      You’re right, they should have just kept him on the roster and have him the extra million to be nice.

      • Thizzie 3 years ago

        No they should have kept and played him at 1B over Mitch and he would have earned his $1 million with +25 HR’s

        • PhishTank 3 years ago

          The Rangers already have three guys who can play first base. They don’t need another.

  2. formerdraftpick 3 years ago

    Who do you think would be the best team for him?  No one is really jumping out at me.  The Red Sox?  

    • Blue387 3 years ago

      How about the Mets? Since Hawpe was a former San Diego Padre, the Mets front office will offer a minor league deal.

      • Steven D 3 years ago

        Mets practically have no bench, I’d give him a minor league deal to fight for an OF spot/bench spot. 

    • The Fort Worth Cats.

    • Thizzie 3 years ago

      Brewers, Mariners, Angels and Yankees in that order

      • Garret Strachota 3 years ago

        as a brewers fan i can say we dont want or need him here

  3. goner 3 years ago

    Veteran “outfielder” Brad Hawpe? :confused:

    • PhishTank 3 years ago

      I’m confused about why you’re confused.

      • goner 3 years ago

        Hawpe has 10.6 career bWAR from his bat, which is almost completely negated by his -8.0 career bWAR from his glove. 

        Fangraphs is even less kind, listing Hawpe (career -26.5 UZR/150) as the third worst defender in MLB since UZR was introduced in 2002. 

        In short, Hawpe is less an outfielder than a butcher with the glove.

  4. jeffmaz 3 years ago

    If Hawpe can’t throw…why is he trying to come back from TJ surgery now?

    • Thizzie 3 years ago

      He can throw but not from the outfield, he can play first or DH right now

  5. alva9596 3 years ago

    Could the Yankes have a use for Hawpe since he’s a lefty batter?

  6. alva9596 3 years ago

    my bad, suppose to say Yankees  -_-.

  7. What about the Cubs.  He’s got to be better than LaHair

  8. What am I  missing here?  Why is everybody so concerned with Hawpes baseball future?  he was a wash out in SD and  subsequent teams. He is NOT a major league level 1st baseman and can’t throw from the outfield.  He has not had a respectable batting average, thus the releases from different teams Is there not a younger player who deserves a spot instead of him?  What am I missing here?

  9. coach64 3 years ago

    He’s a very nice guy, but can’t hit, throw, catch or run at a major league level. If you are released by the Padres, that is probably a sign that the player is not going to help your club.

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