East Notes: Hamels, Nationals, Detwiler, Orioles

While the Phillies have some interest in locking Cole Hamels up long-term, but it would appear that Matt Cain‘s $112.5MM extension complicated things for them earlier this week.  Where do things stand now between the Phillies and the left-hander?  More on that and other items out of the Eastern divisions..

  • Thirty days have passed since the Phillies last had contract talks with Hamels, according to Buster Olney of ESPN.com (via Twitter).  The club tried to lock the left-hander down to a deal similar to Jered Weaver‘s late last season (five-years, $85MM) but were rebuffed.
  • MLB.com’s Bill Ladson wasn’t surprised to see the Nationals demote John Lannan to Triple-A Syracuse while keeping Ross Detwiler on the 25-man roster.  Just two days after the Nats traded for Gio Gonzalez, a baseball source told Ladson that the club wanted to move Lannan as they felt that Detwiler was ready to breakout.
  • Orioles‘ 2006 first-round pick Billy Rowell has agreed to give pitching a try after spending six seasons in the minors as a corner infielder, tweets Steve Melewski of MASNsports.com (via Twitter).  The former ninth-overall pick hit just .227/.304/.244 in 41 games with the O’s Double-A affiliate last season.

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  1. Did the Phillies really think a low ball offer like that was going to work?

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      Did with Halladay. That offer was from last season though (before Cliff Lee and Matt Cain signed). If that’s the best they’re offering RIGHT NOW, they’d have to be on some type of funky stuff.

      I think Salisbury (who I trust more than Buster Olney) said the Phillies and Hamels were on the same wavelength as far as AAV but Hamels wants 5-6-7 years while the Phillies only want to do 4.

      • 4 years though? Completely unrealistic for a 28 year old ace who will be the best player available. They must know that their preferred deal wont get it done.

        • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

          Probably a negotiation tactic. In the book, “the Rotation” by Todd Zolecki and Jim Salisbury, they had details about the contract negotiations between the Phillies and Cliff Lee and they tried to do the same thing with Cliff Lee twice during their negotiations… the first time being when they shipped him to Seattle.

        • Dylan 3 years ago

          He could get a 3-4 year deal now for 24-25 per and then sign a 5-6 year deal after that if he wanted too really.

      • Did with Halladay.”

        Seriously?  The two situations could not be more dis-similar.

    • Before Cain signed, they did. But Hamels all along has said that he intends to test free agency—and I suspect that that is just what might happen.

    • I forgot apart of the negations the team is suppose to say ask the player what he wants as a starting point right??? last year when weaver signed his deal, the same as Felix and Verlander mind you, why wouldnt the Phillies offer Cole that deal, until the Cain signed his deal that was the going rate for the time and skill for him.

  2. Max Power 3 years ago

    Buster Olney – breaking last season’s news this season!

    That’s an old offer, Busta Bust.  Dave Montgomery already said in the last few weeks that they understand they’d have to have room for a $20M player. And that was before the Cain contract.

  3. Rabbitov 3 years ago

    Billy Rowell = Napoleon Dynamite.  

  4. PieroB 3 years ago

    Lannan getting optioned? I wasn’t surprised I predicted it months ago … and got flamed for it let me tell you! Bill is way behind the curve, he had Lannan in his rotation as a #3 starter back then … silly Billy.

  5. FS54 3 years ago

    RD better pan out!

  6. NatsTown 3 years ago

    Really funny how he’s converting to pitching when he was the pick right before tim lincecum

    • Rabbitov 3 years ago

      Gotta be honest, I don’t get the joke?  Rowell was considered a good pick at that spot.  He wasn’t a value pick like Snyder and Hobgood.  

      • I didn’t think it was a good pick at all because Rowell was drafted out of a parochial independent high school with short fences (lots of guys in double digits HR) and an easier than hell schedule. He hit a lot of homeruns over a 300 ft fence as a lanky lefty bat. He had the benefit of knowing the right scouts I guess. 

        • Rabbitov 3 years ago

          That is a fair assessment and a really good point, but a lot of organizations thought his body would fill out and he would gain a crazy power stroke.  

          I think the biggest mistakes were Snyder and Hobgood, but because of those mistakes, it makes other players that don’t pan out look even worst (like Rowell).

      • NatsTown 3 years ago

        They didnt draft Lincecum because they didnt want to pay him and end up wasting money on a guy who’s being converted to a pitcher any way. Such a missed opportunity in a very strong draft

        • Rabbitov 3 years ago

          That’s not really the whole story.  A lot of teams passed on Lincecum because they were worried about his size.  The thought was that with his size he would be injury prone at the major league level.   Obviously the Orioles, among other teams, were wrong. 

  7. I wonder what about Ross Detwiler’s minor league numbers and major league track record gives the Nationals the idea that he is going to “break out”? 

    • Guest 3 years ago

      clearly you have never seen him..especially 2nd half of last year

    • NatsTown 3 years ago

      Top 10 pick, lefty, nice velo, and strong second half last year. Unbelievable upside. It’s either now or never for the young man

  8. This happens in every draft.  To every team.

    I know we like to poke fun at the O’s but come on.

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