Rays Sign Juan Carlos Arias

The Rays have signed Dominican third baseman Juan Carlos Arias to a $200K contract, Ben Badler of Baseball America reports.  The deal was closed in the three-day window between June 12 and the end of the 2012-13 international signing period on June 15, so the dollar figure will count against the Rays' $2.9MM international bonus pool from 2012-13.  The Rays were already over that $2.9MM limit so the Arias signing cost them both the $200K and a 100% tax on the overage, so that's another $200K that will go to the league. 

Arias failed an age investigation last August and was ineligible to sign until June 12 of this year, though he did pass MLB's investigation into his identity.  Arias' stated birth day is still September 16, 1996 and Badler figures the contract will be approved if Arias gets an age undetermined ruling from the league.

Arias is a 6'3", 220-pound right-handed hitter.  Badler describes him as "an inconsistent game performer" who may not be able to stick at third base, though Arias has a good throwing arm and "plus raw power" at the plate.

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