Pirates Designate Daniel Moskos For Assignment

The Pirates have designated Daniel Moskos for assignment, the team announced. The move clears a roster spot for Eric Fryer.

Moskos, 26, was the fourth overall pick of the 2007 draft. He pitched to a 2.96 ERA with nearly as many walks (nine) as strikeouts (11) in 24 1/3 innings for Pittsburgh last season. Moskos had pitched to a 3.86 ERA in 14 Triple-A innings this season while battling elbow problems.

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  1. …Sigh, shoulda taken Wieters.  Thanks, Dave.  

    • withpower 3 years ago

      Moskos probably would have been there in the 2nd round, too.  It’s not even like he was that bad of a prospect, but how do you not take Wieters there?

      • Robb Logan 3 years ago

        Very easy. In 07 the Bucs had what many saw as an exact replica of Wieters in Ryan Doumit. At that time Wieters made zero sense for the franchise as all thought Doumit would be the franchise catcher for many many years and not a DL liability. 

        • Todd Smith 3 years ago

          No, it had a lot more to do with Littlefield and McClatchy not wanting to spend any money in the draft.  There was no way that team was ever going to take a Scott Boras client.  Same thing happened in 2002 when they took Bullington over BJ Upton.

          The only time that management team had any success in the draft is when they didn’t have a top 10 pick and didn’t have to so far out of their way to select a cheaper option.

  2. Henduck 3 years ago

    Here come the Wieters rants…

  3. andrew przybylek 3 years ago

    it was only a matter of time
    looked like a wounded duck when he ran
    David Littlefield put the Pirates back two years with this pick

  4. DempseyK 3 years ago

    Is this a precursor to a trade?  I cant imagine exposing him for nothing.  His numbers are not terrible for a hard throwing lefty.  And although he wasnt worth the 4th overall pick, he was still a unanimous first rounder…cant imagine he is thrown away for nothing.

  5. bigpat 3 years ago

    I feel like they could still trade him for something. Just goes to show how downright pathetic this pick was, hopefully those days will be long gone. The Tony Sanchez pick wasn’t very good but other than that I think the new regime has been ok, however it’s a lot easier when you pick in the top 3 and just take no-brainers. 

  6. ecbucs 3 years ago

    Baseball America had him rated around # 8 in draft.  However, he never was able to throw as hard as Bucs expected when he signed.  Did he ever throw one documented pitch while in Bucco minor league system of 93 or 94 mph?

    • bigpat 3 years ago

       I seen him throw that hard in the majors but he doesn’t have swing and miss stuff regardless.

  7. Jeff Snedden 3 years ago

    I just don’t understand this move.  To just dump a former first round pick who pitched ok in the majors last season – regardless of how bad a draft pick he was – is just shortsighted.  They could have designated any of these guys to clear a spot on the 40-man for Fryer:  Yamaico Navarro, Kyle McPhearson, even d’Arnaud probably would have cleared waivers.  Moskos will not.

    • indybucfan 3 years ago

      Everyone of those guys have much more potential and ability than Moskos.

    • Todd Smith 3 years ago

      Somebody still has to claim him – which is far from a guarantee with his elbow issues and below average performance in the few innings he’s managed to pitch this year.  I don’t imagine teams will be crawling all over themselves to make room on their 40-man for him.
      Under no circumstance whatsoever is Moskos more valuable than Navarro, McPherson or d’Arnaud.  Especially McPherson who is probably close to top 10 in the Pirates sytem.

      • DempseyK 3 years ago

         I would disagree with you on that, I feel he is much more valuable than Navarro.  He is a legit left handed bullpen option that has been proven capable at the MLB level.  Even if a team simply uses him as a lefty specialist, he will be in an MLB bullpen shortly.  He might not have the best stuff, but he still throws low to mid 90s with drastically improved strike zone command.  He has 2 plus pitches and has posted above average numbers except for issuing a few too many walks while dealing with a nagging elbow injury.  with so many teams needing pitching atm, and him being an MLB ready lefty out of the pen, there is a much higher chance of him being picked up than a guy like Navarro who has posted poor numbers this season at the MLB level.  Drew Sutton has been DFA’ed a few times and has only garnished interest from 2 teams all season, and his slash line is FAR superior to Navarro’s.  This DFA choice was a poor decision.  I can only hope that several teams have an interest in him and the pirates are able to swing a deal to at least get something in return for him.  This was actually a worse move than drafting him in the first place.  I honestly didnt think the day would come that I could say that.

        • Todd Smith 3 years ago

          Bullpen arms aren’t exactly hard to find right now in the Pirates system.  Shortstops are.  
          Moskos was at the bottom of a very long depth chart to get called up.

        • bucsws2014 3 years ago

          A lefty specialist with a recurring elbow problem who cannot get lefties out? Is that really a useful thing?

          Personally I probably would’ve gone with cutting Meek or DCutch, but no real complaints here. Suggest Moskos has more current value to the Bucs than McPherson or even Navarro is silly. Both could be back with the big club next year. D’Arnaud, not so much.

  8. Patrick Morgan 3 years ago

    Padres need bullpen help even if it’s a long lost season for them. Might be a good, cheap pickup that the Friars can take a look at to see if he’d fit into plans for a (hopefully) more competitive 2013.

  9. IMABIMAB 3 years ago

    Darnaud is a stiff. 

  10. goner 3 years ago

    I kinda hope he clears waivers and gets another shot with the Pirates, but if not then happy trails, Mr. Moskos.

  11. BigKev88 3 years ago

    Mcpherson was our minor league pitcher of the year last season. Chase is a stolen base machine with 19 so far in AAA he is better suited to play say 2nd base than ss but wont get much of a shot there cause of Neil being there.

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