Stark On Myers, Phillies, Wang, Giants, Appel

There will be interleague games throughout most of the season, starting next year,’s Jayson Stark reports.  MLB will limit the number of interleague contests during the last five weeks of the season to ensure that most teams play within their own league down the stretch. Here are more of Stark’s rumors…

  • Brett Myers told Stark he doesn’t want to be traded, but realizes it’s beyond his control. Though Myers doesn’t have a no-trade clause, he obtains a $500K bonus if dealt.
  • The Phillies have “zero” interest in trading Cole Hamels or Shane Victorino, according to an executive who looked into the possibility of trading for the free agents to be. "They'd have to be really out of it to trade anybody,” the exec said.
  • Some teams have expressed interest in rehabbing right-hander Chien-Ming Wang. The Nationals don’t seem interested in trading him, however.
  • The Giants are sending signals that they’re in the market for a corner outfield bat, Stark reports. The Giants, who are also monitoring the infield market, may not have much selection since few power bats seem to be available.
  • Rival teams believe the Astros are leaning toward selecting Stanford right-hander Mark Appel with the first overall selection in this June’s amateur draft. One person said Astros GM Jeff Luhnow seems to want to select someone close to the Major Leagues.
  • The loss of pitching coach Dave Duncan entered into the Cardinals' thinking when they extended Yadier Molina earlier in the year, GM John Mozeliak told Stark. "With the fact that Dunc was gone, it was a subtle way of still keeping that same presence on our staff,” he said.

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  1. imachainsaw 3 years ago

    Amaro “I have ‘zero’ interest in restocking the farm system I depleted”.
    They might still contend this year, especially if they hang on to those players, but at what cost? Yeah they can even resign them when they hit FA, but the team will only be getting older, and there will still be a barren farm system. They have pitching, sure, but pitching hasn’t been what’s kept them in the basement thus far this season.

    • Take a look at the Phillies bullpen and rethink your closing statement. Papelbon has pitched well, as has Bastardo (recently), but the rest of the pen is a mess and has blown leads left and right that the starting rotation had been sustaining. The run production isn’t what it used to be, but the bats have come around lately. The bullpen is the biggest issue.

  2. Obligatory Wells for Zito offer…

    • 55saveslives 3 years ago

      Funny thing is, when you look at Wells, Soriano and Zito’s contracts.  All are horrible but Zito’s actually looks slightly less horrible with his production this season.  lol

      • I know.. I was hoping that Wells would start off good and either zito or johan santana would struggle out of the gate so we could do a “bad” contract swap.

        • What possibly made you think the Mets would have any interest in acquiring Wells? Even if they were to trade Santana, they would look for youth. If he was pitching terribly, they would just hold on to him.

          You’re stuck with Wells, stop trying to picture ridiculous trade scenarios

        • MetsMagic 3 years ago

          Because when you look at the Mets roster, you know that they have such an abundance of top of the rotation pitching, that they would love to fill their need for another awful left fielder. 

    • BLB25 3 years ago

      Wells is a lot worse than any of Melky Cabrera, Angel Pagan, Gregor Blanco or Nate Schierholtz and with Surkamp suffering a setback the Giants don’t have many good options as an alternative 5th starter.  Plus Zito has one fewer year left on his horrible deal.  So, no, thats not happening. 

  3. Well, the farm system was always over hyped.  How could it not be when much of that hype was based on A  level players . If they lose Hamels for nothing like they did with Werth,  it will be another nail in the coffin for the Phils

    • undocorkscrew 3 years ago

       They technically didn’t lose out completely with Werth walking. Took up $127M on an up and coming rival’s payroll for 7 years…..

  4. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    I wonder if the Twins would be willing to part with Josh Willingham? His level bat or above is the only thing they should trade for….Anything less and Giants should just stick with Melky/Pagan/Blanco.

    Carlos Quentin hasn’t played this year and Soriano is just….well bad!

    • BLB25 3 years ago

      The Twins would probably be smart to sell high on Willingham.  It seems pretty unlikely they’ll contend this year so if they could unload some of the money owed to Willingham and Carroll before their trade value decreases as they age and get a good prospect or two it would probably help them in the long run.  Seems like the Giants could have a great deal of interest in both those players and could afford them the next few year with so much other money being freed up soon.  I don’t know the Twins farm system well but perhaps something like 3 of Peguero, Joseph, Kickham, Gillaspie, Schierholtz and Bandilla for Carroll and Willingham would work for both sides?  Leaves the Giants with 
      1. Blanco/Pagan CF
      2. Belt 1B
      3. Sandoval 3B
      4. Posey C
      5. Willingham LF
      6. Melky/Pagan RF
      7. Carroll 2B
      8. Crawford/Arias SS
      Willingham and Carroll not only fill the big 2B and power hitting voids this season but also going in to next year with guys like Brown and Panik not likely to be ready to play major roles at the big league level until mid-late 2013 at the earliest.  The Carroll/Willingham combination would add “only” about 10 mil to the payroll for next season, leaving them with enough room to retain at least one of Pagan or Cabrera and address the a couple spots in the bullpen and on the bench.  

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         Not many bigger Willingham fans than I am. He was one of my favorite Fish players the whole time he was there, but cringe just thinking of him playing at THAT stadium in SFG. It’s bad enough with it being so huge, then the swirling wind..

        Hammer is an atrocious corner OF defensively as it is.. No other way to put it.. Stick him at SF to play half of his games and not only does his offensive game go down the tubes, but his defense 9what little he can play) becomes highlight reel comedy..

        • BLB25 3 years ago

          The idea that ATT is extremely pitcher friendly is a bit of a myth.  Its not Petco park and its more hitter friendly than Willingham’s current home park, Target field.  In fact its a pretty good hitters park for righties, and LF isnt a huge field to defend either.  With Blanco, Pagan, and Cabrera all possessing good to great range in the other two spots (and as a late inning defensive replacement) I think they could hide his defensive deficiencies in much the same way they hid Burrell’s in 2010.  

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             It’s hard to hide Willingham. Granted, haven’t watched him on an extended basis since he left the Fish and Ross was forced to play CG, flanked by Hammer in LF and Hermida in RF.. NONE were good at the positions.. Hermida and Willingham just horrible definsive OF regardless of where you could stick them and Ross was/is a corner OF who was forced to play CF and attempt to make up for the deficiencies of the other 2..

            Willingham (even then) was very poor getting reads on balls and that included going back, plus side to side in LF. He would need somebody playing at least of as good a CF as Ross to help him out and the wind… It swirls in SF amd sure being right by the Bay still, at least as much as it did at the old ‘Stick.

            NP him going there and being “The Man” as I’d really like for him to finally go to a team and get appreciated as the power/middle of the order bat he’s never yet been recognized for and on SF, he’d be the only person of that caliber, just not so sure his pull power would translate all that well there.

            If he could go there and bring along AT LEAST the 25-30HR and 85-90RBI numbers he used to stick on the sheets with the Fish and Nat’s? I’d love to see it and he could be the 1 bat the Giants dearly need.. If opposing pitchers don’t just pitch around him that is..

          • BLB25 3 years ago

            The stadium was actually designed to minimize the swirling winds, it’s not even close to as bad as candlestick. I’m not saying his d won’t hurt, it’s still a fly ball pitching staff for the most part and cf and RF ate very spacious. I’m just saying theyve dealt with a very similar player before airboat burrell. His power translated just fine and his d didn’t hurt too much with schierholtz Torres and Ross there to cover cf, RF and late inning lf. Willingham would be one of the giants’ better hitters but he still isn’t a more talented hitter than Sandoval. Along with posey cabrera belt and blanco/pagan he’d add much need lineup depth but I wouldn’t think he’d be expected to come in and be the man.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             Willingham is a middle of the order power bat and from what have seen of Sandoval.. he isn’t. True.. he might be the offensive threat that theam currently has (along with Cabrera and to some extent Posey) but Willingham is a 100% power hitter.

            The other issue would be even if the Twins move him? The cost in prospects. Hammer is signed to a VERY team friendly deal until 2014 at 3/21m and they probably will have multiple suitors if they hang onto him around the 7/31 deadline, as he has gotten off to his usual torrid start.

            SF would probably have to part with some decent pitching to get him and not sure they have any in the upper levels close without looking? Am I wrong there? Twins are looking to rebuild there rotation am fairly certain (not a Twins fan.. Boston and Marlins mostly) and a starter that throws over 90mph for the Twins would be a god send.. (joking)

          • BLB25 3 years ago

            ???? Sandoval’s career slugging % is 20 points higher than wllingham’s. And he’s in his mid 20s not mid 30s like willingham. Willingham has had an incredible start but I don’t think you’ll find many who think he’s a better hitter than Sandoval right now. Yea the prospect cost could be prohibitive and I wouldn’t even rule out the twins getting back in the race in a weak division over the next month. The giants farm system isn’t especially strong right now and while they’ve been excellent at developing pitching there aren’t many high level starting arms at Fresno or richmond. Most of the pitching talent is in the big power arms from the mid rounds of last year’s draft. The giants do have a good deal of prospect depth at catcher which I’d think the twins might be interested in to start a package deal. Joseph or susac, kickham or Osich, and schierholtz seems like it might be a good start.

          • twins33 3 years ago

            To comment on Willingham’s D, it’s still as you remember.  He should be a DH.  I would have preferred him to be in RF if he had to be in the OF, but they switched that late spring training…likely due to his comfort level.  They had tried to make him the RF.

    • twins33 3 years ago

      I’d be surprised if they let go of Willingham.  They have lots of OF’s but some aren’t ready or not good enough to be starters.

      • 55saveslives 3 years ago

         Yeah and they got him at a pretty team friendly contract.  I was hoping Giants would at least try for him this past off season.

        • BLB25 3 years ago

          3/21 looks very team friendly right now.  And while it’s too small to turn into a disaster, Willingham is moving into his mid 30s now so it probably won’t seem quite as friendly in a couple years.  He’s still a good player, but if the Twins decide this group isn’t going to really contend this year or next, they might be wise to free up that money and get a nice prospect or two.  

  5. Duworkson 3 years ago

    If the rumors are true and the Astros happen to draft Apple #1 overall. The chances that Buxton falls to the M’s for the third pick just got a little better. 

    Even with the Twins selecting second overall I can’t imagine the Twins GM drafting an OF. Considering the lack of depth with front of the line starting pitchers in their farm system.

    GM JZ will be running to the podium with a huge smile on his face. I cant wait for the draft to begin!   

    • twins33 3 years ago

      I could see the Twins selecting best player available.  At this point, that’s what they say they are going to do.  Of course, they’d never say what they are actually going to do anyway.

      Yes, the Twins need an ace type pitcher, but when you read a lot of the reports on the SP’s available, a lot of them are being overworked by their coaches in college.  Appel for example, often has high pitch counts.  He also seems to have trouble striking out college hitters at a high rate.

      I’m hoping the Twins take the best player available, even if they do desperately need an anchor for the rotation.  The Twins last two first rounder picks have/had torn UCL’s.  They have to be careful, whoever they do end up picking. 

      If Buxton is the best player available, take him.  You can trade him or other OF’s later.

      • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

         They should take the best player available.  If they end up getting something they don’t really need (which is doubtful, they need a lot) they can trade him for something they do need.

        The last thing they should draft would be an ace type pitcher.  The organization simply doesn’t know what to do with those pitchers.  Matt Garza was the last guy they had closest to ace status and all they did was complain about him wanting to strike guys out and his intensity on the mound.  The organization as a whole doesn’t want the risk that comes with ace types.  If they ever get an ace it will be by accident like Johann Santana was.

        • Well if they continue on this streak and play marginally better the rest of the season i think you have to take the best starting pitcher.  Twins won’t finish last this season if they continue playing better.  They have a golden opportunity to grab Giolito, who in my opinion has much higher ceiling than Appel.

  6. HHHDMS 3 years ago

    If only the Giants resigned Beltran or Ross they wouldnt be in this pickle. they made some good moves in the offseason and others they let get away. 

  7. rizdak 3 years ago

    “Though Myers doesn’t have a no-trade clause, he obtains a $500K bonus if dealt.”

    I would love to get $500k if my company laid me off. That’s all.

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