Diamondbacks Considering Trading Kubel Or Parra

The Diamondbacks are weighing whether Jason Kubel or Gerardo Parra is a better fit as their everyday left fielder in 2012, GM Kevin Towers tells Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic.  The Snakes are also looking for help at shortstop and third base this winter, and Towers said those decisions will affect the direction that Arizona takes in left field.

"When you put a club together, it’s more of a puzzle,” Towers said. “What you do at short and third maybe changes what your need is in left. If you get more offense on the corner, then maybe there’s more of a premium for the defender in left. If you don’t get the offense and you get the defense in the infield, you have to have your power somewhere."

Piecoro projects the 2013 D'Backs outfield as Justin Upton remaining with the team and playing right field, Adam Eaton playing center, and one of Kubel or Parra in left, leaving A.J. Pollock as the fourth outfielder.  The loser of the Kubel/Parra decision would become expendable along with Chris Young, who has already been rumored to be on the trading block.  Young is owed $8.5MM in 2013 and his $11MM option for 2014 carries a $1.5MM buyout, and Piecoro reports that the D'Backs expect to eat some of that money in any Young trade.

Kubel signed a two-year, $15MM deal with Arizona last December and he hit 30 homers with a .253/.328/.506 batting line in 2012, though he slumped in the second half of the season, posting just a .745 OPS after the All-Star break.  Parra posted a .727 OPS in 430 plate appearances last year and provided his usual excellent glovework, recording a +13.8 UZR/150 rating.  It's a clear choice between hitting and defense for the Snakes, though contracts also play a role — while Kubel will earn $7.5MM next year, Parra is arb-eligible for the second time this winter and is under control through 2015 as a Super Two player.

Towers mentioned how defense was an important factor at Chase Field and that he wanted the team to be less reliant on home runs, leaving Piecoro to speculate that this could mean the D'Backs could move away from Kubel in left and Chris Johnson at third base.

In other team news, Piecoro hears that Trevor Bauer isn't likely to be traded.  D'Backs managing general partner Ken Kendrick sounded critical of Bauer last week, leading to some speculation that the team had soured on the highly-touted 21-year-old.  If Arizona actually did make Bauer available, the 2011 third overall pick would instantly become one of the biggest trade chips on the market this offseason.

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  1. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    If Gerardo Parra is available, Ruben Amaro Jr better be the first GM that calls Kevin Towers. Would be a great fit to take over as the every day centerfielder.

    • I was thinking this exactly. I like a Parra option better than Bourn, Upton or even Victorino. And at 25 years old, I like him a bit more than a short term deal for a 31 year old Pagan.

      • davbee 3 years ago

        Except that Parra is a far better leftfielder than he is a centerfielder. His reads in center are often questionable.

    • Gator4444 3 years ago


  2. You guys (or Baseball-Reference?) really need to fix the Adam Eaton links. They always go to the pitcher.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      … and nobody wants to see his stat line.

    • MLB_in_the_Know 3 years ago

      Along those lines Fangraphs>BR.

      • Karkat 3 years ago

        Fangraphs is better for deep, deep analysis, but BR is better for casual viewing

  3. withpower 3 years ago

    If the Yankees are against paying Swisher, Kubel could be a useful stop gap. Johnson might be nice to inquire about as well.

  4. Neil Rubenstein 3 years ago

    what does “a super two player” mean?

    • LukeNalooshe 3 years ago

      It means that because of their service clock, certain players become arbitration eligible a year earlier than normal. so instead of being paid league-minimum for 3 years and then being arbitration eligible for the next 3, he becomes arbitration eligible a year earlier, and has four years of making above league-minimum.

      • jb226 3 years ago

        Small nitpick: Pre-arbitration doesn’t necessarily mean league minimum, it just means that the team gets to declare what they’re going to pay a player without the player’s input (with the league minimum being the floor). In fact most pre-arbitration players are given raises each year, they’re just significantly less than they would have earned if it was negotiated.

  5. jondogg2010 3 years ago

    Parra is overall, but Kubel has more power. That’s the only aspect of his game that’s better!

  6. I wouldn’t mind if the Red Sox moved Ellsbury somewhere and had Parra take over in CF. Then depending on when Jackie Bradley is ready Parra could move back over to LF.

  7. Would Michael Morse and Anthony Rendon be enough to get Justin Upton? Mike Rizzo might throw in Lombo too if pushed. Would solve a lot of problems for both teams…

    • Pronk19 3 years ago

      Why would they want Morse? They have 6 OFs for 4 spots and Towers seems more inclined to get rid of 2 of Parra, Kubel, and Young. Unless Washington met the high demand for Upton I don’t see them getting him. Besides the Nats don’t really need him

  8. redsFAN86 3 years ago

    I believe the reds showed interest in both parra and kuebel last offseason.Since Stubbs had a horrible year and ludwick is a free agent unless the reds pick up he option then these guys are possible targets for Cinncy .

  9. Tommet 3 years ago

    Jason Kubel sounds like a good fit for the mets. Maybe a trade like Kubel for Lutz and Flores. If the mets extend Wright they won’t be needing Flores and Tejada seems like their long-term ss so that could possibly work

    • Pronk19 3 years ago

      Why would the D’backs do this trade? They have three 3B options better than Lutz in Chris Johnson, Ryan Wheeler, and Matt Davidson. Flores is an intriguing option, but not sure if he has much more potential than Chris Owings so the deal doesn’t make too much sense for Arizona and why would the Mets want Kubel? His defense is ok but his best asset (power) would diminish in Citi Field

  10. ExileInLA 3 years ago

    If Chris Johnson is available, the Mets would build a package for Parra around Daniel Murphy to play 3B, and maybe Kirk Nieuwenhuis as a backup OF.

    • Pronk19 3 years ago

      Why would the D’backs do this? Murphy isn’t really an upgrade over Johnson at 3B and they’re trying to get rid of OF not get another backup when they have Kubel, Upton, Young, Eaton, and Pollock left if Parra were to be traded

  11. GasLampGuru 3 years ago

    The DBacks can’t afford to take on Ryan Zimmerman’s new contract. My guess is both Desmond and Zimmermann are in line for big money, long term contracts after the playoffs are over. Morse and Rendon should be more than enough for Upton, but the DBack’s are going to ask for the moon for him.

  12. Hardy would be an option as well. He’d be able to hit 20+ HR at Chase and would be easier to pry away than Asdrubal

  13. withpower 3 years ago

    There are a few guys floating around the system, I’m not sure if they stand out enough to be what Arizona is looking for.

    Addison Maruszak,SS, 25, .276/.330/.457 16 HR in 458 PA at AA
    Brandon Laird, 3B, 25, .254/.307/.414 15 HR in 550 PA at AAA
    David Adams, 2B/3B, 25, .306/.385/.450 8 HR in 383 PA at AA
    Corban Joseph, 2B, 23, .276/.375/.465 15 HR in 488 PA at AA & AAA

  14. Hal_Jordan77 3 years ago

    The Yankees don’t have Brandon Laird. The Astros do. They claimed off waivers from the Yankees when the Yankees removed him in order to make room for Steve Pearce after claiming him from the Astros. Sort of an indirect trade.
    I don’t know if the Astros are going to try to trade for Kubel, but they also have Jed Lowrie and Tyler Greene(Greene strikes out too much and hits for a low avg but he hit 7 HR during the last 2 months of the season once he got regular playing time).

  15. Pronk19 3 years ago

    Wouldn’t make sense for the Astros to go after Kubel. He hits FA after next season and the Astros are rebuilding

  16. Hal_Jordan77 3 years ago

    No, Kubel hits FA after 2014. 2014 is a team option. But I agree that it wouldn’t make sense for the Astros.
    I only brought up the Astros because one of the Yankees’ potential trade pieces for Kubel that was mentioned is actually in the Astros organization.
    Young would make more sense for the Astros than Kubel, if they were to trade for any D-Backs OF, because ARI may not ask for much in return if HOU takes on the $19.5m he’s owed the next two years. The Astros are rumored to have $30-40 million to spend this offseason(so that they don’t get fined for having a 2013 payroll below $50 million).

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