Quick Hits: Dempster, Indians, Taillon

Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster, who MLBTR's Ben Nicholson-Smith profiled as a trade candidate last month, did nothing to hurt his market value by extending his scoreless streak to 27 innings in a 7-0 shutout of the Mets. The streak is the longest by a Cub since Ken Holtzman also tossed 27 scoreless innings in 1971 and is six innings away from tying Holtzman's club record set in 1969. Dempster meanwhile lowered his ERA to 1.99 during his five-inning stint where he struck out four and did not walk a batter. 

  • Dempster isn't paying attention to all the trade talk telling reporters, including the Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan (via Twitter), that the only television he watches is "Swamp People."
  • Indians outfielder Shelley Duncan doesn't think the team needs to be active at the trade deadline. "We have the talent," Duncan told reporters including MLB.com's Justin Albers. "A lot of people out there always talk about bringing in new people, getting a bat and all that stuff. But the guys we have on this team, we honestly feel from the bottom of our hearts, we don't need that. We don't need that at all."
  • In the same piece, Indians GM Chris Antonetti says finances will not affect his approach at the trade deadline. "I have not limited our focus on potential acquisitions by their contract status." Antonetti added, "There's always a sense of urgency. Every game that passes is a missed opportunity."
  • With the Pirates in first place in the NL Central and looking to be buyers at the trade deadline, pitcher Jameson Taillon's name has been mentioned as a possible trade chip. The second overall pick in the 2010 draft told Michael Sanserino of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he tries to avoid the trade talk but it's unavoidable. "There are some people that will bring it up to you and say, 'Hey did you see this? Did you see that rumor?' To be honest, I love the Pirates. You can’t pay too much attention to it. I’m just really glad to be a Pirate." (Twitter links) Taillon will pitch for the United States during the annual All-Star Futures Game being played today in Kansas City.

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  1. Duncan is only saying that because the first trade the Indians try to make will render him useless.  Clever.

  2. Natsfan89 3 years ago

    Somebody needs to tell Dempster there’s better things on television than Swamp People.

    He also needs to end up on the Nats.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

       That would be a beautiful match!  He’s a classy veteran who has been there done that to add to the classy young Nats pitchers who might start feeling the pressure at some point. 

      He’s been throwing the ball pretty well too.

    • sam_lammert 3 years ago

      Swamp people is a damn good show.

      “Shoot em clint”

  3. Jason Zenk 3 years ago

    I like Demp. I dont like th idea of trading him, but I understand it! Where ever he goes I wish him lots of luck! But if he should somehow stay with the cubs it wouldnt hurt my feelings.  
    also my hope is he goes somewhere that has a real chance at the WS. Demp deserves a ring would love to see that happen for him

  4. Didn’t realize the Indians are so loaded talent-wise that they don’t ever have to consider trades

    • start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

      See that’s what makes Duncan so smart.

      • sportsnut969 3 years ago

        Duncan is just hoping not to lose his job at the deadline. 

  5. Rbraz 3 years ago

    Taillon for Morneau

  6. Colin Christopher 3 years ago

    If the Pirates trade Taillon, I’d love to see him end up on a team I’m a fan of, because that kid is smooth. Did any of you guys see him pitch in the Futures Game today? I only saw it on TV, but that was the easiest-looking 97 mph I’ve ever seen.

  7. Greatone1210 3 years ago

    Taillon being traded is fine with me IF you get more than a rental player. NH has been fairly savvy in his trades and it is showing. 

    • Neil Huntington has guided the Pittsburgh Pirates to first place in the NL Central at an All Star Break. When you look at the Pirates, they have a couple of areas they could improve (BOR/MOR SP & LF), but there is one desperately needed area to be filled: Shortstop. Clint Barmes has been a disaster and there just isn’t anyone one in the Pirates MiLB system that is remotely close to being ML ready (maybe Alen Hanson in three years?). The Pirates need a professional SS, now. The second piece to the Pirates puzzle is an corner OF bat. Looking at the teams with the kind of players NH would need to fill these two holes & a team that is clearly out of the running for the playoffs, doesn’t it seem like the KC Royals with Alex Gordon (LF) and Yuniesky Betancourt (SS) make a  lot of sense? The Royals want/need young SP’s with upside..which the Pirates seem to have plenty of..

  8. timwmccann 3 years ago

    Taillon isn’t going anywhere. Would love to see him on the Cubs somehow, but it’s not happening. Pirates will not trade Cole or Taillon.

    • The Pirates will trade Taillon if they have a shot at landing Justin Upton. Add another rising  OF star with McCutch, and Cole should reach the majors before Taillon anyway. After how the A-Ram trade, and Gorzo trade worked out for them, I doubt they ever trade with Chicago again.

      • Jonathan Sisk 3 years ago

        value of a player shouldn’t be based on how soon they’ll be in the big leagues… i’d keep the justin verlander of 2014 over the aj burnett of 2013

        • vtadave 3 years ago

          Not a big stretch there bro.

        • cubs223425 3 years ago

          However, you’re not talking about talent gaps as wide as Verlander to Burnett in either case, so that’s a poor comparison.

          • Jonathan Sisk 3 years ago

            i disagree… that’s exactly where i see cole and taillon and that’s where i saw them in their draft years, they both have the talent to dominate lower level hitters, you’ll see the difference once they get to AAA and the big leagues where guys have plate discipline, cole can’t hit his spots and is all over the place with his breaking ball

          • Jonathan Sisk 3 years ago

            burnett was the number 20 overall prospect in 2000, verlander was number 8 in 2006… burnett as a 21 year was dominating a ball to the tune of 1.97 ERA and 186 k’s in 120 innings… cole at 21 in A ball 2.55 and 69 k’s in 67 innings and 4.63 ERA in 3 games in AA… if anything burnett is an aggressive projection for cole

          • cubs223425 3 years ago

            Do you really think that those rankings are legitimate comparison tools? In 2000, Corey Patterson was the #3 prosepect. Now, the #3 prospect is Mike Trout. Shall we caompare them because of that as well? No, becuase prospect rankings are relative to a specific point in time, and they’re not an exact science.

            The actual baseball statistics are semi-meaningful, but not totally of value. On the other side of these comparisons, you have Verlander, who psent just one season in the minors. He was 22, and pitched at high-A and AA, dominatins the competition.

            Taillon, on the other hand, is pitching at high-A at the age of 20, and he’s struggling. That’s not a statement to write him off, but it’s simply to state that these comparisons really aren’t fair.

            If you actually look at another lefty, Jon Lester, you can see he struggled at high-A, then settled in at AA. Just as it’s not fair to say that Cole’s high-A numbers mean he’s not going to be as good as Burnett based on HIS high-A numbers, it’s also not fair to say that Cole will be much better than Jon Lester because Lester’s numbers at high-A were a good bit worse than Cole’s.

            These comparisons really don’t make any sense.

          • Jonathan Sisk 3 years ago

            i’ve been watching these guys pitch since they were 16… the numbers and rankings were for the benefit of those that haven’t been to give reference points, aj burnett was every bit the prospect that cole was at the same age but had the same control and command issues, they are very similar pitchers… taillon had command of his fastball at 17 while throwing 98 he’s on a different level completely

        • Really because I think the closer they are to the big leagues is a bigger deal, sure the other pitcher may have more potential, but the one closer to the bigs obviously has more polish and if you are acquiring a  player such as Justin Upton who is under contract until 2014, wouldn’t it make more sense to trade a guy who will be a rookie in 2014 rather than the guy who will be a rookie in 2013. If you are trying to contend for a WS, it would be stupid to trade for Upton if your top pitching prospect might not even get to pitch on the same team as the guy. You don’t want to have to rush Taillon when you are in contender mode, you want to have guys that will be ready all to be able to play together

          • Jonathan Sisk 3 years ago

            i see your point… but taillon is not that far behind cole and i still stick to my point… i’d rather keep the 2014 justin verlander over the 2013 aj burnett, its not a 3 or 4 year difference its one at most

  9. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    The Indians are willing to take on salary?  Then why don’t they have Alfonso Soriano on their team?  The Cubs have been trying to give him away-they will even help pay for him.  The Indians have some upper level pitching they are unlikely to use.  Start with that…..

    The Indians need some hitters that swing from the right side in the worst way.  Sorry, Shelley.  You can be on the bench.

  10. baseballz 3 years ago

    I’d say wait till Morrow is back healthy and throwing cheese and then package him and Thames together to get Taillon. 

    • BillB325 3 years ago

      I understand that Taillon is a good prospect, but still Morrow is a quality pitcher

  11. JakeD 3 years ago

    What can the Jays offer us Cubs fans?

  12. Natsfan89 3 years ago

    What are the Cubs positions of need and how much of Dempster’s contract are they going to pick up?

  13. Natsfan89 3 years ago

     Detwiler, Lombardozzi, Matt Skole and some C prospect as a PTBNL

  14. I could see this happening, especially if they do plan to shut Stras down at 160 IP. Theo has been pretty adamant about acquiring young pitching and Detwiler fills that need, if a C gets thrown in for Dempster that is gravy. 

  15. Natsfan89 3 years ago

     Yeah the Nats are in a tricky spot. They WILL shutdown Strasburg and they need another front end guy to go with Gio and Zimmermann. I’d be totally fine with this deal if they could somehow get Dempster to agree to some sort of 2-3 year extension. Don’t know much about the guy personally, but I would think of every player would like the chance to be on a team set to compete for the next 6 years.

  16. Dempster is a great player and person, is willing to do anything the club asks of him. Went to the bullpen when we needed a closer, came back as a starter when we were thin at SP. If he nets us a pitcher with a ceiling like Detwiler and a few other players. He will be one of the greatest Cubs in terms of how much he has helped the team in multiple ways. If all went well for his brief stint in Washington he could very easily sign on an extension to a team that has very high potential, with a very young core.

  17. cubs223425 3 years ago

    So I have to ask: what do you think Detwiler’s ceiling is? It’s probaly a #3 if everything goes right, and he’s already 26, so it’s more likely he ends up a #4 on a good team.

    As for Lombardozzi, he pretty much lived off of a REALLY high BABIP in the minors and isn’t hitting much of anything in the majors this season. I don’t see how he’s anything better than Darwin Barney.

  18. cubs223425 3 years ago

    McGuire’s pitching like total garbage, and neither of those OFs you suggest is:

    A. Hitting worth a darn in the majors.
    B. Any better than the options the Cubs already have (Soriano, Campana, DeJesus, JAckson, and the long-term options of Szczur and Soler).

    I don’t see how this gives the Cubs much of anything worth mentioning. I know the lack of picks for Toronto lowers his value, but I’d rather get one player with a chance to have a real impact, rather than 3 players who are more likely to serve as organizational depth or stopgaps.

  19. Natsfan89 3 years ago

     Lombardozzi and Detwiler are young and controllable, and Skole is a good 3B prospect.

    As good as Dempster has been he’s still a 35 year old rental. Cubs get 2 ML ready players, a prospect at a need position, and a PTBNL. Don’t know how much more Cubs fans could expect.

  20. I say this because Pitchers don’t start to peak until 27 (look at Samardijza), if he is a #3 guy then great. He is controllable pitcher who still could be every bit as good as a first round draft pick can be. I said we would need a catching prospect since we are very thin there. Anything after THAT is gravy.

  21. cubs223425 3 years ago

    Lombardozzi also can’t hit a lick in the majors. Controllable is irrelevant if he’s not an upgrade for us. Detwiler is the same, except he does have value to the team.

    Skole might be of interst, hard to say. He’s hitting well at A, but he’s almost 23 there, and I’d be a little concerned about when he’d be MLB-ready (25? 27?). The Cubs already have a younger guy playing well at AAA in Vitters, plus a higher-end prospect in Baez, so I’m not sure where Skole would fit.

    Ideally, the Cubs would focus their trade efforts on helping their pitching, with their chosen positions for hitting prospects being second and catcher.

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