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Angels owner Arte Moreno told Roger Lodge of KLAA that he realizes fans want Torii Hunter to re-sign when he hits free agency this coming offseason. "If we don't figure out a way to re-sign him, we're going to get hung, aren't we?" Moreno said. Here’s the latest on Hunter, who has repeatedly stated his preference for staying in Anaheim…

  • There are indications Hunter will return, Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times writes. Hunter came away from a recent meeting with GM Jerry Dipoto convinced that the Angels will make a strong push to bring him back, DiGiovanna reports.
  • Hunter, 37, believes he has two or three seasons left and the Angels don’t necessarily disagree, Yahoo’s Tim Brown reports. Hunter has 16 homers and a .306/.358/.446 batting line in 2012, his 16th MLB season.

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  1. thebigbangdito 3 years ago

    last time i checked he was batting 306 not 276

  2. daze 3 years ago

    “Hunter has 16 homers and a .276/.334/.466 batting line in 2012, his 16th MLB season.”

    That .276/.334/.466 is his career, not his 2012 line. This year, he’s .306/.358/.446

    • bucs_lose_again 3 years ago

      Fueled by a .381 BaBip (career .306). Not buying into this resurgence.

      • Robb Logan 3 years ago

        Having a bat like Pujols behind him and a guy like Trout in front of him I do buy into it. He will get pitches to hit in that 2 hole. Also of note he is still above average in the field.As a halos fan I would love him to re-sign (although I have seen many that do not want him back) and bench Wells for Trumbo. Plus with Morales a possible DFA candidate then Hunter is a must short term 2-3 year option as the FA class is thin for RF and the farm system is lousy.

      • Classic12 3 years ago

        Very true … as much as I love Torii, his 2Bs, HRs, walks are disappearing and have been replaced by a ton of singles, while his strikeout rate is at a career high. Not good trends for a 37 year old who’s been considered a middle of the order bat.

        • That’s why he’s hitting in the 2 hole. Just because a player’s HR’s and 2B’s go down doesn’t that player is losing value necessarily. Moving to the 2 hole allows Hunter to utilize his remaining strengths and therefore he’s become a singles hitter who can hit .300 and will drive in Mike Trout and will set up Albert Pujols. As a result of this move, Hunter now has the second highest WAR on the team. Remember when Mike Scioscia moved Bobby Abreu to the 2 hole in 2009?

          • Robb Logan 3 years ago

            Well said ryan

          • Classic12 3 years ago

            Those trends offer better evidence for future performance of a player in his late 30s than your faith in an unsustainable 381 Babip. His doubles dropped off the map a season ago and the hrs were missing this season long before Scioscia moved him into the two hole. His strikeouts skyrocketed last year and continue to rise. Enjoy his season for what it is but any contract that would guarantee significant dollars beyond a year or two would be foolish.

  3. BobOfArslan 3 years ago

    Torii brings more to the plate than a glove and a bat. His mere presence in the dugout is a value that cannot be measured in dollars.

    • NickinIthaca 3 years ago

      I hope he doesn’t bring a glove to the plate… 😉

  4. Commander_Nate 3 years ago

    One year, with a club option and a small buyout. He should definitely be brought back, but anything more than that will be a repeat of the Abreu mistake.

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