East Notes: Rays, Infante, Ankiel, Moyer

On average, the ten teams in baseball's two East divisions are four games over .500. Here’s the latest from the two divisions…

  • Rays president Matt Silverman says MLB needs to make significant changes to its economic structure, Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times reports. “We have advocated for meaningful change, especially when it comes to addressing the dramatic imbalances in our game,” Silverman said. “Meaningful change has not occurred.” The Rays were one of two eligible teams that didn’t obtain an additional draft pick in yesterday’s competitive balance lottery. Silverman called the picks “trifling.”
  • The Tigers have barely obtained any offensive production from second base this year, so John Lowe of the Detroit Free Press discusses the possibility of a reunion with Omar Infante in light of yesterday's report linking the Tigers to the Marlins infielder.
  • The Nationals recently asked a Mets person if they'd have interest in Rick Ankiel, Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork.com reports (on Twitter). The Nationals believe the recently-designated Ankiel is a Major League caliber player and they expect him to be picked up by another club, Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports (on Twitter). Peter Gammons of MLB Network suggests on Twitter that Ankiel would be a "great fit" for the Yankees.
  • Jamie Moyer intends to continue pitching, Tom Mahon of the Philadelphia Daily News reports. "I'm not retired," Moyer said, adding that his agent is working to find a fit for him. Moyer, 49, has been a free agent since the Blue Jays released him two weeks ago.

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  1. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    I hope Moyer comes full circle and signs with the Cubs. Once Dempster and Garza are gone, we’re going to need some warm bodies to fill out the rotation. I’d be totally okay with that being Jamie Moyer and Jonathan Sanchez.

  2. ARod's Ring 3 years ago

    Red Sox homer Peter Gammons thinks Ankiel could be a “great fit” for the Yankees? no, thanks.

    • MB923 3 years ago

      And that’s not even the silliest baseball comment as of late. That one would go to Miguel Bautista who said the Mets are the best team in baseball. They’re just not playing like it.

      • rainyperez 3 years ago

        I dunno the Astros are the best team in baseball its just that they lose too often.

  3. Thomas Carrano 3 years ago

    Moyer to the padres since they pick up all the scraps from other teams cuts. plus I think he could be ok in Petco.

  4. MB923 3 years ago

    “Peter Gammons of MLB Network suggests on Twitter that Ankiel would be a “great fit” for the Yankees.”

    Oh I completely agree………that is, if they wanted to make their team worse.

  5. I wonder what the Tigers would be willing to give up for Altuve. I know Castellanos is off the Table, but Casey Crosby and Turner?

  6. Well with all the injured pitchers I’m sure Moyer could get a job with a team that’s absolutely desperate for starting pitching… like the Jays.
    Wait, what do you mean, the Jays offered him another start and Moyer turned them down?

  7. (“I’m not retired,” Moyer said)

    “Yes, you are.” MLB teams said.

    • Don Watts 3 years ago

      Mr. Moyer, a Bill Murray representing the St. Paul Saints is calling.

  8. mlbscout6 3 years ago

    I hate to say this about moyer….but when the jays don’t have room for you in their rotation; you’re probably done. I guess he could try giving the royals a call. I commend the guy for having a distinguished baseball career though. best of luck, jamie.

  9. Red_Line_9 3 years ago

    Somewhere Jamie Moyer and Jesse Orosco are sitting at a table together plotting their next move.

  10. Gothapotamus 3 years ago

    Jamie, it’s been an awesome ride, but I think it’s time. Don’t become the next Uncle Rico.

    “Back in ’82, I could throw this rawhide ball 85 miles per hour.”

    • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

      Silly Gothapotamus… Moyer could never throw 85 miles an hour!

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