Quick Hits: Rizzo, Bauer, Mets, Lillibridge

R.A. Dickey's streak of not allowing an earned run came to an end during the third inning of Sunday night's game against the Yankees. With 44 2/3 innings of earned run-free baseball, Dickey's performance pales in comparison to Orel Hershiser's record 59 consecutive innings of scoreless baseball set in 1988 while with the Dodgers. What makes Hershiser's feat even more impressive is that he actually continued the streak into the playoffs as he threw eight more run-free innings to give him 67 in total. Here's the latest news from around the league…

  • Anthony Rizzo is expected to make his Cubs debut this Tuesday against the Mets at Wrigley Field, writes David Kaplan of CSNChicago.com. The franchise's top prospect has mastered the art of hitting Triple-A pitching as he's currently the owner of a .349/.410/.710 batting line.
  • Trevor Bauer, the third pick in the 2011 amateur draft, will make his Major League debut for the Diamondbacks on Thursday after enjoying extensive success at the minor league level, according to Jack Magruder of FOXSportsArizona.com. The right-hander has a 2.79 ERA, 10.9 K/9 and 4.3 BB/9 at Triple-A this season.
  • The Mets are in desperate need of bullpen help, but will probably have to wait until after the All-Star break to make a move as there are currently very few sellers, tweets ESPN.com's Buster Olney.
  • Utility man Brent Lillibridge tweets his gratitude to the White Sox organization and his love for the city of Chicago as he looks forward to the next chapter of his career with the Red Sox. Lillibridge, 28, is headed to Boston after being traded with Zach Stewart in exchange for Kevin Youkilis and cash earlier on Sunday.

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  1. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Not taking anything away from Dickey, but it wasn’t a consecutive scoreless inning streak. It was consecutive innings without an earned run.

    • RedSx799 3 years ago

      It’s still impressive when he’s throwing a knuckleball.

  2. burtonbball88 3 years ago

    The future is here. I just wonder what they are going to do with Vogelbach in a couple of years.

    • imachainsaw 3 years ago

      prolly watch to see if he pans out

    • Vogelbach won’t be that spectacular of a hitter

      • burtonbball88 3 years ago

        I wish I knew everything like you do… Personally I like his work ethic plus he’s got that plus power. If he develops a good approach he should be a pretty good player.

    • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

      It’s more likely he doesn’t reach the majors than anything, you don’t even think about that at this stage.

      • burtonbball88 3 years ago

        True, but anyone with that kind of power has more potential than others.

  3. ChefR 3 years ago

    “He was called up to the majors after hitting .365 with an OPS of 1.159 along with 16 homers and 63 RBI in 200 at-bats over 52 games in Tucson…He finished his first season in San Diego hitting only .141 with 46 strikeouts in 128 at-bats.”

    Oh woops, that’s from last year…

    • jayrig5 3 years ago

      Whoa…a bitter Boston sports fan?  Color me shocked.

      And it’d be more trenchant criticism if it weren’t for the numerous reports from scouts that he’s changed his mechanics this year and is actually much more equipped to handle major league pitching.

      • ChefR 3 years ago

         I’m so friggin bitter that AGon won a GG and SS, oh the inhumanity of it all

        I’m just pointing out the ridiculous overhyping that goes on all the time. All this pressure and scrutiny on a kid playing for club destined to lose 100 games this year.

        I hope he exceeds expectations, it’s baseball man! Unless your name is Barry Bonds or John Rocker, I wish you all the best!

        • Bob George 3 years ago

          AGon: .259, 5 hr, 37 rbi. Just tearing it up on his $154 million contract, oh, and for a last place team.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

            4th place, also only 5 teams in the AL have a better record. Says something about the AL East.

            As for Gonzalez. He had an excellent first year and now a slow year during the same time where most of the team is having a slow year. Not worried. 

          • Agon had a slow start similiar to the way he is going this year in Boston once or twice in San Diego…then absolutely mashed both times in the second half. As a life long Padres fan and someone who watched all of Adrian’s games, he was always better the second half of the season.

          • jayrig5 3 years ago

            Yeah, A-Gon is a really good hitter.  I really wanted the Cubs to get him, even though it wouldn’t have made much of a difference last year (or, let’s be honest, this year).  I just like acquiring good players.  Not sure what his deal is this season.  Nagging injury maybe?

          • ChefR 3 years ago

            and yet leaps and bounds better than anything Rizzo has proven yet. Boston isn’t in last place. They’re 5.5 games out of first, and 2 games out of a wild card spot.

            That’s $154 over 7 years, not three months by the way.

        • jayrig5 3 years ago

          Hey man, I don’t know why Boston fans are bitter either.  You’re asking the wrong guy.  I’d have made that trade too.  

          Every prospect gets overhyped, I was just pointing out that there have been a lot of voices who have disputed the idea that Rizzo’s lack of success in the majors last year means his AAA numbers this year are meaningless.

          A fun comparison: Mike Trout also had 123 MLB at-bats last year. He hit .220/.281/.390.  How has that translated to this season?

          Rizzo isn’t Trout, obviously.  But still.  I don’t think a .270/.350/.450 line, with 10+ homers down the stretch on an awful team is an otherwordly expectation, and if it happens, I’ll be extremely pleased and excited to see him have a full year next year, maybe in a lineup that can protect him a bit better.

          If he comes up and flails/fails, then obviously there’s a problem.  But I don’t think it’s one that can be predicted based on that sample from last season.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

            Bitter about Rizzo or in general? If you’re talking about Rizzo then I’m not sure why, every fan I’ve talk to who doesn’t automatically dismiss everything the Red Sox do agrees that trade was great for the Sox. Personally I’m hoping Rizzo does become a star, he’d a great inspirational story.

          • jayrig5 3 years ago

            No, in general.  There just always seems to be something Boston sports fans are angry about.  Granted, the same could be said about a lot of fans, but those fans don’t get the national airplay/airtime/slobbering devotion of the sports media.

            Unless LeBron leaves you at the altar on national television.  That’s always covered.

            Also, I’m not taking a shot at you, or ChefR really, on this one.  Not really.  I never really thought that his original post stemmed from a wish that Rizzo was still in the BOS system.  (Resentment over Theo would be more likely, I guess, although equally silly.)  I just felt it odd that he’d jump in and take a shot at Cubs fans who, lets face it, have had a fairly horrible season so far.  Of course they’re getting excited (probably overly so) over Rizzo coming up.  If he underachieves, he underachieves, I just thought the shot he took was cheap, and I wondered why he felt the need to do it.  I then attempted to debunk it.  That’s all.

          • ChefR 3 years ago

             I guess I’m angry that Darnell McDonald is on our roster. That’s the big one. Or that we let Reddick go for a pitcher we didn’t need. And that we tried making Bard a starter. And that we actually have some guy named John Lackey on our team. Or that we might end up losing Ellsbury because we thought an older version of him was a better deal. Or.., well, you get the idea. But yes, if I am resentful or bitter, it’s at management, which doesn’t get hounded enough. Hindsight is 20/20 and all, but a lot of this seems pretty straightforward to me. But yeah, mostly McDonald.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

            As I keep telling everyone. Clearly McDonald has blackmail photos. As for everything else, that’s a longer post… So I’ll just paraphrase for you what one political party kept telling me for 8 years. Be quiet and support your team.

            By the way, when you read these, take it with a grain of salt.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

            Yes, the average fan in Boston is a little crazier than the average fan in most other places. It never really helps that sports writers and reporters in Boston help feed the paranoia and frenzy since they need to justify the reason for making a paycheck to watch sports. 

            The other part of it is all the people who came out after 2004 declaring themselves life long fans but couldn’t name any historical star players besides Ted Williams or Yaz. So now when we’re not fighting for first place they listen to Boston sports media or even worse listen to someone else who takes what the media says as gospel. Thus we get into the blame game and bitterness. Ever want to hear unfiltered insanity? Listen to WEEI after a Red Sox loss to hear how every fan out there could have won the game if only they were the manager, general manager, or one of the players. 

  4. Ironic that Orel was broadcasting when the streak ended.

    • Lastings 3 years ago

      Ugh, those national broadcasts of ballgames are brutal…

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

      No, that’s just a coincidence. Irony is something entirely different.

  5. Bauer is up… not receiving the hype of a Strasburg, Harper or Trout… but let me tell you this kid is gonna be amazing. Can’t wait for his debut. Go Dbacks!

    • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

      There is a reason he isn’t recieving near that amount of hype.

    • James Attwood 3 years ago

      Don’t jinx it! There’s a very good reason he’s been left in AAA to this point. Even AAA hitters are able to work his pitch count up with little difficulty. If he’s hitting 100 pitches by the 5th regularly in AAA, he’s going to have to figure something else out at the big league level because that just isnn’tgoing to fly.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid. And I have confidence he is going to be a good #1 starter. But he’s still rough on the edges.

  6. I wonder if the Mets would want Grant Balfour of the A’s and if they want to give fans heart attacks, they can go for the always reliable (sarcasm) Brian Fuentes.

  7. Mario Saavedra 3 years ago

    Seeing the line Rizzo has just makes me hate Josh Byrnes even more…

    • Robert Daniels 3 years ago

      It’s still only triple A. I’m a Cubs fan, but Rizzo still hasn’t proven it at the major league level and until he does he’ll remain a potentially good ballplayer who hits Triple A pitching.

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        still you don’t trade him for a injury prone reliever, no matter how good careers cashner and rizzo have it was a bad deal for san diego from a value standpoint at the time

        • leachim2 3 years ago

          Dood kyung min na is a future MVP .

        • Dylan Ramirez 3 years ago

          Cashner is being converted to a starting pitcher as we speak, working on getting his pitch count up in AA. So it is unfair to characterize Cashner as a reliever when his future is in the rotation. So the question is…is a pitcher who has front of the rotation potential worth trading for a hitter that has 30 hr potential but probably 200ks as well?

          • sourbob 3 years ago

            So you’re saying that the upper end of Cashner’s potential is comparable to the mid range of Rizzo’s? And that seems like a fair comparison, does it?

    • Does that line look familiar to you? It does to me. Those are the same numbers he put up last year before he got called up and struck out 36% of the time. I don’t like the trade either but I just think it’s funny that so many people think Rizzo is a guaranteed superstar. Cashner is putting up pretty good numbers in AA right now. Hopefully he can develop into a top of the rotation starter. I really hope both guys succeed.

  8. killian lord 3 years ago

    Interested to see Bauer make his debut, he’s been getting tons of hype (rightfully so) but he hasn’t absolutely dominated the minors, he is one of the most inefficient pitchers out there (his WHIP is 1.429 at AAA). He’s an awesome pitcher but he plays with all of his pitches too much which leads to huge pitch counts, when he probably could just blow by guys without nibbling so much.  Nonetheless, really excited to see him.

  9. Mets… League?

  10. Let_Timmy_Smoke 3 years ago

    So who’s odd man out in Wrigley?  Do they move DeJesus to CF and put Campana on bench? 

    • burtonbball88 3 years ago

      Let us hope Joe Mather never starts another game for the Cubs, but yes I think that DeJesus moves to center and Mather/Campana see more bench time.

  11. Let_Timmy_Smoke 3 years ago

    Anyone think they’ll be able to get a taker on Soriano if they eat half his salary?

  12. Loody 3 years ago

    I think the Mets will end swinging a deal with the Padres for potentially Gregerson and/or Thatcher considering they probably don’t want to take much back in salary. 

  13. Why don’t the Mets just bring up the kids (Harvey and Wheeler) to solve their middle relief issues?  The Mets can limit their innings and pick their spots to use them so they won’t be exposed if they aren’t major league ready.  Meanwhile Harvey and Wheeler can get some MLB experience, and head back to the minors if they are ineffective to work on their development as a starting pitcher.  Best case scenario, they’re effective and they can work on developing as a starter next spring.

  14. Anthony Rizzo is the real deal…mark my words. His performance in San Diego means nothing. You’ll be talking about this guy for years.

  15. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    When this artivle was first written it said “scoreless inning streak”.  Since my comment it has been changed.

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