AL East Links: Hall, Zduriencik, Robertson

Four of the six best AL teams by winning percentage (and run differential) reside in the AL East at the moment. Here's the latest from what again appears to be the toughest division in baseball…

  • Utility man Bill Hall tweeted that he has been called up by the Orioles. He signed a minor league contract with Baltimore last month, and the team will need to clear both a 25-man and 40-man roster spot for him.
  • "I feel very bad for the Yankees," said Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik to Ken Davidoff of The New York Post when asked about the Jesus MonteroMichael Pineda trade. Pineda is out for the season with a torn labrum and Montero homered against his former team last night. “I don’t think you enter a deal thinking that you’re going to win a deal," he added. "I think what you do is, you have common sense and respect for all parties involved and say, ‘I hope this helps all organizations.’"
  • David Robertson's route to the Yankees started with a letter from a high school coach to George Steinbrenner about a minor league utility infielder more than a decade ago, according to the AP. Robertson is currently closing for New York following Mariano Rivera's season-ending knee injury.

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  1. Devern Hansack 3 years ago

    All trades are by nature mutually beneficial exchanges. At the time, the Mariners valued Montero+ more highly than Pineda+, and vice versa. Unless Jack Z knew about Pineda’s injury prior to completing the deal, I don’t see why people are scrutinizing something that is made apparent in ECON 101.

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago

    To quote Dr Zachary Smith.. “we are doooomed” should be the chorus coming up from every orioles player now that Hall has been added to the Orioles 25 man roster.. he must have some dirt on someone to continue getting chance after chance.. This guy shouldn’t even have a roster spot in the Taiwanese league.

    •  Ha, it’s funny about your “Taiwanese league” comment. Palmer for the past week or so has been grumbling about the seams of a baseball are different than they are in the minors and the fact they are raised more because they are made in China(stated this last night). That comment almost made me fall off my sofa with laughter. Wei-Yin Chen is from over there, he doesn’t seem to be having any problem whatsoever with his off speed stuff much less his change-up, yet Eveland had a few problems finding the strike zone last night. Hmmm, makes you wonder what makes Palmer tick sometimes? :p

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        does “go off” sometimes and get annoying and it’s a shame. the guy
        knows a lot about the game and if he would just mention something 1-2
        times, then drop it during a game it would be slick, but he just goes on
        and on and on..

        I used to like Johnny Lowenstein better, then Miller coming in to mention some tidbits, but they are long gone.

    • start_wearing_purple 3 years ago


      It’s funnier if you watch Futurama.

  3. Say what you will about Steinbrenner, but he was always very gracious and quite frankly pretty cool about stuff like that (letters) or personal pleas. From my viewpoint he was always willing to give someone a chance and a fair shake.

    Now I wonder if a letter from “Lefty” to Peter Angelos would prevent these Bill Hall and Miguel Tejada type moves?!? I really would love to see Blake DeWitt a chance here. I see Inge is working out for the A’s and I believe there’s lightning in a bottle with DeWitt like there was with Cody Ross and the Giants. At least that’s how I feel about it.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       Think he (Georgie) was gracious to everyone, unless they were employed by him.. Especially with the last name of “Martin” and “Jackson”…

      • or winfield

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

          Yeah… Was going to add winfireld also, but it wasn’t as much outright.. well disgust and total dislike with winfield as actually think he was really fond of him. Jackson he really despised deep down, just he knew that without him, his teams were going nowhere and without martin he couldn’t get his teams fired up. With Winfield he had a very smart and capable ball player he actually cared for more or less and with those other 2, didn’t really.Not to mention those other 2 always wars in the presses am not going to go out and repost again for the dozenth time here, especially some of the things Martin said about Steinbrenner.

  4. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    I have always held the Boss of Bosses in high regard, and seeing that article is a nice reminder of why I liked him so much. 

  5. ugotrpk3113 3 years ago

    Maybe I am crazy, but we’ve seen at least 15 quotes from Jack about this trade. Each time, I wonder why he even says anything new. Just say “I said what I thought already, nothing has changed”.

    Now it feels like he is sort of rubbing it in. Just shut up, thank god you got lucky, and move on.

    • Evan Morton 3 years ago

      cuz he doesnt ever get interviewed by other people ever and the media never asks the same question more than once, its not like jack just walks around saying “i feel very bad for the yankees” for no reason everyday…

    • “said Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik to Ken Davidoff of The New York Post when asked”

      He isnt waxing poetic about how good the trade has been. He is just answering questions to the New York media, who in the first Yankees-Mariners series of the season are very predictably and understandably going to ask.

      • ugotrpk3113 3 years ago

        I’m not a Yankees fan, I just find it odd that he seems to need to answer that question numerous times a week. We know the answer, why does it matter any more?

  6. Marinersforever71 3 years ago

    Too bad for Michael Pineda of his injury as he’s a great upcoming pitcher in baseball  w/a great future. Speaking of the future, if Vlad Guerrero is promoted to the Blue Jays roster, the Seattle Mariners can work a trade that will send Adam Lind to the Pacific NW for minor league pitcher James Paxton, infielder Chone Figgins (gets traded to the National League in a three way deal), and a player to be named later as the M’s can use some power hitting help, esp. against the Yankees and the Rangers. Hopefully, it’ll help the M’s to bring back Sodo Mojo/Refuse to Lose to make a run at the Wild Card race for the playoffs.

    • Jeremy Johnson 3 years ago

       Doubt the Mariners would give up one of there better pitching prospect.

  7. undocorkscrew 3 years ago

     Montero and his studly .281 OBP and his 11% CS. Poor Yankees….

  8. ugotrpk3113 3 years ago

    Man reporters have it easy. Just ask an obvious question that has been answered 15 times already and call it a day..

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