New Version Of Baseball Trade Rumors iPhone App Available

Version 2.1 of the Baseball Trade Rumors iPhone app is now available!  We have fixed a bug relating to reading and leaving comments through the app.  This popular app allows you to set up custom push notifications to get the latest on the players and teams you want, and is a great way to keep up with MLBTR on your iPhone.  The app has a one-time cost of $2.99, and we're continually adding features, of course at no additional cost to our users.  Buy the Baseball Trade Rumors iPhone app today!

To purchase our Android app, click here.

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  1. D.j. Wilson 3 years ago

    A buddy of mine recently informed me that this website needed writers and was looking for help, is that still the case? If so, where can I apply?

    • phillies1102 3 years ago

      Scroll down the rumors until you get to Week in Review. It is the last link given in that post. You well get all of the information from there. 

  2. thesultanofswingandmiss 3 years ago

    2.99? I could just go on this on the little safari app that comes with the phone and search “mlb trade rumors”. Well, I’m a cheapo

    • Biggio 3 years ago

      The app is worth it for the push alerts.

      • There’s a ton of RSS feeds out there that do the same thing though. I think the only thing you get on the app that those don’t is the comments…but from what I’ve heard the comments section is annoying sometimes.

        I agree though that $2.99 seems a bit much, I was hoping for $.99 like many other similar apps but I’m assuming Tim and the others have to recuperate costs from paying developers and that’s the reason for that price.

        I’d get it but like I said, I already have RSS feeds set up to push since before the app came out for MLBTR

  3. Add a free version?

  4. I gladly bought this app, I been following it for free for years and would feel guilty if I kept getting the latest greatest news on the web without giving a dime.

  5. coreybishop 3 years ago

    lol @ people who are too cheap to give a one time payment of $2.99. You’d think that’d break the bank. 

    • For me, like I said in a reply above, I’m still using RSS feeds that I set up long before the official app. Just being a creature of habit there.

      I’m sure I’ll eventually get but the app just no need to right now.

  6. vtadave 3 years ago

    I just spent $4.75 on a cup of coffee.  For what this site provides for free already, $2.99 is nothing folks.

    Ipad version coming?

    •  Yes that is currently in the testing phase, and if you have the iPhone app you will not have to buy the iPad one separately.

    • Timin01835 3 years ago

      Mmm, I could go for coffee.

  7. I have a blackberry bold which doesn’t do well with apps. Does anyone know if this app works well on the bold 

    • JMBY88 3 years ago

      it clearly says iPhone app….your blackberry bold is not an iPhone is it?

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