Phillies Interested In Mike Fontenot

With Chase Utley on the shelf for the foreseeable future, the Phillies have shown interest in Mike Fontenot according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (on Twitter). The Giants released Fontenot last week.

Philadelphia has been looking for infield help over the last few weeks. Fontenot, 31, posted a .227/.304/.377 line in 252 plate appearances at second base, shortstop and third base last year The Fielding Bible Volume III suggests he provides adequate defense around the infield.

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  1. tacko 3 years ago

    “Can he field a groundball?”

    – RAJ

    • theydizneyboy 3 years ago

      I don’t think that’s what he’s asking. Galvis is a defensive talent, so they’re not looking for that. It’s hitting they want.

      • tacko 3 years ago

        They’re looking for an infielder more than anything else. Or else they’d be willing to sign/trade for any makeshift hitter like Guerrero, Damon, or Abreu. 

        And having a defensive guy like Galvis won’t be enough to make up for the stone-footed Thome and Wigginton at the infield corners that will see a good amount of playing time this season.

  2. Trout Almonte 3 years ago

    Are you sure it’s the Phillies, not the Yankees?

  3. sourbob 3 years ago

    I knew he was never going to repeat that 909 OPS from ’08, but I really thought he had a shot to be Todd Walker with better defense. His minor league record sure made it seem possible. 31 years old is too old for hopes like those anymore, but Cub fans will tell you: he sure looked like he could hit once upon a time. Nice looking swing.

  4. nm344 3 years ago

    Not sure he’s an upgrade over Pete Orr.

  5. Projected 2012 opening day lineup
    1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
    2. Placido Polanco, 3B
    3. Shane Victorino, CF
    4. Ty Wigginton, 1B
    5. Hunter Pence, RF
    6. John Mayberry Jr., LF
    7. Carlos Ruiz, C
    8. Freddy Galvis, 2B
    9. Roy Halladay, RHP

    This looks fine to me. Pete Orr will do the job as back-up until Utley gets himself healthy. I think the Phillies would be throwing good after bad with Fontenont.

    PS Whatever happened to Scotty Pods?

    • no, the lineup is:
      1. Juan Pierre, LF
      2. Placido Polanco, 3B
      3. Jimmy Rollins, SS
      4. Hunter Pence, RF
      5. Shane Victorino, CF
      6. John Mayberry Jr., 1B
      7. Carlos Ruiz, C
      8. Freddy Galvis, 2B
      9. Roy Halladay, P

      • no, the lineup is…


        • No Pierre is def going to the be the opening day starter in LF not Mayberry

    • nm344 3 years ago

      Scotty Pods going to AAA.

    • Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

      Wiggy batting clean up over pence? hm…

      • Stuart Brown 3 years ago

        Indeed. No manager that wants to keep their job would ever put Wigginton batting fourth.

  6. Havok9120 3 years ago

    Bill Hall is available too. He was released today on his request.

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