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The Mets are interested in Rockies catcher Ramon Hernandez, but New York officials aren’t willing to offer significant prospects to complete a trade, the New York Post reported yesterday. The Mets have shown a willingness to take on most, but not all, of Hernandez’s annual $3.2MM salary for 2012 and 2013 once the catcher comes off of the disabled list, Joel Sherman of the Post reports today.

“We are not talking about acquiring Gary Carter in 1985 here,” one Mets person told Sherman. 

The Rockies really like Mets minor leaguers Matt Den Dekker and Josh Edgin and they also have interest in prospects Wilfredo Tovar, Jacob deGrom and Domingo Tapia, Sherman writes. The Rockies have suggested the Mets might want to expand discussions to include left-handed reliever Matt Reynolds, but the Mets aren’t interested, according to Sherman.

Joel Sherman noted yesterday that the Mets also have interest in Kelly Shoppach of the Red Sox and Miguel Olivo of the Mariners. For an expanded look at potentially available catchers click here.

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  1. heemtj 3 years ago

    anything is an upgrade from having to watch mike nickeas..hope mets can get a deal done and without giving up den dekker in return

  2. Frank Tangorra 3 years ago

    They should go after Shoppach. Who wants a 36 year old Hernandez. I think Shoppach is better than Thole.

    •  yes I wonder why Jaso isn’t on this list, considering Olivo is

      • Frank Tangorra 3 years ago

        Good all around catchers are hard to find. The Mets need a major upgrade because Thole/Nickeas are terrible.

      • AKA_brotherfox 3 years ago

         Because Jaso is one of the few Mariners who can hit with any consistency, and Miguel Olivo isn’t.  Olivo has a .219 OBP and his AVG is even lower.  The M’s have made some bad moves, but even they can’t be foolish enough to let Jaso go and keep Olivo to platoon with Montero…I hope.

  3. macdice 3 years ago

    Olivo can be hard for nothing if the Mets pick up the salary. For Mets fans, how much is the team willing to eat of Jason Bays salary in order to move him?

    • chicothekid 3 years ago

      I don’t think there’s an easy answer to that question yet because nobody knows.  Everyone says he’s great in the clubhouse and his attitude is great.  He’s giving it everything he’s got and he wants to do better.  He keeps getting hurt this year, busting it in the field.  He shows signs of life, then gets hurt.

      Some think they’ll never admit the mistake on a contract that big, because he’s still trying, and will see if he can still turn it around.  Others want to cut him right now and just eat the rest of the contract.

      Personally, because of the injuries this year and the contract issues, I don’t see him going anywhere this year.  In the offseason, it is possible IF he can stay healthy for the rest of the season when he comes back, and the Mets eat a bunch of the money.  But I don’t see him going anywhere this year.  Too much money for too long, and I don’t think they are willing to write him off yet.

    • JoshSyvertsen 3 years ago

       The other issue with moving Bay is that he actually fills a need of theirs. the team desperately needs right handed pop. if (and that is a HUGE if) Bay is any semblance of the pre-Mets Bay then he is actually valuable to the  team, irregardless of the money he makes.
      It would be a very bitter pill for Sandy to trade Bay away, then go search for a player that essentially does the same thing Bay does (or is supposed to)

  4. MeloMets 3 years ago

    I don’t have any interest in Olivo. He K’s too much and doesn’t draw any walks. Shoppach is a little bit better. 

  5. JoshSyvertsen 3 years ago

    Keeping Hernandez around for the second year of the deal is tough to swallow. It’s  clear he is in decline, 37 year old catchers are almost never good investments.

  6. I would not want Hernandez at all… He’s on a major decline

  7. marinersguy 3 years ago

    I got really excited when I heard someone wants to trade for Olivo. Please just take him.

  8. Shoppach and Andrew Miller for Edgin and Tapia

    • JoshSyvertsen 3 years ago

       I’ll take Shoppach and Miller for Edgin and Andres Torres

      • I don’t know Niewenheis (if thats how u spell his name) can’t be an everyday starting CF and Torres is helping out a lot in the defensive end. Maybe Shoppach and Miller for Edgin and Quintinella or even Justin Turner?

  9. I would settle for Derek Norris.  How about Derek Norris for Nickeas straight up? Nickeas caught a no-hitter, Norris didn’t. You’re getting a steal.

  10. Thole caught the no-hitter it was his first day off the DL

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