Poll: Erick Aybar’s Extension

Yesterday we learned that the Angels reached agreement with shortstop Erick Aybar on a four-year, $35MM deal.  Today, the particulars of the deal went public: Aybar will earn $8.5MM per year with a $1MM signing bonus and won't have a no-trade clause.  The deal, which is similar to Howie Kendrick's extension, marks a significant pay bump for the 28-year-old who avoided arbitration this winter by agreeing to a one-year, $5.075MM deal.

The dollar figure may strike some as high, particularly with prospect Jean Segura waiting in the wings.  However, the 22-year-old shortstop remains in Double-A Arkansas and missed significant time with hamstring issues throughout 2011.  The lack of a no-trade clause for Aybar also gives the Halos flexibility down the line.  If Segura shows that he is ready to take over the starting job, Aybar should attract a fair amount of interest if he can produce at the plate like he did in 2011.  If Segura doesn't progress as expected, then the Angels will have their shortstop situation covered for the next five seasons.

The Angels certainly aren't afraid to spend and have doled out $68.5MM in new deals to lock up their double play combination in 2012.  All things considered, do you like the extension from the Halos' perspective?

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  1. The lack of a no-trade clause is key.  Aybar is one of the better shortstops right now, a position that’s a bit thin right now.

  2. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    Absolute no-brainer for the Angels.  You don’t throw $300MM at FA and then not retain your starting shortstop for < 40MM

    • Txhalofansince1991 3 years ago

      He has a .317 OBA and his UZR and fielding % are middle of the pack.  This and the fact that they threw 300 million at FA if anything makes this a no brainer you don’t sign him.  I can make a laundry list of better things to do with 35 million.  This wasn’t the worst signing in the world but not that far from it.  We now have 2 middle infielders making over 17 mil a year for 4 years that have a career OBA under .330 and they’re our 1-2 hitters.  Anyone who says this is a good deal, I respectfully ask to do more research.  Anyone that’s excited about this deal just needs to be slapped.

  3. tomymogo 3 years ago

    I like it, I mean he is a solid SS. Won a gold glove, still in his prime, can run, nice player. But I know they have a top SS prospect, so what happens to him?

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

       Trade bait for whatever the Angels need. Or 3B after Izturis goes his merry FA way.

  4. There is nothing in this deal not to like from the Angels perspective. If Segura becomes great and Aybar sucks then trade Aybar and put in Segura. If Segura is as good as Aybar, then trade Segura or Aybar. If Aybar is good and Segura is not then keep Aybar and who cares about Segura. Also, perhaps over the next year or so Segura can be worked in as a 3B back up or potentially even starter? Also, if Aybar gets hurt, you have Segura to back him up if Izturis isn’t renewed (and he won’t be barring any kind of weird situation). Also, Aybar would have been the top SS on the market at the end of the season and two big teams on the east coast who might need one (Boston and both leagues NY) who can pay him a lot would surely pursue him. The Angels got a team friendly contract that gives them a ton of flexibility and didn’t have to go to a 5th year. Honestly, they could not have gotten a better deal. Aybar’s agent might be the only one that you could imagine saying the deal was a let down because he most likely could have gotten his client more money. That being said, if you are Aybar why would you want to leave? He’s comfortable, likes the environment, he’s already a millionaire, and gets to play on a team committed to winning…and if he’s good over the next four years will probably be able to demand at least another big contract in 4 years. Win-win all around.

  5. Nick Sossamon 3 years ago

    How does this have 45% not liking the trade?  No no-trade clause, upper tier defense, great speed, above average offense for the position and at 8.5M a year.  Plus he’s only 28 and its only a four year commitment. 


    • AaronAngst 3 years ago

      If he puts up another 2010 at the plate, he’s a stretch to be worth $8.5mil. Also, $8.5 per is some good coin for a guy with only two solid years of production. They could just as easily have to eat money in a trade two years from now.

      • Txhalofansince1991 3 years ago

        I knew I’d find someone else that knew the value of 35 mil.  I’m sorry guys, I don’t mean to be rude but I haven’t heard crap for reasons this is good.  Looking at objective stats, this guy is average and overrated and not worth almost 9mil per season.  We should have traded him for prospects and have Izturis play the rest of the year at SS.  And just so yall know, Izturis has the better SLG%, OPS, OBA, AND FIELDING % than Aybar does.And yeah, Aybar can run but what good does that do if you don’t get on base?  You can’t steal 1st.    Contratulations halo fans, we have a $9 mil per year .317 OBA leadoff man, WOOHOO!.  And don’t forget about our .329 OBA 2 hitter.  Pujols is going to have 40 HR and 65 RBIs.  Ha.

  6. Raymond Holguin 3 years ago

    Also hasn’t played a single game in the majors…its not unheard of to have your prospects switch positions while they are in the minors still developing

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