Astros Expect To Sign Correa By Thursday

General Manager Jeff Luhnow said that the Astros expect to sign first-overall pick Carlos Correa by Thursday, according to Brian McTaggart of (via Twitter).  The high school shortstop was tabbed by Houston after the club also considered Stanford right-hander Mark Appel and other top prospects.

The deal is expected to be worth roughly $5MM, sources tell Jon Heyman of  The Astros were considering a few other options very late in the game as one source told Heyman that the decision "came down to the last thirty seconds.''

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  1. Which is probably the reason why they drafted him. 

    • It’s a combination.  There’s a strong, strong argument for Correa being the best player available.  Signing him underslot also frees up money for the Astros to sign other guys overslot (McCullers, Ruiz).

      Home run draft by the Astros, no doubt.

    • joshuap 3 years ago

      May not be “the” reason, but certainly plays a part here.  If they save up to 2.2MM, that leaves a lot of bonus pool money to lock up McCullers, Ruiz and Phillips.  With McCullers having potential (emphasis on potential) to be a FOR starter, and no clear consensus 1.1 pick separating themselves from the pack, I think you have to acknowledge that it was the best option for the pick.

      Really happy with how Lunhow/Crane/Heck have played this.

  2. rovert22044 3 years ago

    Good! Looking forward to watching him progress through the system!

  3. despite very much chatter on the blogospheres i can surely tells you that he is of no relation to former standout pitcher kevin correia

    • vtadave 3 years ago

      Pretty sure we could tell that by the different last names.

      • andrew555 3 years ago

         On the contrary, Carlos is actually just a unselfish ballplayer, hence no “i”

  4. tmengd 3 years ago

    should have plenty of money to sign both Mcullers and Ruiz then. Awesome

  5. If this pans out as it appears, meaning Correa signs for under slot, and they are able to sign McCullers with the extra money, I will be very impressed.  It will be a vastly different approach compared to the previous regime, which is very exciting for the Astros.  Now if they have enough left over to go over slot to sign Ruiz (4th) and Phillips (6th), I will be blown away.  It would be the most exciting draft class for the Astros in this century.  They have had some better talent in past drafts, but unfortunately were to cheap to sign the players.

  6. This kind of reminds me of when the Braves took Chipper instead of Todd Van Poppel.. Wonder if this kid will be as good as Chip is..

  7. Mystro22 3 years ago

    Breaking news  Phillips is declining his commitment to college and is flying to Houston this week and will sign early Thursday for 500- 800, which is over slot but not by much. 

  8. formerdraftpick 3 years ago

    What is so special about Thursday?

    • seanbergmanrules 3 years ago

      Correa is coming to tour Minute Maid. They will probably get the deal done in person.

  9. Padres4lif3 3 years ago

    This guy has talent. Great pick by the Astros! I was hoping that he would slide down to the 7th pick so the Padres could sign him. I knew it would be a long shot and you guys dodged a bullet by passing on Appel. I heard he declined a 6 million bonus from you guys.This a great way to go to improve your farm system.Congrats Correa!

  10. $21621694 3 years ago

    the decision “came down to the last thirty seconds.”….. Such BS, they were picking first, did they really have to think it in the last 30 seconds?

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