Central Notes: Myers, Soriano, Ryan, Morgan, Cubs

Earlier today, we looked at the latest on the White Sox courtesy of Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com.  The club will decline options on Jake Peavy and Kevin Youkilis, but Kenny Williams will still work to retain both veterans.  Speaking of Williams, he will soon be promoted from General Manager to team president with Rick Hahn assuming his former title.  Here's more out of the Central divisions..

  • Williams says that reliever Brett Myers could start for the White Sox in 2013, writes Dan Hayes of CSNChicago.com.  The White Sox hold a $10MM option on Myers for next season that they can buy out for $3MM.
  • Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano told reporters that he is open to being traded in the offseason, according to the Associated Press.  Soriano hopes to have one more shot at making a trip to the World Series before his career is through.  The 36-year-old went on to say that he is open to retiring after the two remaining years on his contract are up.
  • Twins manager Rod Gardenhire suggested to Jim Bowden of SiriusXM (via Twitter) that the club will probably have a press conference tomorrow to remove the interim tag from General Manager Terry Ryan's title.
  • Brewers outfielder and former ACES client Nyjer Morgan says that he is now represented by agent Rex Gary, tweets Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com.  The outfielder is set to be a free agent for the first time following the 2014 campaign.
  • The Cubs dismissed third base coach Pat Listach tonight, tweets Doug Padilla of ESPNChicago.com.  The decision was made by the club and manager Dale Sveum said that he would recommend him for any other coaching job (Twitter link).

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  1. Yaow 3 years ago

    Anyone have any information on what happened with Pat Listach?

    I cannot find any.

  2. Shel K 3 years ago

    what a joke. The only guy who has less impact than the third base coach on a team winning or losing is maybe the bullpen catcher – and after a 100 loss season this is the first guy to get the axe? Look in the mirror, Theo.

    • xcal1br 3 years ago

      If you think he was fired because of his contributions to the team’s record, I have some nice ocean-front property in Indiana you might be interested in.

      Theo is slowly bringing in “his guys” to make this organization better. As for the 100-loss season, I like it. I wish it had been more (so we could pick 1st overall). The long-term plan is to stockpile top talent in the minors to build a consistent winner in the MLB. I’m not saying Theo and Hoyer purposely set out to lose 100 games, but I’m also sure they did not expect to win more than 70. It sucks right now, but quite frankly, losing is the best medicine if we want a permanent cure and not a band-aid.

      • AaronAngst 3 years ago

        I’m sorry – nobody “likes” triple digit loss seasons. Not fans, players, managers, nor GMs. Getting a top pick is consolation for being terrible, and nobody starts the season with that “goal” in mind.

        • xcal1br 3 years ago

          Believe what you will and I never once said it was their goal, just that they would not be upset if it happened. An 80-win season would have hurt us a lot more than this 100-loss season did.

          • AaronAngst 3 years ago

            Hey, whatever you Cubs fans have to tell yourselves in order to rationalize feeling good about a 100 loss season is fine by me – I’m sure Epstein is still disappointed by the play on the field.

    • crashcameron 3 years ago

      yeah, blame Epstein for any/all Hendry/Tribune moves

      • Shel K 3 years ago

        you’re right, I’m sorry. That Hendry, what a buffoon – only put together 3 playoff teams in 6 years, one near miss the next year, 5 outs away from the world series. Remind me again, when was the last time that happened in chicago since, like, 1908? Hendry should never have traded away Colvin for a bag of magic beans, and I don’t know what Hendry saw in Chris Volstad. And the starting pitchers Hendry dug out of the scrap heap were nowhere near as good as the ones King Theo found.

  3. Douglas Bath 3 years ago

    The outfielder is set to be a free agent for the first time following the 2014 campaign?

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