Padres Prepared To Release Orlando Hudson

The Padres have the worst record in baseball at 3-12, and a shake-up could be on the horizon. Scott Miller of reports that they are prepared to release Orlando Hudson if the veteran second baseman does not turn things around soon.

Hudson, 34, is hitting just .156/.191/.200 with one stolen base in 47 plate appearances this season, and Miller hears he has been a "non-presence" with younger players in the clubhouse. Utility infielder Andy Parrino started consecutive games at second base earlier this week. Hudson's release could coincide with the return of infield prospect Logan Forsythe, who will resume workouts this weekend after undergoing ankle surgery this spring.

Hudson signed a two-year, $11.5MM contract with San Diego last offseason. He is owed $5.5MM this season and the $2MM buyout of his $8MM club option for next season. The Padres will still have to pay him the full $7.5MM should they decide to cut ties.

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  1. .156! That is All Star territory compared to Marlon Byrd’s .070

    • Jay Mathews 3 years ago

       Seems like Marlon is just trying to match his batting average to the Cubs’ eventual winning percentage.

    • chico65 3 years ago

      From O-dog to no-dog

      • Popular_mechanics_for_pitchers 3 years ago

        Not funny

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

           Hey.. It wasn’t that bad.. At least O-Dog won’t be eating hot dogs the rest of his life.. The guy made 28m+ counting what is owed this year, plus the option for next year for sitting on his duff.

          Seems pretty funny to me on his part…

        • crashcameron 3 years ago

          is too

  2. I think a return to Minnesota would be nice here. Not for too long, though, we have Dozier practically ready. 

    • Matt 3 years ago

      I agree whole heartedly.

    • 0vercast 3 years ago

      I think bringing red hot Dozier up to play short, moving Carroll to 2B, and switching Casilla to a utility role would be better for the Twins in the long term.

      The question is who would lose their place if Dozier were brought up or if Hudson were acquired?

    • JoeSeadog 3 years ago

       O-Dog and Gardy would be a good pairing again. He had a decent year there when the Twins won the Central. I think he left on good terms with the team. It should be a good match.

  3. Bakatron 3 years ago

    all he has to do is learn how to pitch relief and we could replace mike mccoy with o-dawg

  4. Jarrod Saltalamchhia in hitting .051 Hudson is going to make the all star team

    • chris_synan1 3 years ago

      I can’t stand Salty…In MLB 2k12 Lavarnway has a higher rating than both Salty and Shoppach…god forbid they wont even though he might be the best catcher in baseball one day

      • gradylittle 3 years ago

        Ah, ratings MLB 2k12 is a tell tale sign that a catcher is ready for the show. What’s Larvarnway’s contact in 2k12? “B”? I’m sure he’s ready to tear it up.

        • chris_synan1 3 years ago

          no im just saying he is a better hitter than both Shoppach and Salty  combined…no i was just making an observation and hope he could come up like Jesus Montero

      • WickedKevin 3 years ago

        MLB 2k12? Come on… Only the show matters for such serious comments.

  5. Beersy 3 years ago

    After last season antics, the Padres should have just bitten the bullet and gotten rid of Hudson in the off season.  There is no way you can blame the Padres awful start this season solely on Hudson, but as a veteran player you should at least be setting an example for the young guys.  The Padres may not improve with Hudson gone, but at least we won’t have to see him pointing to the heavens anymore. 

    • GasLampGuru 3 years ago

      In all fairness, he’s hitting .150, so we haven’t really seen too much pointing this season.

      • Beersy 3 years ago

        Good call.  But even the other day when he caught that can of corn pop up to end the game, he was acting like he single handedly took the Padres to a World Series championship.  If Hudson were half as good as he thinks he is, the Padres would have quite the player on their hands.  Unfortunately the only thing on him that has any ability are his lips to talk to the other team a second base.  It would be nice if he could talk to the other teams 1st baseman, but that would mean he would of had to have gotten a hit, slim chance of that.  I just can’t stand this guy and I’ve felt this way long before he signed with the Padres.  Just another prima donna, but without the talent.

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

      Hudson is a streaky hitter, has been for some time. He may be in decline, but you still don’t expect him to hit a buck and a half over an entire season. At this point in his career he’s probably best used as a utility player. Unfortunately the Padres are paying him to play every day. The better option for the Pads may be to demote him to the bench.

      • Beersy 3 years ago

        Agreed, but even on the bench he will bring this team down. With his preception of himself being the second coming of Joe Morgan, do you really think he would take a demotion to bench player without putting up a stink. He HAS to go.  Come on Byrnes, you weren’t afraid to trade a possible star in Latos who may have had attitude issues, do the right thing and show this guy the door.

        • BlueSkyLA
          BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

          I don’t recall Hudson ever being characterized as a negative personal influence on a team. He was benched quite often during the end of his tour with the Dodgers. If that caused any friction I don’t remember it. The way I look at it, Hudson has defensive skills even when he slumps at the plate, so the Padres can either eat his salary, trade him for a bag of bats, or get something for their investment. Unless they really need to open up a roster spot, something is usually better than nothing.

          • Beersy 3 years ago

            It has been widely reported that Hudson was a negative influence in the Padres locker room last season.  Last one to the park and first one out. With this team obviously not contending this season, I would rather they just play their young guys to find out what they really have here.  I know he’s been hurt, and this is way off topic, but the Quentin trade never made sense to me either.  Thius team is still in rebuilding mode and bringing in such a salary is not very good business. 

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            I hadn’t heard that. He seemed to be a good team player in LA even when benched.

          • jeffmaz 3 years ago

            His defense is horrible. No range and an error machine

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            Zero errors this year so far, four all of last year. Practically an error factory.

    • iheartyourfart 3 years ago

      they tried to get rid of him.  there were no takers.

  6. Wockenfuss 3 years ago

    How about an old fashion chage-of-scenery trade with Detroit for Brandon Inge?  Hudson’s additonal $1 million salary over Inge’s would be worth the potential payoff.

  7. chris_synan1 3 years ago

    This is  the perfect move for the Red Sox, they need a guy like the O-dog to fill in the absence of Ellsbury and Crawford…maybe he could move to SS

  8. kevinfoley46 3 years ago

    Forsythe??? What about Gyorko?

    • disgruntledreader 3 years ago

      If Gyorko were a second baseman and/or hitting above .200 for the Missions, he might have something to do with this conversation.

      • Snoochies8 3 years ago

        james darnell?

        • iheartyourfart 3 years ago

          he’s a third basemen and the jury is out as to whether he can even stick there.  he’s been getting alot of reps in RF

  9. If Hudson gets released, who will spank Bartlett during double plays?

    • OBomb 3 years ago

      Who’s going to chat it up with opposing players? Who’s going to forget how many outs there are in the inning? Who’s going to call fans who rightly boo Hudson and the rest of the Padres bitter for not having made it in high school?

  10. ivpaul 3 years ago

    The prospect who should have been mentioned above is Cory Spangenberg, who is rated as the Padres’ #4 prospect and #78 in all of baseball. But Spangenberg is still at least two years away rom the majors and is off to a slow start in the High-A California League.

    • Precisely why he wasn’t mentioned. He’s not an option for the immediate future.

    • YODA777 3 years ago

      Vince Belnome is the forgotten prospect.  He hangs his hat in Tucson now and had a pretty good year at the plate in San Antonio last year. 

    • There is one guy that no one has mentioned that is the one that should be in the conversation.

      Everth Cabrera was the starting SS for the Padres a few years back and deserves a shot. Parrino is a good backup, give Cabrera the 2B slot and let him play.

  11. Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

    Best birthday news yet, unless they get a win later tonight.

    I think Bartlett is the one I’d rather see gone. Hudson doesn’t get eaten up on every slow grounder at least.

    • Amish_willy 3 years ago

      And Hudson doesn’t have a vesting option for next year too boot. It’s really a bummer that Logan Forsythe started off the disabled list. Everth Cabrera hasn’t started to hit at Tucson, but has started 11 of their 16 games. Those two getting/staying healthy would help pave the way for the two vets to hit the road. With Parrino backing both up they should be covered for the rest of 2012, health permitting. Unlike Forsythe with a guy like Belnome, they really need Cabrera healthy. I wouldn’t be surprised if come later in the year he’s starting at SS and leading off, which would be huge. Imagine Venable in the 7th spot versus Hudson/Bartlett… that’d be pretty sweet.

      Happy Birthday! Think Luebke has a present in store for you. Not sure about the offense versus Halladay though…

      • Cabrera is hitting .288 in Tucson.  Only Robertson and Tekotte are doing better right now. He has played at 2B, 3B, SS and CF.

      • Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

         I’m surprised Parrino is still seen as a back-up middle-infielder. Maybe I’m being swayed by his early offensive production (or our current selection of terrible MIers), but he’s hitting for power (.217 ISO) and his walk and strikeout rates are superb (10.7% and 17.9%, respectively). Great range, too.

  12. punkindrublik 3 years ago

    I was out at spring training this year and at all 3 games I went to Hudson would come out of the dugout and hug guys from the other team as they were walking off of the field during the game. It just disgusted me!

  13. OBomb 3 years ago

    As a Padres fan, this is the best news I’ve heard since they won the pennant in ’98. Orlando Hudson is a joke and the sooner they can get rid of this waste of money the better.

  14. Hudson could be useful on a VERY batting challenged Phillies team.  And who knows what will happen with Chase Utley.  Galvis has been okay – his glove is great, but he’s a hit into a DP everytime he comes up with runners on base. He’s had 3 good hits all year…  (2) Two run doubles and (1) Hr.

    Pete Orr is the team’s back-up
    Nuff said….   orlando Hudson is WAYYYY better than Pete Orr.

    Sign him and figure a way to trade for David Wright!
    Polanco still has the glove, but no bat…  he’s a singles hitter now.

    I don’t look at stats this early in the season to say a player will be a flop or a star.

    Phillies – sign O-Dog and send Orr back to the minors!

    • crashcameron 3 years ago

      uh, essentially, Polanco was always a singles hitter

  15. Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

    Send him to the Tigers for Brandon Inge. Inge could be a leader off-the-bench for the Padres and their salaries are about equal. Maybe going to a contender would motivate Hudson.

  16. gmenfan 3 years ago

    Brian Sabean has his hand on the phone already.

  17. Adam Sager 3 years ago

    He could be a good option for the White Sox since he would be cheap and they need a #2 hitter bad.  But not sure if they are sold on Beckham and Morel at 2nd and 3rd.

  18. forkball27 3 years ago

    Tigers need to swoop in here and try to strike a deal. Inge and/or Raburn for him.

  19. Ryan 3 years ago

    If released, he will not be claimed but after he clear waivers and becomes a free agent someone will sign him to a minor league deal and he will turn it around!

  20. chris_synan1 3 years ago

    note its fried chicken, if they had regular chicken that would be good….no, come on it’s better then Nate Spears and Jason Repko….It pisses me off because the Red Sox are just as good as any team if everyone was healthy and was in order

  21. feeyishes 3 years ago

    they don’t need O-Dawg or Byrd. Sox have an outfield full of inconsistent hitters as it is. Its the pitching that needs help. what happens when crawford and ellsbury come back? then you have 6 guys for 3 OF positions.

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