Poll: Will The Phillies Extend Cole Hamels?

The Phillies are reportedly preparing a large extension offer for 28-year-old southpaw Cole Hamels, who shut down the Rockies today at Coors Field in a well-scouted game.  We've heard Hamels expects to be paid as an elite pitcher, so his next contract is surely headed north of $100MM.  In recent months Matt Cain and C.C. Sabathia both chose extensions over the open market, signing five-year contracts worth $112.5MM and $122MM in new money, respectively.

The Cain and Sabathia contracts include reasonable sixth-year vesting options, but that fully guaranteed sixth year is probably what both pitchers sacrificed by signing prior to full-blown free agency bidding wars.  The Phillies already have one starting pitcher megadeal on the books, having created the template by signing Cliff Lee for five years and $120MM plus a vesting option in December 2010.  A year and a half later, a Lee/Cain/Sabathia-type contract would be a reasonable offer from the Phillies for Hamels, but he may want more.  The clock is ticking, because if they can't extend Hamels, the Phillies' best path is probably to trade Hamels for a nice bounty this month.  How do you see it playing out?

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  1. bigpat 3 years ago

    What is this luxury tax you speak of? I have no idea. 

  2. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    I think they’ll extend him, haven’t really pictured him in any other uniform.

  3. soxfan123123 3 years ago

    Trade him get some good prospects then re-sign him in the off-season!

    P.S. im a whitesox fan

  4. Trade Shane Keep Hamels. Hamels has his family already setup here! Hamels will make more money from the Phils than any other team. 

  5. Samuel Lushtak 3 years ago

    I hope Larry Baer opens up the purse strings, he’d be great in San Francisco!

  6. 25 mil – Howard
    24 mil – Lee
    20 mil – Halladay
    12 mil – Papelbon
    15 mil – Utley

    Total: 96 mil

    could cost
    15 mil – Pence
    20 mil – Hamels

    Total: 131 million for 7 players.  Hello Luxury Tax!  That is why they won’t keep Hamels.

    • nm344 3 years ago

      They have already said many times the money is not an issue with Hamels, the years are.   Phillies can go over the luxury tax a year, it goes up to 189 for 2014 and Utley will be off the books.

  7. Guest 3 years ago

    I doubt he signs right now. When a player is this close to free agency he tends to test it. I’m not saying the Phillies won’t sign him but if they do I think it would be in the off season.

  8. Jbink2585 3 years ago

    Trade him but don’t give him away he has made it this far what is another 2 months he isnt going to sign a deal now. I am aware of him being rental, but teams must also realize that if phils lose him to free agency they get two picks in top 40 upcoming draft, so a package must at least be better than that. Imagine angels they would go hamels weaver cj, instant ws contender, if hes traded to rangers he is the ace of that staff, and then detroit imagine verlander hamels in short series lol. I guess only time will tell what the price of a ws is for these teams.

  9. CT 3 years ago

    The Phillies are really going to regret the Howard contract, especially when it increases to $25 million. That money could be going to Hamels instead of wasting it on Howard.

    • nm344 3 years ago

      Did you just realize that?  It won’t cripple them though, They will still have 150-160 million to use on other players.

  10. Rex_Chestington 3 years ago

    I hope they extend him and then trade Doc back to the Jays for Gose, Snider and Nicolino

  11. Joliet__Jake 3 years ago

    Hamels should be retained by the Phillies given the quickly advancing ages of what would be their remaining “aces” Halladay and Lee.

  12. nm344 3 years ago

    because Heyman and Olney said so?  He’s staying in Philly.  Phillies have to prove they are in the Yankees/Red Sox league to their fans.  The upcoming TV contract is going to pay this investment off.

  13. bigpat 3 years ago

     Doing that would probably set the team back further. They need to get some flexibility so they can fix their 3B and outfield situation when Victorino leaves as well.

  14. FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

    No! Because he said so!

  15. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    I agree.  I think they are going down the same road the Cubs did with Hendry.  If they gut the team and re-build, it’s basically Amaro throwing in the towel and saying he messed up.  As long as he is the GM, they will keep just slapping on band-aids and seeing if they can make another run.  In reality, it’s only making things worse in the long-run.

  16. nm344 3 years ago

    Did the Yankees tear it up and rebuild after 2008 when they missed the playoffs?

  17. Dylan 3 years ago

    I don’t think he’s expecting those kind of numbers….that’s Kershaw/Strass/Trout/Harper/Stanton numbers.

  18. Jbink2585 3 years ago

    I am phils fan hes not worth that, hes a great starter he doesnt have the feel of an ace… hes worth bucks not that much… 

  19. nm344 3 years ago

    Yeah they went out and signed Teixeira CC and Burnett.  Farm had nothing to do with it.  Teams with money fix holes by spending.

  20. nm344 3 years ago

    Yes, because Phillies haven’t even signed their new one yet.  From what I hear its going to be between 3-5 Billion bucks.  Think on this: Philadelphia is the largest one-team market in baseball.

  21. sports33 3 years ago

    Greater Philadelphia Area population: 1.526 million people
    Greater Toronto Area population: ~6 million.
    Care to rephrase?
    And also, who do you hear from on the size of the TV contract? Or are you just making it up? Or did a journalist hear this and now you’re just repossessing it as your own?

  22. nm344 3 years ago

    You think a market ends within city limits?  Phillies have all of Eastern PA, South Jersey and all of Delaware.  Add those up.  

  23. The Philadelphia TV market is approx 7 million people.  Philly is the 4th largest TV market in the US.

  24. btw 1.5 million is the city only.  Not including the suburbs and rest of TV market

  25. expos94 3 years ago

    the blue jays broadcast across Canada so even then the numbers don’t match the blue jays audience 

  26. sports33 3 years ago

    That is my own stupid fault. Sorry, I was tired.

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